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    Kitsune25/MicahFennec/MoodyFerret is one of the most infamous furtographer to be found on the Internet, and is probably responsible for up to 90% of the horrifying furry beat-off material churned out. She produces disgusting furry porn for a fandom that is TOTALLY not about the sex, which also makes her an enabler, most notably Dancers.jpg. Her refusal to deny illustrated satisfaction of furry fetishes to sweaty, overbearing manchildrenfurs makes her a popular member of the fandom. With the majority of furries being the collection of greasy, ugly sub-humans with disposable income incapable of maintaining meaningful lives, it comes as no surprise that her services are usually in high demand. For this, she charges them beautiful Jew dollars, but not enough to take advantage of them because that would be totally wrong, because BEING A FURRY is about REASONABLE PORNOGRAPHY RATES. If there was any doubt about the depravity and the lies of furries, then the very notion that she attends furry conventions specifically to sell and draw pornography destroys all remaining uncertainty. She is what is commonly referred to as a WHORE except without the honorable profession of prostitution but instead art.

    MicahFennec only resides in the company of other furries possibly because she knows how normal upstanding Americans would react to her passion for drawing Weasel penises. She is highly protective of her "characters" and much like any furry artist, i.e. a furry in possession of a pencil, she has collected a large gathering of FANS. These individuals comment relentlessly on the daily happenings of her life in hopes that they will be considered her friend. A friend deserving of free pornography, the jackpot goldmine for people who consider Rescue Rangers an erotic thriller.

    MicahFennec: A Biography ~ Part I: INTERNET FAME

    MicahFennec (now MoodyFerret) began her career of smut peddling under the name Kitsune25 (or "Kit") and eventually developed a presence in the furry circlejerk that is their community. Word of her artistic merit spread much like a slow fire; but really, that is hoping for too much because fursuits are combustible and that sure would be swell. Eventually she came to maintain a LiveJournal and art profiles on SheezyArt and VCL. Most of the records from this time do not exist because, despite how low the average intelligence of a furry is, she has realized over a period of years the damaging effects of being known for pornography, much like a whore. In the beginning, she had no notoriety and to most furries she was just another person capable of drawing a horse raping a fox, which is a fairly common skill in those circles. Then she began her propensity for changing names when she finally started going by MicahFennec, deciding that Kitsune25 wasn't accurately representing her desires to fuck an African fox. However, under this new name her popularity soared and she became well-known for not refusing to draw an animal dick no matter what it happened to be doing.

    Previously content with drawing fox penises for the mere joy of it, Micah soon needed more. She began chronicling her efforts to construct the perfect fursuit to represent her true self, a weasel, to the world. She also began attending furry conventions, realizing that more money could be hoarded away for useless trinkets. Refusing to go out and get a REAL JOB, she spent her days meticulously drawing anything that could earn her a few more dollars for her gold-plated fag hag fetish rag of a thousand screaming virginities. MicahFennec also took great care to document her work so the normally lazy whining furs could continue whining and being lazy, but she totally helped out the community.

    Thanks Micah, score one for humanity! Great to see you making such useful contributions to society!

    Fantastic work, Fennec, another shut-in has been coddled. Maybe if you wrote a guide about how to grow the fuck up, you could actually help some of these confused faggots. Of course, that would require you to grow up and stop playing pretend yourself.

    MicahFennec is a Greedy Jew: Furry Conventions & Commissions

    Micah has last been spotted at FURther CONfusion (HAHAHAHAHA GREAT NAME, GUYS, I AM LAUGHING OUT LOUD) in 2008. Apparently, a global recession shouldn't keep people from spending needlessly, but gosh darn-it it's so unfair! What's a furry artist to do? Why don't people just deal with it?! Oh my God, it's unfair! She has all of this pornography and no one wants to buy it; she can't even sit on her ass all day cataloging pictures of ferrets anymore! I hope you're happy, furry community, I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY! Oh, but don't worry, she will still take your money for the exclusive right to own a CD filled with art other people paid for. If that isn't good enough for you, why not pay 85 dollars for a picture? Here's a helpful guide:

    The worst part about the image above isn't the ridiculous prices that no fucking sane person would pay. Nor is it the notion that actual real life people would pay that much for worthless fantasy fuel; after all, most furries are trapped in a crazy world where they aren't an overweight burden to society. It's the fact that those types of people could easily be exploited for far more money. What's wrong Micah? Can't bring yourself to drain too much of the basement dweller's cash? It's a well-known secret that everyone loves exploitation, especially exploitation of the furry problem (expect the Final Solution out this May; the perfect gift for your family and friends!). However, no one likes a pussy, and MicahFennec just isn't hardcore enough to admit that she is just another greedy Jewfur. No, she's about the community, she swears.

