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    McLeodGaming's official logo.

    McLeodGaming is a website on the internets that contains egotistical, opinionated, and retarded bigot n00bs who think the internet is all about them. Most of the users joined because the main admin of the site created a game called Super Smash Flash, a shitty rip off of the Nintendo game Super Smash Brothers with a horrible physics engine. Users are currently hyped up for the sequel that only sucks half as much.

    The site is also highly known for it's popular flashes Animus, A Super Mario World and School. Not.

    The moderation system is biased and unfair as it punishes newfags for certain things oldfags (who love the admin's cock) get away with. Moderation is also based on a "demerit" system which basically allows you to break rules without getting banned until you get 100 demerits. About 90% of the users are Naruto, Nintendo, or Pokemon fanboy faggots, 5% are just rule whores who have the ultimate goal of one day kissing enough ass to achieve moderator status, and the remaining 5% are trolls who have their fun by spamming mainly the Other Section.

    The Poor Moderation System

    File:Generic troll.png
    In fact, you'll be surprised how clever and original some people's responses are!

    As McLeodGaming's moderation system is biased and favoritism-based, it is also weak and will occasionally let users get away with shit with no punishment at all. Spamming, flaming/flamebaiting, and word censor bypassing are the most commonly broken rules that users (namely the regulars) get away with. The moderators even break the rules and abuse mod powers occasionally, as they are cock-loving idiots just like the rest of the users. However, some say if an admin catches an instance of one's spam, then it's instaban. McLeodGaming, is NOT however, a site that intentionally allows rules to be broken. The moderation system is just that bad. The fail they churn out is highly unbelievable. There have been instances where long time regulars have gone on spam rampages and have gotten away with it. And then a new user will get 20 "demerits" for saying "fuck". There has even been an instance where a moderator had posted suggestions for some good porn sites and didn't get any punishment, not even the slightest of a warning, for their action. However, members have gotten banned for actually posting porn on the forums.

    The system is very weak as it revolves around a "demerit" system which is equivalent to a warning system. Basically, you get a small to medium portion of demerits if you break a rule such as spamming or flaming, when most places would just automatically ban you for such things. Not only that, but the amount of demerits handed out for a certain action varies between moderator/admin. When someone receives demerits, there is really no way for a moderator to tell, so there have been multiple cases where users have received demerits twice for the same action.

    It is quite common to see that there are no moderators or administrators online at all. And because of that, there have been multiple hacker attacks where people's accounts got hacked and spammed the shit out of the forums when nothing could be done until the next three hours when a mod would finally sign on.

    The mods often strongly disagree with each other over petty things like catgirls being allowed in signatures (Namely a resident otaku Hakker and a black person, Phratt). Oftentimes, topics will end up getting locked by one mod, and then eventually unlocked by another mod because that mod disagreed with the others' decision. This would continue on into infinity until an Admin were to step in and cockslap any moderators and users fighting.

    Examples of Faggotry

    Proof that gun_man belongs on MG.

    Ion24 is a rocket scientist with unbelievably intelligent conspiracies. Some of his theories about religion are "Most Jews are Christian too" and "Catholics don't believe in Jesus". After getting owned by Brett, a regular member, in a desperate attempt to win he lied about his parents deaths. Brett forced a confession out of him. He goes by a policy that if someone has done drugs, they can never quit.

    Bomberman, who's name should actually be BomberGIRL (it's been proven that she's actually a girl), She thinks she's the most perfect ray of sunshine, and cries whenever someone trolls her, hiding her true self by acting nice as if she was the most innocent person there ever was. When someday, a bunch of MG trolls finally got her to crack, as they got her to send harmful, mean insults such as "FUCK YOU" and "ASSHOLES" over MSN, and as well as on McLeodGaming. That finally led to her first temporary ban, but when she came back, Cleod9 developed a brain and finally permabanned her for "ruining his forums". Not to mention, she's also claimed Encyclopedia Dramatica hates trolls and they would take down anything that's written about her on ED, and they would also do worse than just IP ban the person who wrote it.

    gun_man, one of the most intelligent members on the McLeodGaming boards, acts like a retarded 40 year old pedophile on crack with a Naruto obsession. He generates much fail and no lulz, and thus, he is hated by even the nicest McLeodGaming members. Though, there's no way he could ever be outsmarted by danieldoo, who can't even speak English and fails at his attempts of being humorous, for he is really a 10 year old even though he claims he's 13. However, not even a 13 year old would think the word "poop" is funny like he does. In fact, he apparently thinks.


    The word "poop" is Laugh Out Loud funny!

    The Gold System

    The Gold System is a useless cash system used to buy nothing. Literally. With the exception of name changes, which you aren't really buying, you just donate a cost of 1,000 gold to an admin and write in the message what you want your name to change into. It has been said for a very long time that there would be new uses for the gold system, but those rumors have been circulating for around two years. Gold is mainly used to show off how 1337 you are, as you receive one gold each time you post, and two gold each time someone posts in your topic. Even though they have no real value at all, they are still given out to people who do favors for other people (mostly prostitution). They are almost as useless as pixels, which have no meaning at all. Period.

