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    Meowbark, A.K.A Nyoko, is a whiny teenage weeaboo furfag who hails from Tamatalk and yiffs on Toontown in her free time. Her fursona is a catgirl that looks like a brown female Inuyasha, and her "drawing style" is largely copied from Inuyasha. She also claims to not be weeaboo, though her deviantART account Nyoko-Sama, her desire to visit Japan, and general animu fantard tendencies imply otherwise.

    Meowbitch tends to throw childish screaming fits in ALL CAPS whenever anyone criticizes her art, her leet role playing skillz, or basically anything about her, and always thinks of herself as the innocent party. She also thinks swearing makes her hardcore, and claims to be very mature which is a lie since she argues with anyone who has more common sense then her. Despite her intense hatred for 4chan, Meowbarf enjoys pretending she is from 4chan by spouting random quotes and raping memes with her abhorrent fangirlism.

    She also dislikes the name Meowbark being used by other people elsewhere, though noone would want to steal such a shitty name except someone looking to troll her.


    Meowbark draws her characters in typical animu style, most of which were 'inspired' by Inuyasha. Her fursona even has a sword just like his, called "The Sword of a Thousand Fires". Recently she has taken to raping the Naruto fandom with her awful mary sues, giving them Wapanese names like "Kii Kusabana." Meowbitch has also worked to corrupt Mudkips by plastering Sasuke's head on them and other random unfunny shit.

    Her and her friends think her art is remarkable, like any self-absorbed teenage 'artist'. She lacks a scanner, so she uses a webcam to take pictures of her fanart. In addition, she claims to finish each of her drawings in five minutes to a half hour. Because she's such a professional, she takes it upon herself to give free art lessons at Toontown's forums. Make sure to visit her!

    Meowbark proclaims she will be a cartoonist in her future just by drawing in animu style, despite all of her work having no sense of anatomy and being awful rip-offs of Naruto and Inuyasha. She gets defensive if anyone dares do less than kiss her ass, though.

    Internet Shenanigans

    Meowbark had a YouTube account called beingstupid, which fits her. However, that account ended up getting the banhammer, so she created another account called Pilicanu. When that account was also banned, she made the account xmeowbarkx like a good ban dodger.

    She also joined DevianTART, first as Halfcatdemon and then as Nekohanyo when the first account was banned, though that account eventually ended up getting the banhammer too. he now has brand new deviantART account, and claims she's 16 years old and that she is Halfcatdemon's "friend". UPDATE: Her new DA account has received the banhammer as well, much to nobody's surprise. However, she seems to have made yet another account despite claims to have left DA forevars due to butthurt. Will she fulfill her promise of quitting the internets? Will this account be banned as well!? Stay tuned!

    In true lolcow fashion, Meowbark also hides comments on DA from anyone with the balls to tell her her art sucks. She's also quite the shit-stirrer, as seen here. At least Rising-Wolf, Lurkin' Weltall and Xhethrea agree that Meowbark is a loser weeaboo.

    She even tried to edit her own ED page, but failed hard.

    Meowbark thinks she's a very badass person as well. She thinks flipping people off makes her extreamly badass to the EXTREME!

    http://freya0694.deviantart.com/journal/21930685/#comments BADASS INDEED!]


    She is now DA's BETA Tester!


    Meowbark claimed in her DA Journal that she was going to create the biggest RPG forum that would even rival Gaia Online. However, it just shows a girl and her awful Mary Sue.

    DEAD FORUM IS DEAD! Meowbark's retarded forum has been deleted and purged.

    How to be like Meowbark!

    • Take any holy meme and slap Naruto characters on it.
    • Deny your obvious fangirl faggotry.
    • Spout random, unfunny words and phrases.
    • Claim to be mature despite irrefutable proof otherwise.
    • Hide any comments that show what a dumbass you are.
    • Create a role play character with a Wapanese name.
    • When banned from any website, just make over 9000 new accounts to dodge your ban.
    •  ????
    • PROFIT!

    External Links

    Password: sims2

    MSN: [email protected] Hacked last Thursday. Still active. Former Password: chobits

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