    A MicahFennec ODYSSEY of Storytelling

    If you don't want her art, why not pay twenty or forty dollars for the writing skills of a fourteen-year-old? Truly, her signature writing style has all the well-developed plot lines and allusions to LOVE that you would expect! So don't just wait around, get your wallet out!!! I mean, just look at this talent:

    Elijah stood in the living room of the small apartment shared by his friends Micah and Khris. "I don't know," he said, drawing his eyebrows together and flattening his ears. "I just don't know... I do like girls, but sometimes, when I look at another guy..."

    "I know," Micah said softly, putting his arm around the slightly taller kit fox's shoulders. "You don't have to be shy around us - we've all been through that uncertainty."

    Elijah nodded and looked at Khris and Neil; the arctic fox, clothed in his usual leather jacket, tight t-shirt, and jeans, lounged in the doorway, and the rat, in slacks and a turtleneck shirt, sat on the couch and grinned encouragingly.

    "But - what would other people think?" Elijah asked worriedly, turning to the fennec. "My friends -"

    "Aren't we your friends?" Neil asked, leaning forward.

    [-+]Wondrous Tale of Love

    "Yes, of course," Elijah answered.

    "A friend who doesn't accept you the way you are isn't a very good friend," Micah pointed out, turning to face the kit fox.

    "Good point," Elijah agreed, his expressive blue eyes wide and thoughtful. He walked across the small room and slumped down into the couch next to Neil. "I'm just so confused!" he exclaimed plaintively. "And that girl in my class who asked me out the other day - she'll be so disappointed!"

    "Shhh," Micah soothed the flustered fox, sitting next to him. Khris came forward and sat on the footstool across from the couch.

    "We're all your friends here," the arctic fox said reassuringly, placing a hand on Elijah's knee.

    "I know, I know..." Elijah covered his face with his hands. "Was it like this for you guys - so confusing?"

    Khris shrugged. "I think I knew all along. I never liked women."

    "A bit," Neil added, pushing his small wire glasses up his muzzle. "I remember dating girls in high school, but it just never - felt right. And then one day I happened to wander into a gay bar, quite accidentally!" He shrugged and smiled.

    "I struggled with it for a long time," Micah agreed. "I tried really hard to be straight, to ignore how I really felt - it wasn't fun!" He shook his head sadly. "Denying myself the love and intimacy that I longed for, just to fit in better! And the world didn't collapse around me when I finally came out, my friends didn't all hate me, I wasn't kicked out of school! And then I met Khris, and realized how happy I could be!" Micah grinned and reached forward to hold his boyfriend's paw, and the arctic fox smiled back.

    Elijah stared into his lap, his hands between his knees. "I guess so..." He turned and looked at the fennec next to him, and managed a small smile. "Thanks for listening, I really appreciate it! You know, Micah…I've sort of…sort of had a crush on you for a few weeks now." Elijah returned his gaze to his lap, blushing furiously through his fur.

    "Oh - really?" Micah giggled. Elijah started to apologize, ashamed, but Micah's lips closed over his before he could open his mouth, and the fennec's paw slid under his shirt, then down to his pants.

    "Oh…" Elijah murmured when the kiss ended, his blue eyes wide.

    "I guess you liked that, Lij, because you're hard," Micah pointed out in a matter-of-fact voice that made his friends snicker. "Here, why don't I help you with that?"

    Elijah started to protest, but Neil, still sitting next to him, shushed him while Micah unbuttoned his own shirt and pants. The fennec gently took hold of Elijah's trembling paw and pressed it into the thick white fur on his chest.

    "Ah…" Elijah moaned. Micah removed his pants and moved the kit fox's hand to the hard bulge in his briefs, where an erection strained at his sheath.

    "Lij, you're trembling!" Still holding Elijah's hand, the fennec guided it under the elastic band of his underwear, gasping at the feel of the kit fox's fingerpads on his unsheathed erection.

    Elijah drew his paw back suddenly, breathing sharply and heavily.

    "I'm sorry, Lij," Micah worriedly started to say, "did I -"

    "No," Elijah gasped. "I want - I want you to do that to me."

