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    File:Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
    so you can't say anything bad! :-(

    Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
    DeviantArt is full of morons, failures, and attention hogging children, but sometimes there is a boss version at the end of the level.


    — Internet Philosofag

    The next Chris-chan

    File:My Brother With His Friends by megarob15.jpg
    His wetback brother, no he didn't graduate, it's just Halloween.
    File:Thanking The Fans 2 by megarob15.jpg
    He shat this out directly onto his large fanbase made up of three people

    Megarob15 is an asspie child from God’s pisspool. Like earth doesn't already have a legion of those.

    Not only are his drawings just completely awful, he also steals people’s drawings and claims them as his own. Those poor drawings are subjugated to live the rest of their lives in a bucket of drool with the rest of his retarded drawings. His characters are pieces of shit with giraffe necks and they move like someone shoved steel rods down their limbs. To make matters even more stupid, he has them say shitty lines that sound like something a Disney producer would billow out his rectum right into your DVD player.

    "Hello there!

    I am Roberto Otero. You can call me Roberto, Robbie or Rob if you want. I am a nice easy going guy who likes to draw pictures and writes stories or poems. If you get me on my bad side I will be a serious and insensitive guy.

    Likes: Friends, RP's, Nice people, Books, Going outside, computers, Comedy, Action, Drawing artwork, and many more.

    Dislikes: Mean people, Annoying people, Disgusting things, Bullies, Teasing, DA Stalkers, Art Thieves, Cold/flu/allergies, being rushed, MickeyBugsBunnyLover"


    — Sounds very familiar

    Creation of a Mistake

    When Megarob's parents tried desperately to get an abortion they failed and he dropped out of his mom's dick way too early halfway to the clinic, where he proceeded to drop from her crotch and right onto his head. This would be the first time in a montage of him constantly falling onto his head as a child, and it explains his extreme levels of retardation. His parent's quickly tried to get the abortion anyway, but it was too late. The result of this story is a failed abortion who would loose an IQ test against a wedge of cheese.

    It was expected for him to make a deviantArt account, as that is where his true people resided. At the age of nine, he submitted his first account to deviantArt, and that account still stands to this day, only one year later.

    Other "Artists" on deviantArt compliment megarob, as his art is so hazardously moronic that it causes delusional effects on even the most retarded members of society. He also fills his shit fuck clown artwork full of subliminal messages, just like ICP. When will god learn not to create such abominations?

    He belongs to balloon-fags, although they severely wish he didn't. We don't blame the sick fucks because it's doubtful any group other than highly sophisticated hobbyists would want him near them. Lately he has caused alot of drama on deviantart with fetish connoisseurs, constantly ripping off easily drawable circles with heads and hands on them, the most valuable kind of art.

    A monkey could outdraw this child if it shoved a pen up it's ass and farted out the ink, which it looks like what megarob is trying to accomplish.


    • He is at least in his 30's
    • He is a spic, so if you say anything bad about Mexicans, Mexico, Beans, or Big Lots, he will fly into a berserk Mexican rage.
    • His brother is the leader of a local Militia, made up of five kids with airsoft guns. Shoot with live ammunition on sight as they are extremely dangerous and intelligent.
    • If you say a single word about his artwork that is negative he will try to claw your eyes out with his acrylic nails.
    • He fucks balloons

    Truly he and his family are a real credit to mankind, much like all Mexicans.

    Megarob15 has recently gotten into many fights with other dA users over the theft of artwork, spawning troll accounts and parodies. He is an enemy of multiple communities including a handful of subfetish communities, deviantArt, and ICP for making them look even worse. His journal is nothing but 13 year old school girl diary entries and you could probably kill him if you punched him lightly across the arm.

    How to Troll him

    Megarob15 spends his current time weaving a tapestry of lies depicting how he is such a great artist and how he has thousands of fans. When he is not busy making up bullshit he is making himself a useful and productive citizen and screaming and crying at anyone who tells him his artwork is what actually killed Dorian Gray.

    File:Magaface4 by MickeyBugsBunnyLover.png
    police are finally fixing what god couldn't.

    If you say anything whatsoever bad about his art, even if it's not obvious, he will try his hardest to get you banned and will baww at you the entire way. This leads to comedy gold and much lulz.

    Report and block him please! I can't STAND that hater!


    Chrischan I mean Megarob15 being critiqued by a great man

    Trolling this man is possibly the hardest task on earth as he is built like an ox made of steel and your insults will just bounce off him like intelligent thoughts. Here is a complicated guide on how it is done.

    1. Leave a message on his page or artwork . 2. Make sure message has anything to do with his artwork, yet does not call it cute or good.

    Congratulations! In his book, you successfully trolled him and are now blocked and probably soon to be banned.

    Also he is a spic, so if you say anything bad about Mexico, Spain, Beans, or Big Lots he will fly into a berserk and cry and scream at the top of his lungs and try to scratch your eyes out with his acrylics, much like all gay Mexicans.

    In the end Megarob is just another festering turd stump in the forest of DeviantArt.

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