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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
All of his characters and how he draws them.

Maxtaro is quite possibly the worst manchild that ever lived, besides the most obvious exception. Needless to say, This fatass furfag has somehow managed to spew his vomit to every corner of the internet, including the feminist's paradise. Shall I also mention he has made a name for himself for being the world's biggest hypocrite?

Not-So-Humble Origins

Maxtaro's full-blown entry into the internet began in 2006, (Although he was being a faggot as early as 2001) on the website Ham-Ham Kingdom (No longer around, as the creator died shortly after the asspie cursed him from banning his fat ass.) From there on, he laid low on his shitpost channel of MaxieNumber2 for two years, almost becoming An hero, until he went where all butthurt furfags go, DeviantART. From then on, he expanded his egotistical fatass to the far reaches of the internet, all the time having his tumor grow uncontrollably. It is quite apparent that he is into fat chicks, has wealthy-ass parents who have to put up with him every day, and mocks people for not liking such a horrible thing in the first place.

Max in the now

Max, as even you could have guessed, has made very little with his 'life', not that he really had one to begin with. Much like the case of Gloria Tesch, Max's parents have bought him a Paradise. Sending him to college (The Brits have higher education standards than Dumbfuckistan. And seeing how he hates school, there's not a single way he could have free college. And the amount of time he spends on his accounts reveals that he most likely doesn't give a fuck about college, save for WeeFee.), taking their asspie on unreasonably long (Albeit expensive.) vacations to Animuland and Gayreese, and having him fantasize endlessly in their basement over fat chicks.

The few things he attempts to make of his life are fairly pointless and retarded, more so than the man himself. One such thing is trying to become the next Doug Walker, by writing reviews on his tumblr in between answering 'hot or not' questions on fat cartoon characters, bawwing about trolls upvoting on the Oogieloves, bawwing about people not signing his petition to lower the score of the Oogieloves, and calling every movie with a fetish besides his disgusting and childish. Another thing he tries oh so hard to do is to make 'art' of his hamtaro recolor OC, draw himself getting fat, draw rule 63 of himself and his OC getting fat, and draw fucking everyone getting fat. As if it's an honor for this autist to make shitty MSpaint art of you or your OC/recolor/fursona getting fat.



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