    Micah grinned. "Gladly."

    Elijah shut his eyes and sank back into the couch, feeling Neil's warm thigh pressed against his one side, Khris' reassuring paw on his knee, and Micah's nearly nude body on his other side as the fennec caressed the bulge evident in the kit fox's tight brown slacks. Micah kissed Elijah again as he slowly unbuttoned the kit fox's fly and slid the pants down his thighs, caressing the soft fur there, and exposing Elijah's boxer briefs.

    "Unh," Elijah moaned, shuddering and bucking his hips as Micah's paw stroked his most sensitive area through the fabric of his underwear, while Neil and Khris watched intently, their hands creeping toward their own groins. Micah removed Elijah's underwear and then his own, exposing an erection that was slender like the rest of him. He reached out a hand to stroke Elijah but the kit fox stopped him. "No, I want to…" he gulped before continuing, "I want to feel you inside me. If that's okay."

    "I've never done that before," Micah whispered, his eyes wide. "Are you sure you - you're ready for that?"

    Elijah nodded vigorously and turned sideways, holding his tail to the side and exposing his rump to the fennec.

    "Okay - but let me know if I hurt you!" Micah retrieved a small bottle of lubrication from a drawer in the chest next to the couch and dipped his finger into it. He probed at Elijah's pink tail-hole with one finger and was rewarded with a sharp gasp. "Why don't you sit in my lap?" Micah guided the slightly taller kit fox into his lap with his back toward the fennec, breathing sharply as Elijah lowered himself, driving Micah deeper into his incredibly tight warmth.

    "Aaah!" the kit fox cried out, feeling the fennec's erection deep inside. Micah wrapped his arms around Elijah's chest and nuzzled the back of his neck as he started to slowly thrust. By this point, both Neil and Khris had unbuttoned their flies to free their own erections and were pleasuring themselves as they watched.

    "Oh - I'm gonna come!!" Elijah whimpered, treating Khris and Neil to a clear view as he arched his back and his erection throbbed and spurted all over his belly. The spasms pulsing through his groin and buttocks drove Micah to his own climax, and the fennec clenched his teeth, sinking his claws into Elijah's thick chest fur, and came deep within the kit fox.

    Neil and Khris reached orgasm seconds later, and the four sprawled into a spent and tangled heap on the couch.

    "Are you still confused?" Micah asked with a lazy grin.

    "I suppose not," Elijah answered breathily. "Though I still like girls, too!"

    "Ew!!" Khris grimaced.

    The end.

    Truly, Hemingway weeps for such beauty.

    Fursuit Faggotry

    So what exactly does she spend all of her disgusting, semen-encrusted legal federal notes on? Fursuits of course! Always one to fight stereotypes, she lives in a tiny, two-bedroom condo while spending vast quantities of her money on supplies for her ever-changing fursuits. That is in no way childish or short sighted; who needs to purchase a home in THIS day and age? We should by thankful, though. If anything, it just means landowners (the traditional seat of those with power/money i.e. influence) won't take too kindly to a man in an otter costume trying to fuck his livestock. The earliest appearances of Micah in her crafted abomination appeared on a video detailing a parade of people who can't live within fifty feet of an elementary school. She is probably at 2:03, but who the fuck cares, they all look like Hobby Lobby copies of one another. You know what? Fuck it, here is a picture, too.

    Not to be outclassed, MicahFennec decided that her fursuit was much too antiquated to REFLECT HER REAL TRUE SOUL, so she dropped some more money to make a new one. "What happened to the old one," you ask? It was probably incinerated at the local dump after horrified sanitation workers discovered it in the trash one day.

    MicahFennec is Really Full of Herself

    She maintains a number of journals, but they tend to be trash. Occasionally, she writes about the incriminating nature of her popularity, among other things; speaking to her FANS about the daily bullshit she thinks about.

    My lulz for the day! Got an interesting shout on my page, which I've removed to keep this anonymous: "sorry I hate to do this but your submissions have become to much a of a sausage festival" *lol* Guess this guy wasn't very familiar with my work when he first watched me!


    —I guess so!!!

    only drawing CLEAN art from now on...I know, I know, really pathetic attempt at an April Fools joke. :P



    Apparently people on teh intarweb still think I'm a guy. LOL?


    —C'mon guys believe me!!!

    Wilson from House MD was in my dream *again* last night.


    —*sigh* NOT AGAIN!

