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    Megaphone Desktop Tool

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    Info non-talk.png Obviously, the Megaphone Desktop Tool is made of hebe and FAIL or this page would have moar page views.

    Controlling a hivemind is a terribly tough task, even for a conspiracy as complex as the Jews. Luckily for them, they have a few programmers that were able to devise a tool to keep their useful idiots in check. They call it the "Megaphone Desktop Tool."

    Basically, the Tool works just like any other desktop popup virus. Check it out:

    1. You get an urgent email from the Jews asking you to "support Israel."
    2. You click the link, and the Tool is downloaded straight to your system32 folder.
    3. Every time there's an online poll about Israel, the Tool pops up, opens your web browser, and automatically votes pro-Jew.
    4.  ????
    5. Jews profit!

    Importantly, the Israeli Foreign Ministry supports the Tool. It's always good to know that you have OFFICIAL APPROVAL when you're a Jew patsy. Ironically, even though the Tool reminds you to "Voice your opinion" on its popups, it always automatically votes the way the Israeli Foreign Ministry commands it to. It's probably just as well, considering you aren't capable of forming your own opinion anyhow.

    Being the Jews they are, the creators of the Tool formed an actual company, "Collactive," to sell the tools to other people for their hivemind control activities. An opportunity to profit never escapes a Jew. Collactive was founded using cash from such Jews as Don Valentine, Roelof Botha (the CFO of PayPal and a board member of Meebo), and Michael Moritz (former board member of Google).

    Excellently, the Lebanese did a troll on the Jews by hacking the Tool to vote against Israel.


    Expect plenty of coordinated downmods for any criticism of Israel. Digg has already been victimized by these creeps and reddit is under attack. As for the self post, dummy submissions have been made to reddit to block linking and exposing this disturbing bit of neo-fascism. American patriots, be on your guard! Israel is stuffing our government with their minions to continue taking billions of our dollars yearly, committing our troops to death fighting Zionism's enemies in the Middle East and now subverting our free speech in cyberspace.



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