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    MCFnord in real life is actually a rather tragic case. A sad tale of what happens with an untreated syphilis infection combined with a decade of drug addiction.

    In Real Life

    Page 2

    MCFnord lives on the north side of Capitol Hill in Seattle. He owned a large house but had to sell it from the debt caused by long term unemployment and drug addiction. He now lives in a one room shack on his former property where he bathes in a fish pond.

    He has been fired from many large Seattle employers including Microsoft (for sexual harassment) and Real Networks. Rob Glaser is known for hosting political big-wigs at Real. MCFnord was forced to resign when he was found doing cocaine in an employee bathroom with a government official known to be in recovery. This forced him to move to New York for a long while to build a new resume.

    He is a barely constrained pedophile and can't avoid discussing his attraction to underage girls. On trips to Eastern Europe and Honduras he has indulged with underage whores. It is likely he caught syphilis on one of these trips. He is a closet bi-sexual and once spat in the subway.

    Hydrozoa was married to Mcfnord for most of her early 20s. She is the one who decided he should shave his head and go to Burning Man every other year.

    When her piano was clogged with borscht, something was obviously going on at the school. Before long, sirens began to echo throughout the cul-de-sacs of their sunny Florida Keys hometown. Divorce papers were waiting for John when he got home from work.

    MCFnord doesn't believe in conventional medicine. He believes his syphilis has been treated with regular yoga practice and chiropractic appointments. The syphilis dementia he suffers from has been obvious for several years. His posts occasional allude to cyclical mental illness and sometimes describe the OCD symptoms. He encouraged a girlfriend in New York to stop taking medicine for genital herpes and take up yoga and chiropractic - until an outbreak gave her a herpes rash from her belly button to her knees and she finally broke up with him.

    MCFnord has had a cocaine problem and continues to smoke marijuana. He started doing cocaine with one of his good friend's wife until she had an affair with him and left her husband.

    MCFnord seeks out females who are easy to manipulate. They often have emotional problems, drug issues, are much younger than him, or are just too butt ugly to get a real date. He really struggles if he does not have anyone available for sex. He will furiously masturbate talking on phone sex lines until a new LiveJournal whore listens to his advances. When he is heavily into the syphilis dementia he will relive past relationships and seek out past "loves." It's not quite stalking but seeing him obsess about the details of a girlfriend from fifteen years ago is creepy.

    Online Life

    MCFnord came to LiveJournal after repeatedly being banned from smaller online communities. He has been on internets since the 70s. He posts for attention whoring and to find new sexual partners. An endless source of entertainment but mostly on his friends list. He realizes what he discusses about work, drugs, and attraction to young girls can't be public.

    He joins communities where he can interact with younger women with emotional issues. He first came to the attention of ljdrama because of posts bragging about his friendship with a fifteen year old pro-ana girl. More recently his friends only posts discuss his relationship with the 16 year old daughter of his friend. He claims they only kissed.

    He often becomes fixated on women online if they spurn him - sometimes even claiming to have had sex with them when he has not. Many have banned him from posting in their journals. A few have had to hide instead of running into him in public. Interestingly, he makes no mention of bi-sexual trysts or the affairs he has on the side when involved in relationships.

    MCFnord has had at least two ljdrama headlines and claimed to hate the site. He posted screen shots of ljdrama.org being "hacked" on his LJ as if it was his personal retribution. Even so he pathetically begs for attention from jameth.

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