    One of the reasons why I thought about giving him human genitals is because things like sheaths and and bacula (penis bones) Okay, fine, I'll be honest...the *main* reason why I'm thinking about this is because dangly bits make much nicer bulges in tight jeans, compared to sheaths. ;)~


    —Cool!!! Neat!!



    —Silly bitch, yes he can

    I just woke up from a very vivid dream (heck, it was probably a lucid dream) about young *furry* Justin Hayward and John Lodge getting it on (it was their "first time" ) in a bathroom. O.o (It *must* have been a lucid dream, because on second thought, I distinctly remember trying to decide whether I wanted John's badger bits to be pink or black - and I finally decided on pink.


    —Thanks for sharing)

    The Art

    Jesus fuck, how many times has she drawn this stupid fucking pose?

    As mentioned previously, her art is a subtle blend of pathetic wish mongering for a penis or crudely drawn furry commissions, which is really just another way of saying porn, because I am starting to run out of synonyms to be honest. She has been known to duplicate poses while still demanding every single last dime from her customers for doing it. She has a pretty laughable concept of improvement and tends to dabble in various media types to keep the reactor at the center of her delusion running at all times, lest she feel shame for being so disgusting. Shield your eyes, she has a piss fetish.

    Burning Eye Cancer About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    I mean, really, what can be said about that body of work that already hasn't been? It's pathetic, mind-numbing, and surprising, considering it came from an adult who is at this time in her thirties. MicahFennec doesn't own a house, she doesn't work a fulfilling job, and she is still stuck in a fantasy reserved for children. If anyone in her community was actually aware of what she is doing late at night when they all go to sleep, it would be certain she would be driven away like a pornographic leper. Why stop with her neighbors? What would her employer and peers think? The only available clue is that she went to great lengths to purge massive amounts of her publicly available "art" when she started going by the name MoodyFerret. One could only assume that she is quite aware of what other people would think of her and her poorly scribbled animal dongs. However, IN ADDITION TO scribbled animal dongs she has other art work, although, its separation from furry dick doesn't make it any better quality:

    You really improved!!!
    So mystifying and different!!!

    Without delving into COMPLEX ART THEORY, it can plainly be noticed that this art is pretty shitty. It lacks variety, it lacks polishing, and really, outside of the furry community, as art it would be seen as the sub-rate bullshit art professors try to beat out of their students. For whatever reason, Micah can't seem to deviate from drawing animal people long enough to complete and publish a drawing on a topic reasonably distanced from furries. Is it because she is incapable of drawing anything but figure-lacking animal people? This is likely, considering any time she pursues real life subjects - you know, the ones that actually exist and aren't just a sad dreamwish - it is without fail always photography. An art form that requires very little talent to actually present a visual representation of what you are trying to show. If there is any doubt about her ability to produce varied artwork, why not take a gander at the fine piece below showcasing her ability to "improve".

    MicahFennec: A Case Study: Fucking Fursona

    This is really creative and new.

    Like all furries, Micah is a terribly unique and different individual with the true feelings of an animal...if animals actually had feelings, which they don't because they lack higher cognitive functions, especially a creature so lowly as a weasel:

