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    As you already know, my name is Meisu, and I'm a Tayra. The only Tayra in the fandom, in fact. Tayras are rarely known in places outside of their home turf, South America. But that doesn't mean they're terrible animals or undeserving of love. It's quite the opposite, let me tell you that. However...I'm much more than a Tayra on the internet. I'm a Tayra through and through, inside and out, body and soul. Tayra is my identity and I live everyday as Tayra. This is because it is my Theriotype, and I'm proud of that fact.


    —Meisu on shit no one cares about

    Meisuweasel, aka MeiTay, aka BleachWolverine, is an 18 going on 9 furfagette, Narutard, Otherkin, Otakukin and general lulz cow, who prides herself as the only Tayra in the fandom. If she finds another Tayra she gets huffy and gets either defensive or dismisses it as "trolling". Her real life name is Kelly. She can be found at Furaffinity and Chickensmoothie.com. Her hobbies include, but are not limited to: cyber yiffing minors, asking for yiffy art of her imaginary boyfriend whining on line, looking for asspats, owls, convincing people she is a tayra, drawing crappy angst art, crying about how she has no mates, and lusting after a car fucking Jacklefur. You know when she's online because she favorites fucking EVERYTHING she sees on the front page so she gets free comments back and pageviews.

    When she originally found out about ED finding her she was upset, now she will welcome anything that is thrown at her. Just kidding, she's crying about it.

    LEAVE ME ALONE, STALKERS. Stop writing things like "whore, emo bitch, and cry moar." It isn't funny and you won't break me. My Formspring isn't the place for drama. Say it to me here if you have a problem with me.



    Love Life

    Meitay is always on the hunt for a mate, because she seems to have a new one every week. She prefers them young and tender and the idea of dating someone even two year older than her is revolting. She is most famous for e-dating a 13 year old who is totally a wolf inside(boy wolf too, with a tiny cock) and they enjoy going to a [chat] together, along with all their other furfag friends. Requirements for dating Meisu include: Being 12 to 19 years of age, being a mustelid furry, living your life for crappy Anime, being a theriantrope, not a feline. If you fit the bill, all you need to do now is be there 27/7. If you find yourself unable to, she'll dump your ass and cry about how mean you were to her. Make sure you have the ability to listen to her bitch and moan about Naruto, people not understanding her, and her transformations.

    Only been kissed twice. Once by a friend wen I was 5, once by someone who has made my life HELL.


    —Meisu rejecting a kiss from 12 year old Tanner because she misses daddy's kisses

    Meisu is a sick fuck who is into plenty of creepy shit. This shit includes (most likely among other things):

    I yiff because it reduces stress. Who I yiff with is for me to worry about, not anyone else. We bond that way and it is NOT because I like to fuck minors. It's because my friends & I like to have fun in many ways and we do it because we need to get rid of tension.


    —Meisu stressing out about people making fun of her stress-relieving techniques

    How Not to Scam the Government

    Meisu, like every other furfag on the internet, mistakes her batshit insanity for Assburgers. But instead of crying about her Assburgers and using it as an excuse to be a fuckstick, she decided to use it to turn a profit. Apparently, the government recognizes Asperger's as something you can sign up for disability checks with. So what does Meisu do with this information? Inform FurAffinity that she's going to sign up for disability and use the money to buy a fursuit. Nevermind the fact that there are plenty of other people out there that need disability but can't get it, Meisu wants a fucksuit, dammit. Naturally, her idiot furiends and whatever mates she had at the time give her plenty of asspats for thinking of this wonderful idea. But then came a slew of outraged furries, reminding her that defrauding the government is not only illegal, but selfish. With this information in hand, she apologized for her actions and moved on to get a job to get her fursuit.

    Just kidding, she deleted the journal and created a new one screaming at everyone who disagreed with her, calling them trolls and crying for her mates and furends to come and give her asspats.


    Meisu's only friends live on the internet and are fellow furfags and other batshit insane otherkin.

    Hikari the Fag Dog: Meisu's IRL butt buddy that tried to remove information about Meisu from this article but didn't realize we can fucking see the edits. The picture of Meisu at graduation? Yeah that's Hikari in the background.

    Jerrymojo2: One of Meisu's friends that BUYS her art to make her like him more. Turned into fail because the art she BOUGHT for Meisu wasn't right - Meisu decided Jerry hated her because she bought her (prospectively) nice art that was wrong.

    Gight: An emo bat that Meisu treats like shit even though the kid clearly has psychological issues. Claims to be a spirit stuck in a hyooman body. Quote on Meisu: "Because to me, you're alpha".

    Aleeex: A rat furry that asspats Meisu whenever she can to get in the good book of Meisu sex time.

    Theblackjackal09: The infamous jackal furry that Meisu has a consistently creepy lust for.

    special mention, Tannerwolfton

    Tanner Wolfton Tanner(SaberErmerret on facebook),is a wolf therian wanna be bisexual, she claims to had have a strong lesbian preference, but totally loves the cock. She spends her time looking for 18 year old boyfriends to take her to conventions, getting masters and pets who will sooth her BDSM needs, and yiffing Meisu Furends. Which is creepy because "they are totally sisters now". Like her ex, Tanner has a new lover every week, both on and off line. This results in lulzy bawww journals. Her family breeds the fuck out of their beloved dogs so they can pay for an internet connection for her continued deeds. Tanner is a confident little girl who freely talks about her love of rape, piss, dead animals, and many more age-inappropriate deeds with the whole world. Her parents are proud.


    Meisu is a misanthropic otherkin with 6 animal souls, one of them being a famous demon from Japanese mythology who gives her super emo rage. She also worships a god from a children's book about talking owls. Somehow she is also an anime character as well. She also has an anime character living in her head named "Yahiko" that she frequently sexes. Imaginary friend dildo. How about that. Spiritual matters aside, Meisu also believes everyone is out to get her and anything that is not ass-patting is trolling and that people only make fun of her because they are jealous over all the friends she has. Why she has friends is anyone's guess, since every time they try to get her out of a constant state of BAAAAAWWWWWWW, she attempts to kick them out of her life.


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