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    Medal of Honor

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    ED CLEANER 2.jpg This article needs a serious clean up

    Somebody should do something about it.


    Medal of Honor, A.K.A. Medallion of Honor, A.K.A. Another Cumstained Recycled Tacti-cool PIECE OF SHIT from YOUR FAVORITE COMPANY EA, is a super realistic tactical shooter where teamwork is key. You have to depend on your squadmates and teammates to stay alive and complete the objective. Available through EA for PS3, Xbox, and PC, every aspect in the game was perfectly and accurately implemented by the designers.



    When art imitates life, you can be sure there will be people too stupid to understand. Fox managed to take a breath between selling the actual war and making shit up to interview one Karen Meredith, a video game expert and Gold Star Mom whose son died in the Iraq War.

    War is not a game, period. The fact that they've already done games about World War 2...That's far removed from our current history, people aren't dying in World War 2 any more...


    Karen Meredith

    No, war is not a game...But games about war...They are games. Nobody made Meredith's son become a soldier just like nobody will make Meredith buy Medal of Honor. Meanwhile, EA's marketing department is laughing.



    It is set in today's war, putting players in the boots of today's soldier. We give gamers the opportunity to play both sides. Most of us have been doing this since we were seven. 

If someone's the cop, someone's got to be the robber, someone's got to be the pirate, somebody's got to be the alien. In Medal Of Honor multiplayer, someone has to be the Taliban.


    EA, getting it right for once

    The UK defence secretary (lol, spelling) Liam Fox (lol, Fox) was up in arms about the content. Even the US military won't carry it, proving once more that military brass don't understand irony. In response, EA even sets up to pretend they're not Taliban. Will they sell it now?


    If all the pre-release hoopla weren't enough, EA had some tricks up it's sleeve for the actual game release. In order to hype the release EVEN MOAR than they previously had, a midnight release was planned. Pre-order customers, who were stupid enough to believe the Jew lies, thought they'd be able to download the game AT MIDNIGHT, just like the jobless basement dwellers who were lining up at their local Gamestops. In fact, these special pre-orders were told they would have to wait another 16 hours just to start downloading, let alone playing. Sixteen hours later, there were no downloads to be had. A message was left on the forum stating that "[there was] something wrong with the file." Rage ensued.

    PS3 users complained that the single-player game kept crashing their consoles. Xbox players cried that the multiplayer sign-on screen hung up their machines. On the rare occasion that one could actually connect to a populated server, there was plenty of lag to be had for all. The hit detection was so far off that it was common to get shot around corners. All of this, coupled with the fumbled release, was too much for some gamers, who ran back to Gamestop to piss away a couple more of their parents dollars.

    Once the PC gamers finally downloaded, installed, upgraded Punkbuster manually, uninstalled, re-downloaded, reinstalled, re-checked Punkbuster, uninstalled, then reinstalled again with a lower version of DirectX, the gamers found themselves in a world of hurt.

    However, this is all mostly general stuff, now let's get into the specifics..

    The Multiplayer

    It's as if Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2 had a baby, but that baby was aborted. The baby somehow survived and grew up addicted to meth. And that baby was Medal of Honor 2010.


    —Someone with a brain, John "Commissar1032" C.

    Failing server connections: check, Faulty gameplay: check, Unfair matches: check, Hackers bypassing PunkBuster: check, Lag: check. Congratulations Dice and EA, everything you put in the game to annoy and irritate works perfectly!!


    —RooieRammer,EA forum thread

    The multiplayer version stinks, the maps are too small, there is no decent cover for sniping, you die too frequently, strategy is non existent, you can't spawn with a comrade, no decent vehicle usage, and on and on and on...this game sucks, I want my money back!!!!!


    —SPARTAKA,yet another satisfied customer

    Out of respect for the soldiers in Afghanistan, DICE decided to give this game a multiplayer. Medal of Honor 2010's multiplayer is the disgusting, nauseating bastard child of Battlefield: Bad Company 2's and Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer. It features many recycled sounds and game mechanics from Bad Company 2, some of those game mechanics having already been stolen from CoD. The graphics also aren't as good as Bad Company's. According to most of the people who play the multiplayer, it is the most tactical, realistic, skill-based, and totally noob free multiplayer to ever be created by anyone that will keep you interested for years and years to come. ITS SPAWN SYSTEM IS FUCKING FLAWLESS, AND KILLING PEOPLE AND STAYING ALIVE IS A REAL CHALLENGE THAT ONLY HARDENED, SKILLED PLAYERS WILL BE ABLE TO DO EFFECTIVELY, AS THIS GAME'S LEARNING CURVE IS VERY HIGH! NO COD FAGS ALLOWED!

    Lol, jk.

    Get used to this screen.
    Almost 1000 people in the whole country play.

    First Beta

    After playing the first beta for 5 minutes, it was already easy to see that this game was going to be the epitome of fail. The guns had no recoil (this hasn't changed), the game froze every time you died, and there were glitches galore, which there still are. Not much else to say here, it sucks.

    Second "Beta"

    It wasn't REALLY a beta, but more a 4 day demo of the game. Although a few major glitches had been fixed, it was still bad, of course.

