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    Meepsheep irl
    22:24 &phobos: meepsheep you are the greatest troll in Colorado


    <Ironholds> okay, Meepsheep, you're on this system because you're a lifeless, soulless, dickless, witless, spineless individual who makes up for his own lack of social life or integrity by treating the ridicule of others as the first port of call in correspondence, thereby ensuring that you remain a corpulent unwanted cancer on the scrotum of humanity


    —Oliver Keyes, missing the irony

    BMO is a fucking badass that will rape your shit right up



    Meepsheep lives in a compound hidden deep in the rocky mountains of Colorado. Fueled by substance use and catgirls, Meepsheep has, time and time again, ruined things on the internet for just about everybody, especially the Wikimedia Foundation. As an ED admin and GNAA affiliate, Meepsheep aims to ensure that no Wikipedo, Freenode oper, or self-righteous blogger goes without being trolled. Meepsheep witnessed Killdozer irl as a child (true story) and it consequently shaped a lot of the views he would later develop about society and the government. Meepsheep currently works as a psychologist for the Department of Defense.

    Meepsheep's waifu is Mugi from K-on.

    Meepsheep's greatest hits

    That Meepsheep needs to burn in heck


    Feel free to send shit to this menace, he's ruthless and has no sense of empathy and shall be treated as such.

    Bryan Østergaard 
    Vølundsgade 31, 3. th. 
    2200 København N
    +(45) 33 13 78 86 
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    100px Meepsheep is part of a series on the Gay Nigger Association of America.


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