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    Media Transfer Protocol

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    Because you give a damn.

    MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) is a piece of shit software developed by Microsoft designed not to work with your computer and any device that you own to transfer files.


    Originally designed to be used with MP3 Players, MTP was designed to make using a USB cable retarded. Unlike when you stick your thumb drive into your computer and can do more than one thing at a time, MTP does not support multitasking. However, it has proven to be more effective at making contact between your computer and any peripheral devices you have do nothing when you plug them into your computer.

    MTP is part of the Trusted Computing Platform, a computer platform designed by Jews for the MPAA and RIAA to make you transfer all of your information wirelessly to the Cloud and to make sure that you register the device that you bought (but not necessarily "own") so that if you buy it for cheap off of eBay or when it comes time for the device manufacture to kill any older devices, you are coerced into buying something newer regardless if you bought the device the week before.

    How to get rid of it

    Sadly, MTP is here to stay, however, when it comes time for the big electronic holocaust, there are a few things you can do:

    • Root your device. Warranties are fucking useless, especially if your device gets stolen.
    • Install Cyanogenmod. It's like Android only Google can't kill your device.
    • Use Dropbox. Ideal for general file transfers, but if you want to root your device, you need to have that hard wire connection that MTP refuses to make work.

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