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    MegatronPwnsYou, or Megatron for short, is the lead pedophile and creator of the so originally named Club A.S.H.L.E.Y. on Smashboards which is a knockoff of another homo fanclub, Club R.I.D.L.E.Y. He is a hardcore Ashley fanboy and known pedobear. Due to his horrible debating skills that could be debunked by a drunken baby, he continues to support the no chance in hell character from WarioWare, Ashley because of one boring song Sakurai shoved into the game. He and his group of sick fucks continue to pollute the website with ways they would like to commit sodomy upon pre-teen girls and how they wish Ashley would do the same to them.

    MegatronPwnsYou and the Rise (and Fall) of Club Pedobear

    Example of a typical Club A.S.H.L.E.Y. member.
    Megatron getting fucked over, not by a little girl.

    Megatron is known to be a shitty trolling poster and a general asshole. Megatron's hot headed temper only proves how hot-headed he will get with a loli. He and his Club enjoys trying to "MAGIC TEH HATERZ AWAI" and fapping to Smooth Moves. His Club Members are almost as bad as him, when in any case, if these sexual predators existed out side of teh internet, they would be locked up for life. They have ridiculously LULZ-worthy grammar and are gangsta to the core.

    He is also sworn enemies with the fellow Smashboards goer and tourneyfag, Red Darkstar Kirby. Who continues to post anti-Ashley hate when possible. But, we all know secretly RDK beats his virgin meat to Ashley, since he seems content with constantly debating about why she shouldn't be in the game as opposed to more retarded character considerations such as Krystal or Master Chief.

    Recent news state that Ashley was deconfirmed as playable and was only regulated to a minute cameo in Wario's own stage, Warioware. Of course Megatron can't handling this goes batshit insane and attacks everyone near him causing the Ashley thread to be locked. If anything good came out of this, it was the sheer amount of lulz that Megatron generated for the masses. He continues to live in denial to this very day.


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