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    Meek Mill

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    Meek Mill Robert Rihmeek Williams, born 6 May 1987, is another one of your run of the mill black performer/rapper that hasn't had a hit since 2012 but like all East Coast, Philadelphia-born, has-been rappers he thinks that he's the voice for his people and speaks out of his privilege how justice and law favors the white man but chooses to remain oblivious to the fact that he is one of its favored sons as he has been able to avoid prison for violating parole 5 times for his original 2008 conviction for drug dealing, illegally possessing a firearm and assaulting a police officer; violations that would have the average person, black or white, facing a lengthy prison sentence. Because he has enough money to pay for decent legal representation and has just enough of a name to have social media assault The Pennsylvania Governor's Office with requests for leniancy and favoritism everytime he has violated parole, Meek Mill has been able to avoid any real prison time.

    Now because a Pennsylvania judge tired of this has-been rapper's revolving door love affair with the courts sentenced Meek Mill to a sentence of two to four years for once again violating his parole when he assaulted two pedestrians at a St Louis, Missouri airport and pissed dirty after a court required drug test, the law has all of a sudden become Heavy handed and unfair as it didn't show him the favoritism he had become used to, having spent 8 years on a 5 year parole sentence because he couldn't escape new charges, parole violations or what Mill calls, "Just part of being human".

    His Failings As A Human Being

    He busted his hand punching someone in the face. He's a nice guy, seriously.
    File:Prison rapist..jpg
    3 seconds after Meek Mill's prison door was shut and he was locked in with a known man rapist

    Following the tried and true tactic that comes with being black, Meek Mill is trying to argue that he is such a fine and upstanding citizen and it is only because he is black and a vendetta stemming from Pennsylvania judge Genece Brinkley (also black) that he is being sent to prison unfairly.

    To shed a little light on Meek Mill's situation, let us examine his criminal history. In 2005, when he was 18 Meek Mill was arrested for illegally possesing a firearm, dealing drugs, and assaulting a police officer. What most people would call unfair if he were some no name nigger or piece of trailer trash, Mill avoided jail time altogether and was put on parole for 5 years.

    3 years later, violating his parole, Mill was arrested in 2008 for drug dealing and gun possesion, again, and was sent to serve 12 to 24 months in prison. Through favoritism, Mill was released early in 2009 and was again placed on parole for another 5 years.

    In 2013, Mill violated parole once again by traveling out of state without permission from the court and making death threats to the judge and his parole officer when he was arrested. Constantly being favored because of his celebrity status, Meek was ordered to take etiquette classes and had his parole renewed for another 5 years, after serving 3 months in jail. Charges that would have had the average black man that Meek says he represents locked away for at least 10 years but because he's famous, he throws shit fits and says that he only threatened to kill state officials because he was having a bad day.

    Mill was again found guilty of another parole violation on 17 December 2015. It is here you can see the courts finally getting pissed off at what they know is either someone that thinks of themselves as being entitled or a career criminal. On 5 February 2016, Mill was sentenced to 90 days house arrest, not allowed to work or travel, and required to do community service. This sentance became effective on 1 March 2016. While still on his 5 year probation for the 2013 parole violations, Mill was once again arrested for assaulting 2 pedestrians while at a St. Louis Missouri airport and was sentenced to two to four years for the repeat and habitual violation of his parole. Like everyone before him who had the courts tire of their constant bullshit and had to suffer through having the hammer dropped on them like Winona Ryder and made to feel like an average person in front of the court, Mill is claiming that this is a conspiracy against him because he is black and not because he can't seem to avoid fucking up.

    Not even in prison for a week and already crying like a little bitch with a skinned knee or a skinny little boy that just lost his butt cherry to his older brother, ensuring that he will never, ever, have any street cred again; Meek Mill has already started petitioning the Pennsylvania Court Of Appeals for immediate release from prison claiming that he has learned his lesson after A HARD 6 days in prison. Mill has stated that prison is only for hardened black men and not for Rich people with connections like him. Mill has made it clear that he is too delicate and sophisticated for prison life and being surrounded by rapists and murderers he will be constantly in danger because of his privileged life style.

    In a striking contradiction from the Thug Life Mill promotes in his rap style where he claims to be smacking hos and bitches to keep them in line, dealing drugs, hating on the white man for their being white and Putting Caps In Mo' Asses Than He Can Count, Mill has Claimed that after 6 days in prison he has matured, learned a new respect for the law and wants to be a real father to his children since, like the cliche black man, he never really got to know his dad.

    Mill has demanded, not requested but demanded that the court release him immediatly and remove him from parole that he is claiming is unfair and designed to keep the black man in a constant state of re-offending.

    Correction Officers have stated "For all his big talk and claiming to be such a hard core nigger from Philly, the first thing Mill requested when he was at the in take center was he wanted, rather adamantly, demanded to be put in protective custody because he's afraid someone will want to fuck him in his ass."

    He's Just A Dirty Criminal Trying To Go Straight

    What do you call a bigger in a suit? A well dressed nigger
    File:Judge Genece Brinkley.jpg
    A big, tough black man like Meek Mill says this little girl scares him and has it in for him

    Knowing what a bitch Meek Mill is and how black, male pussies like him tend to turn State's Evidence when they've been in prison getting anally romanced for too long, performers like Jay-z, Nicki Minaj and Boyz II Men are trying to avoid Meek Mill ratting out everything he knows about them by supporting a petition on Change.Org demanding the immediate release of the Crybaby Meek Mill.

    Not well known for their critical thinking skills and being on the obtuse side, black performers are imprudently claiming "Systematic Oppression" and saying that if Meek Mill was "Any old nigger off the street he wouldn't have a problem and be free by now because the courts have a hard-on to over punish rich and famous blacks. Meek has even gone on record and accused Judge Genece Brinkley of having a vendetta against him. Mill claims that his prison sentence has nothing to do with his continual violations of parole but rather because Mill wouldn't Get With A friend of the Judge. Mill has even accused the Judge of coming to see see him when he was doing community service and threatened him with prison if he didn't Hook Up with her friend, going so far as calling Mill a "faggot that don't like pussy".

    Surprisingly, most Social Media users are not as stupid as these people hoped and are actually arguing that Mill was favored every time the Justice System looked the other way when it came to him and his habit of violating parole.

    Using Nicki Minaj's metaphor Twitter users have replied to these petition requests, to the tune of being called a racist, with comments like, "Shit. If Meek Mill was just any old nigger like you say, he'd be doing 20 years to life the first time he violated his parole you dumb ass bitch" .

    Growing Up In Philadelphia

    All you need to knows is that he has beat the odds when he made it to his 30th birthday so statistically, his chances of being shot to death by another black man that he personally knows have decreased exponentially. On the other hand, statistically speaking, as a black male from low income origins, the next big threat against his life is heart disease.

    Trolls of his like to point out that Philadelphia is "The City Of Brotherly Love" and Meek Mill will be getting a lot of it in prison.

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