    When gold isn't being used for no purpose at all, it is being used in the Mcleodgaming Pyramid scheme to make Kyzak the richest member; Though soon enough he used all his jew gold on Hookers and blow.

    Super Smash Flash

    Super Smash Flash is a shitty flash game rip off of Super Smash Bros. Melee with a horrible physics engine and a horrible selection of characters (such as Naruto, Inuyasha, and Mr. Incredible. The controls and attacks are very limited, and the game is very laggy. It basically takes no skill to become good at it since it's so glitchy and the computer AI is extremely retarded anyways. Not to mention the selection of cheap attacks (such as Knuckles' giant rock attack) and really shitty characters that were made by the mindless fantards themselves just so that they can get noticed on the Internets.

    The characters that didn't get in can get in through expansions; which is a way that users waste their time on characters that will never be in the game. A few n00bs from the site decided to make a whole new forum for the mostly shitty expansions. The Super Smash Flash 2 Expansion Forum was made shortly thereafter, and is used to contain the massive fail expansions harbor.

    Super Smash Flash 2

    Super Smash Flash 2 is the upcoming sequel rumored to come out before the release of Brawl, though this would be impossible with all he promised. Though, the demo proves that the physics engine is still shit, and there are still many bugs. SSF2 (for short) is promised to be something really big, which is unlikely due to filesize limitation problems and the fact that it would take about 3 years to implement everything in the game that the creator (Cleod9) has promised.

    Here is a leaked screenshot of the character selection for Super Smash Flash 2 (unfortunately, not all the characters were unlocked):

    Ssf2 char selection.png

    Thankfully, Naruto is still in there!

    When you combine SSF2's amazing sprite work with it's professional coding and great choice of music, you get something like this: And yes, that is actually a part of the game.

    Retarded Discussions on the Boards

    File:The controls i didnt.png
    The controls, he clearly did not.

    McLeodGaming doesn't allow any fun at all. In fact, what they mainly talk about on the forums are about video games, their shitty sprites, animu, and Super Smash Flash 2. That, and their shitty opinions on religion. vidja game nerds like to talk about how awesome Brawl is, and anime fags like to talk about how 1337 of a ninja Naruto is. Half the topics in the Other section and the recently created Spam section complain about how horrible the forums are. The Other section is also filled with leaving topics, though only 10% of the people who claim they're leaving actually leave.

    There are two (actually, three) whole forums dedicated to Super Smash Flash 2. One is to discuss it, and one is to help develop characters, stages, etc. Though, the Developers forum is only available to regulars who have been helping to make this shitty game for a while (AKA took sprites off of google).

    There are THREE whole forums dedicated to flash. That's right. Not one, not two, but three. One is just the General Flash forum where people basically discuss flashes from other people. The second is the Upcoming Flash section where people post ideas for flash movies/games they'll never make. In fact, approximately 99.99% of the flashes people claim they're going to make never get finished. 85% of those flashes are Super Smash Brothers rip off flash games.

    There also happens to a spam section filled to the top with fail. Very few users post anything interesting there and when a user does come around and post something funny it has a great chance of being destroyed by the usual awful spam that tends to be composed of "IZ I FUNNEH?". Recently the spam section underwent a change, now only open to invited members. It still fails as much as before, but now only selected member can post there.

    Along with the before mentioned there is a role play section that is filled with mass stupidity and fail that only the mind of the current "Sonic Team" could come up with. Role plays include countless Super Smash Brothers Brawl Rp, Naruto Rp, and countless other plain rip offs that have no direction. Besides the awful RPG we have what we like to call the RPB where the "Pros go." The RPB is greatly avoided and is mostly dead. The great leader of the RPB is Joat. Joat's hobbies include keeping alive RPGs that are titled "TEH BESTEST ADVENTURE EVAR." in favor of a real Roleplay.

    MG fads

    There were a lot of short lasting fads on McLeodGaming. Some which were actually funny, until a bunch of sheep fags started copying and overusing them which resulted in the fads dying out, similar though lesser to memes. Some of the slightly lulzy fads created by the few lulzy members were *removed by Cleod*, all 200 chans (though somewhat forced), and ehh, Squirtle could kick his ass.

    File:Removed by cleod.png
    Sadly, this image is only photoshopped.

    The removed by Cleod fad was ultimately started by a member named RyanKajito. Phratt posted a picture that got deleted by Cleod9, who edited Phratt's post with a "*removed by Cleod*" where the picture used to be. RyanKajito then, in that same thread as well as many others, pretended he posted porn that was removed by Cleod9, but actually typed out the "*removed by Cleod*" himself to confuse users. A few images were made for this joke, but eventually it died down when too many people kept making unfunny parodies of it.

