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MediaWiki is the shit software used for this wiki and pretty much every other wiki.


  • Better than the old Wiki software. Uses OMGLEET rel=nofollow tags with every link so spammers don't get anything out of spamming it.


  • Still a piece of shit. Spammers are too fucking stupid to realize spamming it doesn't do them any good, so they still do it anyway. Also cannot make article with the word "Gordon" in it because that was the name of the rapist who touched and gave bad memories to the creator of Mediawiki. Sucks. Much the same as TOW.
  • As exposed in GNAA press release here, Mediawiki is coded by pedophiles and Zionists.

See also

  • Vandal/How-to - You can learn several ways to troll wikis that use this software here.


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