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    Memorial Page Tourism

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    Hey! Big Thumbs Up.jpg This article isn't lulz just yet, but its coverage can spark a lollercoaster.
    You can help by reverting people who delete shit, and vandalizing their user pages.
    See this article on Google? Want to add something? Join us!

    I never knew (whoever) but my heart goes out to (him/her)/(his/her parents)...


    —A handy opening phrase for memorial page tourists

    Memorial page tourism is a popular recreational activity on the internet most popular and accessible on Facebook. When a newly deceased and much loved dear friend/relative/celebrity/stranger’s memorial page arrives on the newsfeed most Facebook users can’t help but to click and gawp as one might at the sight of a train wreck or mangled car. These beacons of baw inevitably draw the cry babies, moral fags, trolls and white knights of teh internetz together... I SMELL A SITCOM!

    Everyone knows what’s-their-name was a beacon of hope in an otherwise unbearable existence, an A grade student who respected their teachers and was loved by everyone. Thankfully some attention whore has set up a page in memorandum which will let you, YES YOU, tell everyone how you felt about this friend of a friend of a friend that was in a similar sounding network as you. For whoring purposes they leave these groups open to all-commers so we can share they love, which only serves to generously feed the trolls which -in turn- leads to even more butthurt which leads to old media attention, accusations of cyber bullying, expert analysis, threats of lolsuits and, eventually, an ED page and perhaps even another an hero. It's the circle of life!

    Lovely Group. Memorial page tourism is way up and continues to grow. So much love, remembrance, vial hatred and most of all comical nonsense of considering a facbook page SACRED ~ !Ha !


    —Aki Mutsumi, Alexis Pilkington's memorial page

    TOP TIP: Check out the memorials related links and groups for moar lulz.


    File:Memorial tourism3.png
    Typical Facebook Memorial Page tourist.

    Tenderhearted Tourists

    These tenderhearted trauma tourists keep a pen and paper ready at all times to note down names they might see on flowers by the road side, news reports and freshly dug graves, so they can be found later on Facebook. They never knew the dead but they know in their hearts of hearts they would have been BFF's with them if they actually ever met them in real life, (an impossibility as memorial tourism is a harsh mistress).

    White Knights

    Like in days of old, White Knights defend the honor of their Queens against the attack of pipe lurking creatures such as trolls. These fag enablers were born without funny bones and lurk in memorial pages waiting to unleash a jihad on all who dare speak ill of the dead. White Knights don't care how minor the criticism is because YOU ARE WRONG! crashing into a tow truck in a stolen car with a heroin needle sticking out your arm is SRS BSNS and in no way the 'victims' fault. White Knights are self righteous anti-trolls but often use the same tactics so god forbid you mizspell or bad grammar use.

    lol fags

    Famous stops on the tourist trail

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