    Boring fad is boring.

    "Personally, I prefer the air" was also started by a few Newgrounds members and was copied by RyanKajito (a newgrounds member) and recopied by Tom Nook. It comes from the game Super Smash Brothers Brawl where Falco says, "Personally I prefer the air," before preforming his final smash. They made the fad popular by spamming this line in many random topics, though some of them were actually funny.

    Due to many newfags joining in on fads when they don't even understand the meaning, "ehh Squirtle could kick his ass" was born. It was a fad started by moderator spikeman and regular Brett who made the fad ONLY to see how much people would join in, for it held absolutely no meaning at all. As they had planned, many sheep who didn't understand the joke had copied the fad anyway and proved furthermore how much fail McLeodGaming's community is.

    Another fad that was popular on McLeodGaming that went on for a long time was having catgirl ecchi in avatars and signatures. It was common for many people to have them until people complained and nagged that there were kids on the site, and that there shouldn't be any nudity on the site. Though, no one actually had nude cat girls, just some risque ones.

    Despite popular belief, using the word nigger was never a meme/fad. In fact, the tradition of calling people niggers was around hundreds of years before MG even existed. One person called Phratt a nigger, after he said he'd ban the next person to say nigger. While several others decided Phratt was a total fag and drew pictures of Phratt being his nigger-self, only Aero called him a nigger. While Belth would like you to believe he stopped everyone from calling from calling everyone else nigger, this is a lie. This is because Belth is a friend of Phratt's and edits out the shit about how Phratt is a total nigger and how nobody gives a shit about either one of them. Using common insults is never a meme/fad, ever. Is saying faggot a fad? No. It's just a fucking insult.

    The Flash fad all started with a user named NintendoFlash (one of the users who has not fallen into the dumbass pile yet) got his user name. For a long time no one thought anything of it. Until wannabe user Kevinuchilha decided he would change his name to CampcomFlash. It was almost funny at first, but when all the sheep joined in it ceased to be so. That started a fad where everyone had to be (some video game co.)Flash. During the first hour of its existence it was already as annoying as hell. Last Thursday the fad took a new jump up on the jack assery scale as... well me, the writer totally sucked up to hakker, so he would change my name =D

    A middle age example of how to perform the All 200 Chans fad

    The All 200 Chans "meme" was created when Bomberwoman made a dumbass comment about having "all 200 chans" on her side, lulz ensued as the town rapists, Aero/Smurf Jizz and Slayar/KyanRajito picked the fail up and mass posted it in topics of stupidity. This also led to a second failure, "blow up the internet". After Slayer and Aero mass-flamed Bomberbitch, Bomberwoman claimed they were being "proxy banned" from ALL 200 CHANS. Aero called bullshit, and Bomberbitch told him her brother "was a computer genius." and that "he could like blow up the internet". She also claimed her brother was the reason behind 4chan being down. Y'know 4chan? One of 200 FUCKING CHANS.

    Most fads started on McleodGaming are raped by the twelve year old community to the point where not a soul would dare to use them. If a fad is lucky enough to slip by without being destroyed it is soon forgotten or deemed "LAME!!1!1!!".

    New users and "Noobs"

    • New Users

    Many a time on McLeodGaming, you will come across the greatness that is the new user. Nowadays, new users are composed of spammy, new to the internet and plain old saddening eleven year old boys. New user's topics tend to start out as "How du i usz forUM?". Most of these new users are instantly flamed till they are categorized as noobs.

    Noobs on McLeodGaming are the annoying, shipwrecked users who try to act funny, pick fights or just act stupid. Most of these users band together in small groups and instantly attempt to befriend people on the forum so that they can eventually have the ability to stand up to "The big bad flamers."

    • The Trolls

    The trolls tend to be veteran members who have become fed up with the current state of the forum and have a hatred of the noobs. Though, they're actually just about the LEAST funny funniest members. Typically, they will troll users to purposely piss off noobs. Many of the trolls have already left due to the ever rising noob populace.

    Classic MG Vs New MG

    Before the invasion of Super Smash Flash 2 hopefuls and the mindless morons, there was a tight knit community of members where almost everyone knew each other and spam and flame was funny. Sadly with the release of SSF2 this changed quickly and turned the forums into a Gaiaonline figure. The child friendliness of the forum is awful and promotes stupidity of the highest caliber which is the number one reason the current MG is failing. Not only that but Veteran members have already started to leave to move on towards better forums where they won't have to deal with the bull of "Noobs." It seems only a matter of time till the respected members call it quits. And example of this is samd911 who later changed his name to just Sam (Cos hes like Sher and shit) and then to SamFtw later on because he is 1337. He was a long time member of the forum until the place went tits-up. He then left saying some bullshit about school as an excuse to leave. Forums have been opened up again after being raided by the failbot most amazing user of MG, RyanKajito, who insists he has had a better life ever since he left MG.


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