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Meme Combining

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Not to be confused with Oh Exploitable!

Meme combining is the special brand of shooping used to revive an older meme or image with another meme, image or even concept, thus bringing meme faggotry to a whole new level. This is usually seen in shoops where part of an older image has been replaced with part of a newer one, producing mixed reactions that may spark new lulz. Newfags can only learn how to use exploitables to achieve a similar result because they don't have the required vision necessary to create it.

tl;dr do this only if you're certain of the results.

Doing it wrong

  • You use more than two images.
  • You use a template of sorts with a part of it emptied and readied for shooping.
  • You take screenshots from youtube (when you should just use shots other people took).
  • You use newfag shit.
  • Anything taken from KYM.
  • Placing two memes together and waiting for results.


Most of the time, Meme Combining is achieved successfully when you shoop someone's head on to another. However, this by no means implies the results will always be satisfactory. A truly lulzy shoop invokes both memes to the fullest.


Certain memes click well with almost any other:


Cockmonglernotext.jpg +.png Copy-Pasta.jpg =.png Delicious monglepasta.jpg
Cockmonglernotext.jpg +.png Pedobear.png =.png Lolimongler.png

Deal with it

Gabedealwithit.png +.png Slap your shit.jpg =.png How about you deal with it.jpg
Gabedealwithit.png +.png That feel.jpg =.png Feel with it.jpg

u mad

Everyones getting raped.jpg +.png YOU MAD.jpg =.png Everyones getting mad.jpg
20years.jpg +.png YOU MAD.jpg =.png Still mad.jpg
Niggas troll thread.jpg +.png YOU MAD.jpg =.png Yall niggas mad.jpg
Web1pointO.jpg +.png YOU MAD.jpg =.png You got mad.jpg


Doublesguy.jpg +.png HarryPotterLogo.jpg =.png Wanteddubz.jpg
Doublesguy.jpg +.png Fullretard.jpg =.png Fulldoubles.jpg
Doublesguy.jpg +.png Fuck-yeah-meme-oc.jpg =.png Fuckdubs.jpg
Doublesguy.jpg +.png Massimo.jpg =.png Massimo dubs.jpg
Doublesguy.jpg +.png Gavemecancer.jpg =.png Gavemedoubles.jpg
Doublesguy.jpg +.png Impossibru.jpg =.png Doubles-Impossibru.jpg


Gentlemen.jpg +.png Pool'sClosed.jpg =.png GentlemenThePoolsClosed.PNG
Gentlemen.jpg +.png Fisja.png =.png Fsjalmen.png
Gentlemen.jpg +.png Kanyexploitable2.png =.png FISHSTICKS.png
Gentlemen.jpg +.png Shamwowcash.jpg =.png Germans by cheeseismydestiny.png


Mootiekins.jpg +.png Trool.png =.png Moot trool.png
Mootiekins.jpg +.png BRILLIANT!.jpg =.png Moot brilliant.png
Mootiekins.jpg +.png Strutting leo.jpg =.png Strutting moot.gif
Mootiekins.jpg +.png Pools closed.jpg =.png Mootsclosed.jpg
Awwwwshit.jpg +.png MootLurkingAround.png =.png Mootawshit.jpg


President obama1.jpg +.png Pools closed.jpg =.png Poll's closed.jpg

Forever Alone

Forever Alone.png +.png Exploitableeverywhere.jpg =.png Forever alone everywhere.jpg
Forever Alone.png +.png Sadfrog.jpg =.png Foreverasadfrog.jpg


Mudkipwalkin.png +.png Desu desu.png =.png Desukip.gif
Lyingcake.jpg +.png Desu desu.png =.png DeliciousDesu.PNG

Troll Thread

Niggas troll thread.jpg +.png Trollface More HD.png =.png Yall niggas legit troll.jpg
Niggas troll thread.jpg +.png HarryPotterLogo.jpg =.png Yall niggas hagger.jpg


Kek.jpg +.png Doge.jpg =.png Topdoge.jpg


PROMOTIONS.jpg +.png Dat ass.jpg =.png Perhaps one of the oldest combinations ever known to anon.
Animefuckingsucks.jpg +.png My-Little-Pony.jpg =.png Resistancepony.jpg
Blackguyonlaptop.jpg +.png Ohshiiiit.jpg =.png Combinehahaohwow.jpg
Soniamdissapointreal.gif +.png Anon partyhard.gif =.png Son I am party
Carlton.jpg +.png Hancock-posterbig-trl.jpg =.png Hancockcarlton.jpg
Linkmahboi.JPG +.png Hello.jpg =.png Linkmahgoatse.jpg
Exploitable Imperial Guard.jpg +.png Advicedog.jpg =.png Advice criminal scum.png
Chris-chan 2014 selfie.jpg +.png John Pike.jpg =.png ChrisStrut.png

Conceived on ED

Some combinations have been proposed for the first time on this very page. If you believe you are capable, add some of your own shoops here:

Mootiekins.jpg +.png Cover-tom2.jpg =.png Thatfuckingmoot.jpg
Doublesguy.jpg +.png Cover-tom2.jpg =.png Thatfuckingdoubles.jpg
He's Got the Chat Log.jpg +.png Cover-tom2.jpg =.png Chrishansen one more time.jpg
Doublesguy.jpg +.png Locke.jpg =.png Doubles fuckedup.jpg
Doublesguy.jpg +.png YOU MAD.jpg =.png Doublemad.jpg
Doublesguy.jpg +.png Doublemad.jpg =.png QUADMAD.jpg
Niggas troll thread.jpg +.png QUADMAD.jpg =.png OH FUCK
Massimo.jpg +.png Spaceghostcoffee.jpg =.png OH FUCK
Jewsjewing.jpg +.png Retard potato.jpg =.png Mongoloid kike.jpg
Zerowing.gif +.png Arguecat.PNG =.png Allyourcats.jpg

Got your own? Add it here!

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