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You are gay, no matter how many times you watch this!

Meatspin is a delightful romp through the world of shock sites and gay porn. The name comes from the fact that the tranny's (oh yes my friend that is a transsexual) estrogen-laden flaccid cock spins in a small circle as the guy beneath thrusts, and you are treated to the Dead or Alive song "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)".

It first started as a YTMND with the text "WE RIDIN SPINNAZ ALSO COCKS" and two seconds of the song "Ridin' Spinnaz" in a loop. Someone made a flash out of it, setting it to techno and adding a counter of the number of spins, but what really pushed it to the top was when it got its own URL: The site featured a new mix, with the animation set to "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" and with a popup informing the user he is gay after watching 46 spins (this is true).

Somehow, people have used it to troll as a member of The Power 5, despite the fact that the site URL has the word "meat" in it, and the only meat to be found on teh interwebs is cockmeat. It is now considered old meme by WKD, who is still trying to learn to laugh again after the death of his gay lover due to anal prolapse.

Meatspin – gore version

Everyone sells out sometime! was sold by the original owner on eBay in March 06; the piece of shit sold for $2100 and was chock full of advertisements for penis enlargement pumps and vagina-scented oils, the way God intended all the internet to be. The original owner went off to get a sex change, or something faggy like that. BALEETED Back up.

Since then, other associated sites, such as Mudfall, have appeared courtesy of the owners of Meatspin.

Mudfall is a never-ending video of one person shitting on another person's face. It is unclear what gender the people are in the video (SERIOUSLY WHO THE HELL STAYS THERE THAT LONG?!?!).

New Release

Everyone's favorite (not yet dead), blonde whore, Jessica Simpson, has released an atrocious cover version of Dead or Alive's masterpiece onto radio. This can only be due to the fact that it is her wildly flailing cock in the video. The abomination can be found YouTube Favicon.png here.

Large doses are not suggested for little kids willing to walk back to the screen after seeing it. Here's a little kid seeing it for the first time. Ah, innocence.

You can also choose to loosen the little shit up by showing him a friendlier version of tale meatspin:

The Origin

A 21 year old faggot from Goiânia, Brazil (because as we all know nothing good ever comes from that place) hired a famous also Brazilian tranny named Cristina Bianchini, now Camilla Crispy, to have some gay tranny sex with him or whatever those guys dig. Now, this "star" does not, as such, have a dick anymore, but the memory will surely live on in your mind forever.


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