    1. What is the name of your fursona?
      • Kit, nickname Moody
      How many fucking names are you going to use? What are you Mexican? Kit is a real original name by the way, no really it totally is : )
    2. Where did the name of your Fursona come from?
      • "Kit" is shortened from "Kitsune25", which is the name I went by when I first started posting furry art online in 2000 or so. "Moody" comes from my love for the band, the Moody Blues. :)
      Oh so you have terrible taste in art and music, cool.
    3. What species is your fursona and why did you choose that species?
      • Currently, black-footed ferret. Initially Kit was a kit fox (the name made more sense then), then more recently a pine marten because I feel like I have more in common with mustelids than canids...but once I decided to change my online name from MicahFennec to MoodyFerret, it only made sense to draw her as a ferret. I chose a black-footed ferret, rather than a domestic ferret, because there aren't a lot of those around. Also, black-footed ferrets are hyper and skinny, like me. ;P
      Read: I am not happy with who I am, and my failings, so I have to make up pretend animal versions of myself to deal with my hideous body/face. Oh furries!!!
    4. What color is your fursona and why? Hair/fur/eyes/etc.
      • Her fur is typical black-footed ferret colors (tan, white, dark brown/black), and her hair and eyes are dark brown, to match mine irl.
      Dam nigga u a ferret
    5. What is your fursona's personality and how does this compare to your RL personality?
      • She's supposed to be just like me, so I guess she's very shy, yet can also be...very talkative and outspoken. And hyper, very easily bored and somewhat ADD. And moody. ;P
      Really? I didn't know ferrets fucked around all day drawing dongs I guess the animal kingdom is truly full of wonders
    6. What is one item your fursona owns that is significant to you in RL?
      • Hadn't thought much about this one, though she wears the same necklaces that I do irl. My mom gave me a necklace with a tiny peace sign pendant, studded with tiny diamonds, a few years ago, and now I never take that necklace off, even though one of the diamonds fell out at some point.
      I wonder if her mother will ever have the heart to tell her where that necklace really came from. Goodwill just doesn't have the same ring for some reason.
    7. What is one thing you think you would say to your fursona if you could meet?
      • That would just be strange, since she's supposed to be me and all...
      I really really really really wish I was a ferret, really.
    8. How has your fursona changed over the years?
      • Mainly just species, as described in number 3! The biggest change was from fox to mustelid, and then I changed within mustelids, from pine marten to ferret. I'd also drawn her as a least weasel once, I think.
      I am a unique and beautiful butterfly
    9. How long have you had this fursona?
      • In her current form, as a black-footed ferret...ever since I changed my artist name, which I think was about two years ago.
      Why don't you tell everyone how long you've had this problem with looking into a mirror without sobbing and drawing ferrets to deal with your terrible terrible self, tbh I would cry too if I woke up a furry.
    10. Would you like to be more like your fursona?
      • Meaning, would I like to be an anthropomorphic black-footed ferret rather than a human? XD Only if I lived in a world populated by other anthropomorphic animals.
      Read: I am a massive tool with little creativity

    Interestingly enough, Micah enjoys drawing male characters and referring to them as her fursona in everything but name. This confuses people, so she throws tantrums and tells everyone she is NOT A MALE. However, her penis envy is unmistakable. Her fursuits are technically "males" and her most drawn character is a male. One can only assume that Micah is ashamed of both her species and her gender, which makes her two for two on the UNFULFILLED BITCH SCALE, because dealing with what you're born with isn't a part of life everyone deals with, right?

    The Woman Herself

    Only known picture of MicahFennec...or is that her husband?
    He looks like he enjoys a good anime...
    Hey look, it's their car, which they took pictures of and placed on the Internet.

    So, after reading this you must be thinking to yourself what kind of person is MicahFennec? Well, she's a 31-year-old woman (possibly) named Karen - tight-lipped on that one, eh, Micah? - with a degree from a liberal arts college (probably a useless art degree), living in Chico, California. She married a "Mike" on June 24th, 2006, who is also known as "The New Meat" from CrushYiffDestroy, which makes him a giant hypocrite. He also goes by the name "Agouti-Rex", which makes him a filthy furfucker. Both of them live in a tiny condo where they routinely do nothing with their lives, except pat one another on the back congratulating each other, because one day Micah is just going to make it, you know she's gonna do it. Both of them hold boring and meaningless jobs instead of getting a REAL ONE, which probably explains why both of them are still clinging to the idea of being animal people. Their only friends are furries, and both of them listen to REALLY BAD MUSIC. As you can see from the picture to the right, she is a short-haired. frumpy-looking woman trying as hard as possible to be mistaken for a bulldyke. Her husband is a generic-looking nerd, but oddly enough they look like the same person (you can tell which one is Micah because of the tit outline). Also, for some reason, they thought it would be a good idea to take pictures of their house. Who knows, I am just going to put this here:

    Her Husband

    Her husband is even more of a fucking contradiction than she is. He has stated a number of times in his LiveJournal that he has a fetish for fatties and even though he says he CARES TRULY for Micah, it is a lie. He would only be happy if she gained 500 pounds so he could stick his weasel-sized penis into her fat folds...her fat, fat folds. He spent much of his INTERNET CAREER writing articles about the stupid shit furries do, all while being married to one of their worst. He is probably in it for the shy insecure girl sex and smut money. If anything, it is a relationship built out of convenience. He maintains a number of boring webcomics and spends his days being self-important by being married to someone more popular than him in a fandom he hates and is still a part of; sounds like A LOT of denial in that household.

    In conclusion

    Don't fuck weasels, I guess. I really don't know anymore. This bitch is fucked up.

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