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    Melissa Bachman

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    Melissa in her younger years
    Tits Mcgoo posing with the picture that started it all.

    Melissa "The Furry Slayer" Bachman (born July 17, 1984) is a fat tittied huntress from Pennsylvania who caused animal rights activists to shit bricks with tweets of her Double D's next to freshly killed animals. A self-described trophy hunter and "Hardcore Huntress," she herself became a trophy on the walls of the Internets in November 2013 as butthurt furries demanded that her killing spree be stopped.

    When she isn't finger fucking herself over the corpse of her latest kill, she's stroking her ego on her self-produced television show "Deadly Passion."

    Today Melissa can be found wedging a gun between her tits on her website where she blogs and advertises for her new-found sponsor Winchester while her critics can be found congregating on their Facebook page "Stop Melissa Bachman" which has accumulated 361,000 likes.

    She kills everything. Pictures of the stupid bitch smiling over the corpses of a heap of dead animals.


    —Killing spree wasn't well received


    What a hunt!
    "Hardcore Huntress" Bachman Slammed Over Dead Lion Photos
    Celebrity Animal Hunter Under Fire for Smiling During Kill Shot
    Melissa Bachman haters, get over it!

    Gallery of Melissa

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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