    The Weapons

    In Medal of Honor 2010, there are less than 20 guns to choose from. You know what that means asshole? It means that Modern Warfare 2 has more guns than this game does. Like Modern Warfare 2, every single gun in this game has no recoil and can be easily be used to kill people (while shooting full-auto) from across the god damn map (this includes pistols), which is actually not that amazing considering that the maps are about as big as an asian man's penis. Some retards will say that you need to burst in order to accomplish this, but in reality, you don't. To add this, all of the guns perform the same and all kill instantly. They also all sound the same, each using the same uniform BOOM BOOM BOOM sound to give the guns a more manly feel. Then you have the explosives, which includes C4, grenades, grenade lawn chairs, and rocket lawn chairs, all of which do little to no damage, with the grenade only able to be thrown 3 feet with a fuse of 0.5 seconds. Last but not least, the reticle for the guns while firing from the hip is extremely small, which means that you won't even need to use your irons sights 99% of the time to kill people from across the crap, or map (again, pistols can do this also). This ultimately leads to a boring, repetitive, horror show of a game, by EA of course.

    Assault Rifles = Snipers

    Snipers = Well.. Snipers

    Carbines = Snipers

    Sub Machine-guns = Snipers, but with a super high rate of fire.

    Shotguns = With slugs, Snipers

    Pistols = You can snipe with these too..

    Light Machine-guns = Total crap, them being the most inaccurate guns in the game with oddly enough the most recoil as well.

    The Maps

    Another reason why this game fails is the sheer lack of maps, with only a pathetic 6 in total. Coupled with this, the maps are, as mentioned earlier, about as big as an asian man's dick and are as open as... Most of the maps are pretty much the same, with the layout slightly changed in each one. This goes unnoticed by all of the hardcore MOH players. There is also a small amount of game modes, those being Team Assault (an attempt to make boring old team deathmatch sound cooler), Sector Control (domination from CoD4, but worse), Objective Raid (everyone rushes to the same spot over and over again to line up for the shooting gallery), and worst of all, Combat Mission. Combat Mission is only featured on 2 maps (thank god), and is like rush from Battlefield: Bad Company 2, but on a scale 100 times smaller with much crappier spawns. They attempted to make it slightly different, by changing the objectives from M-COMS to something else, but this does not disguise the fact that this is the same clusterfuck You remember from Bad Company 2. A new game mode known as Clean Sweep will also be available later on as DLC (Jew). This mode is basically just search and destroy from Call of Duty in yet another tiny-ass map that console players will definitely enjoy.

    The Score Chains

    Score Chains in Medal of Honor are basically like killstreaks from CoD (again copying the game they claim to be different from) except that there are defensive and offensive rewards, and they can be earned by taking objectives. They are similar to Modern Warfare 2's LOLstreaks in that they are total rape and pwnage, except that they act much faster. Rewards include ammo, ammo, ammo, a few different kinds of aerial strikes, and a BIG-ASS CRUISE MISSILE (more leik jewz missile, amirite?).

    The Customizations/Perks

    You get to choose from a few different attachments and perks (SO REALISTICAL!) which are basically the same as Call of Duty's, just disguised as something else. These include the basic red dot/eotech sight (called holographic by IW), the sort of sniper scope thing, a suppressor, an increased zoom scope, hollow point ammo (stopping power from CoD), some sort of laser sight, and shotgun slugs. People will say MOH's perks/attachments are more realistic in some way, shape, or form than CoD's, but let's be honest, they're not. No one cares..

    The Spawns

    Self-explanatory. This is, of course, on Combat Mission.


    Also self explanatory


    The Glitches

    The Campaign

    This is the best , the black ops that game really sucks is a shit black ops have the most bad grafics i see is a shit and in all call of duty they hack well if you hack is good but when you are in a match and the other player have the JTAG , shit you star scriaming and then say this game sucks aaahhh and then turn of the game but with Medal of Honor that dont gone happen.


    —A foreigner

    We basically know what's going to happen here. The Americunts will go in there, kill a bunch of muslims (that's about the only good part of the game), maybe lose one soldier or two, and then gtfo leaving Afghanistan in a heaping rubble. Ah, America..


    The game's campaign starts off soon after the 9/11 attacks (memefags insert 9/11 joke here). It follows men who are apart of the DEVGRU operators, who all get AWESOME code names, them being Mother(fucker), Doodoo, Preacher, and Rabbit (possibly a furfag?) who also work with a sandnigger towelhead known as Tariq, who has the intelz that they need. Little did they know that Tariq was actually a sneaky bastard who had lured them into a trap. After the Americans prove that bitch wrong and kill all of his buddies, the Americans interrogate Tariq to find out that there are over 9000 talibanz waiting up in the Shit-i-kot valley to shoot them. After this part, every other mission is just securing stuff, blowing stuff up, driving around, blowing more stuff up, shooting people, being shot at, actually suffering a bullet wound, some on rail levels, and dying. Not much of an interesting story beyond this mission. Other memorable code names include Cat (Panther), Vegas, Deuce (more like douche, amirite not needed), and Dusty.

    The SP and the MP work quite differently. In the campaign, the guns have ever so slightly more recoil than they do in the multiplayer. The SP also features the ability to slide as well as prone, grenade cooking, and much more guns. The graphics in the SP are also better than they are in MP. The singleplayer also features a slight bit of gore, which is not seen in the multiplayer.

    In conclusion, the singleplayer is just as boring and repetitive as the multiplayer, and TOTALLY NOT HARDCORE! However, it is realistical.

    Also, in an attempt to actually sell this crap, the MOH 2010 Limited Edition comes with an HD remake of MOH: Frontlines which of course the PC does not get. Jew (which only 1337 people haz!!!1!!1!) also comes with the ability to gain early access to the Battlefield 3 beta, which is probably the ONLY legitimate reason to buy this game (if it isn't vaporware, lulz.) All this win, combined with the close releases of both Fallout: New Vegas and CoD: Black Ops has resulted in a mass exodus, leaving the EA MoH servers empty enough to echo.

    Music to go with the raep? Yes.
    MOH was used as a way to sell Linkin Park's CD
    Moar Linkin Park

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