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    Metal (furry)

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    File:More PSP practice by Metal Kitty.png
    Don't mess with him. He's a demon. A one nipple demon.

    Metal is a talentless and very emo furfag with a half-demon fursona. There is not a single "idea" for a drawing or character that is not based off an anime (most notably Fullmetal Alchemist) or a video game (most notably Devil May Cry, from which he rips his half-demon bullshit). Almost all of his art is drawn in MSPaint, and seriously would have to work hard to be called shit. Likewise, his pencil drawings are horrendous although thankfully rare, and show his true idiocy. Almost never colored, the lines are almost always scribbled in pencil, and when colored at all it's half-assed scribbles with a crayola marker.

    When something pisses him off, you can expect him to write an angry thesis about it in his little DeviantART journal.

    One can just feel the emotion.

    He draws/writes a shitty web comic called Mischief Furtrap. The main idea of the story is a stereotypical emo furfag demon looking for his father. On the way he meets more demons and furries who want to kill him, making it one of the most retarded web comics.

    Random, Embarrassing Facts

    Who wouldn't pay 15 dollars for wonderful artwork such as this?
    • He truly thinks he is an incarnation of his character, a demon - oh, excuse me. A HALF demon cat whose design constantly changes to accommodate his increasing failure (as well as Metal's newest video game obsession).
    • He's left devianTART three times to date, and each time, was convinced by ass-kissing furfag fans to come back.
    • He tends to sit at his computer for at least 100 hours a day, argue pointlessly with people who say something he doesn't like for a week, and then write a journal (sometimes with an accompanying "drawing") bashing them.
    File:Metal Porno.PNG
    Yes, that's a real picture of his face.
    • He checks DA religiously, and gets butthurt if he's critiqued or insulted. (Do it for the lulz!)
    • IRL, he's a 21 year old virgin. He's even complained of this on a journal from a year or so ago. Here's an excerpt:

    One of my most trustworthy friends has taken disregard of my feelings and stomped on my heart, just to tell me she is not a virgin anymore!!! A friend who I have told many times that I hate it when people tell me that crap because it HURTS EACH FREAKING TIME!!! >_<


    —Metal, on his virginity.

    Metal's Discovery of ED, This Entry

    File:Metal encyclopedia dramatica.png
    Metal-Kitty discovering ED.
    • Metal has found this entry. This of course was accompanied by the two expected items: A shitty drawing, and an accompanying entry to said drawing, which reads:

    Yeah, someone made an Encyclopedia Dramatica article about me, big whoop. Anyway, I looked through ED and noticed it was a website made for hateful people right? So when I checked it's article on Encyclopedia Dramatica, it said what is in the pic above. (It was copy-pasted so it's all as it was said the moment this picture was made.)

    Ironically, they claim they made the site to escape some faschist hold Wikipedia had cause they could not edit their personal views, opinions, and insults in Wiki, and yet they actually got a lock so you cannot edit the article Encyclopedia Dramatica. xD

    x3 I dunno, I just thought it was funny. Just so people know, the above is actually the article about their website, not me. xD My article was much more flattering.


    —Metal, on ED.

    Metal is an okay guy.

    He gets a bad rap from some artists for his occasional emotional outbursts from personal problems. He sometimes rubs off as emo, although he has more recently taken to a more positive view on life, having solved his personal issues out for the most part.

    His webcomic, Mischief Furtrap, is about furries and a possible war over an ancient artifact of unknown power and laughs at the idiots who misunderstood it calling it a search for one of the main characters' parents.

    He is known to be a bit jumpy but takes things in stride considering the slander he often receives from certain artists.

    He is an infamously bad speller though he does not mind that trait, as he states "He'd rather be a crappy speller than a crappy personality."

    He is considered furry though his interests span over more than that. He also enjoys videogames and reading books, and is currently preparing for his triumphant return to college.


    —Metal, on himself.

    "Originality is Dead"

    On a devianTART journal dated Aug. 3 2007, Metal complained once again about his lack of "originality". A hoard of furfag fans soon rushed to his aid, and naturally, kissed his ass.

    For months I been trying to create a cool story and character but the more I try the more it is in vein. x_x

    Everything I draw resembles something else. After realizing that I kept going while looking into it and found...

    Originality truely is dead.

    Everything has been drawn, created, done, or concepted before. There is no way I can think of anyone can actually create something that hasn't been made. Cause even if you don't know of it or don't recall it in the time being it's already been done. I mean even when I was trying to make a Hydra based form for Pseudo I kept getting people saying he looked like Gluttony which really pissed me off.

    x_x I dun mean to sound pissy but really I'd like to be able to draw something without being told it looks like something else cause in the end EVERYTHING looks like something else. Don't matter what.

    But yeah. x_x I'm upset cause it seems the only way I can get any piece and not be judged is to do something impossible - do something that hasn't been done already.

    Eh... xD Okay I'm done. :) I just needed to rant. xD


    —Metal, proving his lack of talent.

    Metal's Rip-offs


    Gallery of Metal About missing Pics
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