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    IRL, a fail attempt at being goth.
    It looks as bad as it sounds.

    mattmurderface (a.k.a. Matt Stevanus - yes "anus") is a deviantART user and obvious Internet tough guy. He threw himself into the cesspool of fail known as deviantART sometime in September 2008 and has been making grown men cry with his unoriginal and appalling artwork ever since. Matt seems to think he has a commission from Marvel Comics to share his shitty Metalocalypse ripoff comic with the world. However due to Marvel outlining on their own website that they have currently halted open submissions, he has proven to be yet another stinking liar of a TARTlet, a redundant statement if I've ever heard one. He also seems to have failed to take into account that Metalocalypse is an appallingly unfunny cartoon watched only by obese, neckbearded metalfags.

    Sweet anthropomorphic toon wallaby love. Complete with faggy nu metal background.

    If this blatant two faced behavior toward his loyal basement dwelling fanbase was not enough, he has also designed a sock puppet account known as Brains-brains who he claims to be his brother, despite the fact that the artwork and hilariously pathetic Internet tough guy attitude are the same as on his main page. He also fails to have noticed that a number of pictures on the "Brains-brains" account have his signature scribbled all over them, thus proving he suffers from the same assburgers retardation as most of deviantART. On this sock puppet account Matt likes to post pictures of Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life, Brian Griffin and his cousin Jasper from Family Guy, and Tommy Pickles from the Rugrats. All being tickle tortured and/or having their brains eaten by monkeys, thus proving what a sick and twisted, kiddy fiddling furfag he truly is.

    Internet Tough Guy

    He claims to dislike fetishes in spite of having many images of the type.

    Matt seems to have a problem with anybody critiquing his work, even if it is to benefit him in the long run. This kind of attitude is not uncommon on deviantART as most of the TARTlets will throw a temper tantrum if their kindergarten-esque scribblings are questioned. To quote his profile page:

    I Fucking HATE critics! If you EVER criticize anything on my profile, so help me Satan, I will tear your puny, little, fucking head right off and shit down your fucking pencil neck, and then ill probably fuck it....!!


    Serious business indeed.

    He also states on his profile that he is an "intellectual" and not to be surprised if he starts throwing long and complex words at you, despite the only words he ever uses being "ignoramus" and "therein" followed by a long string of curse words. Also remember that he will block your comments because he is a total faggot and will delete fucking everything if pressed into a corner. His journals often contain lulzy comments regarding the latest person to have annoyed him and how he is going to deal with said individual. However like most Internet tough guys he never follows up with his threats, often finding some piss poor excuse as to why he has not yet fronted up. Matt claims that he attends the art institute of Pittsburgh for media arts and animation. If this is the case then why in Goatse name has nobody pulled a Columbine on that place?

    His lulzy comments and journals About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    See you in a Court of LOL

    Luckily, the discussion went well...
    File:MMF yur gay.PNG
    ...but could have been better.

    Very shortly after this article's creation, the word was spread to Matt and he reacted promptly with a journal. Like a usual Internet tough guy, he claimed he didn't care about the page yet spent time writing a journal on it and also wants to bring ED to court (but will get nowhere) Matt, with his fixation on the two paraphilias, regarded the sysops of ED to be obsessed with bestiality and pedophilia.

    What follows is a conversation between Matt and one of the ED sysops:

    Matt says (20:58): Okay, I'm here.
    Matt says (21:00): Let's do it this way, I'll drop the lawsuit and delete any messages I wrote about this entire thing and shut my mouth permanently if you delete the page permanently, okay?
    Angel of Lulz says (21:00): Hang on. Let's start formally.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:00): First of all, if you drop out of this conversation for no reason
    Angel of Lulz says (21:00): All our agreements will be null and void
    Angel of Lulz says (21:00): Understand?
    Matt says (21:01): yes.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:01): Now.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:01): Why do you want the article deleted?
    Matt says (21:01): Because I am not the same person as Brains brains and most of the info is false and misleading.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:02): Not much of the information on ED is factual
    Matt says (21:03): right, but I don't want anything ruining my reputation. It might not be much but I am an honest guy.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:03): Your reputation is not of much concern to us.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:03): You should note -
    Angel of Lulz says (21:03): Many people have articles about them on ED.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:04): Why should we make an exception for you?
    Matt says (21:05): because I happen to have a very good lawyer and I'm prepared to go all the way to save my reputation.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:05): We hear that alot.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:05): Nobody has ever fulfiled their threat
    Matt says (21:06): I assure you, I'm not everyone else and I will.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:06): I would like to see that.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:06): I would genuinely like to see a lawyer -
    Angel of Lulz says (21:07): Take up a case because somebody said something mean about you
    Angel of Lulz says (21:07): On the internet . . .
    Matt says (21:08): It's called harassment, my friend and yes, he is willing to take the case. If you don't heed my warning then you will see for yourself when he issues the summons to court.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:08): How exactly have you been harassed?
    Angel of Lulz says (21:08): Are you in physical danger?
    Matt says (21:10): They have been watching my messages and updating based on everything I have written and harassment isn't just physical, it's contextual as well.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:10): They are free to do that. The internet is a mass communication device open to the public.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:10): Everytime you post a message -
    Angel of Lulz says (21:10): We are free to use it
    Matt says (21:11): Yes, but it is not a place to post unfair and false allegations and I will sue for slander.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:11): Good luck. We have free speech.
    Matt says (21:13): No you don't if you're posting untrue rumors, it's called defamation of character and you can be held legally responsible for it it is illegal. I am giving you one last chance, remove it or you will receive a summons.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:13): Me personally?
    Matt says (21:14): Anyone involved in writing the article, as well as the site main admin.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:14): I live on the other side of the world. Would you really travel halfway round the world to sue me?
    Matt says (21:16): I wouldn't have to, if I summon you to court you would have to show up or lose the case and the entire website risks being deleted and banned from the internet.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:17): . . . Banned from the internet? Do you really think you have that much power???
    Matt says (21:17): Your site would be banned from creation by the board of directors at Google or any other search engine.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:18): Many of our articles are not on Google's search engine
    Matt says (21:18): They're called black pages, my cousin had it happen to him because of his hacking site.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:19): I'd like to remind you Matt -
    Angel of Lulz says (21:19): You have repeatedly verbally abused members of ED
    Angel of Lulz says (21:19): We could counter-sue you for "slander"
    Matt says (21:20): yes, but the only thing at stake for me is a few useless journals.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:21): In one of those journals you admitted trying to hack into other sites
    Angel of Lulz says (21:21): You could be B& from the internet LOL
    Matt says (21:23): No, but I could face a trial if they could prove me guilty of the crime, which was just my typical tough guy talk, but in actuality I am not guilty of this, so how would that work?
    Angel of Lulz says (21:23): Matt, let me summerise the conversation as I see it:
    Angel of Lulz says (21:24): You quite genuinely seem to believe your "lawyer" will sue ED. We have heard this dozens of times and as you can see, ED is still up.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:24): No lawyer would give a mouse-sized shit about what people say to and about you on the internet
    Angel of Lulz says (21:25): You think you have the power to sue someone who lives on the other side of the globe.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:25): And to get ED banned from the internet
    Angel of Lulz says (21:25): All because you're worried about having your e-reputation damaged
    Angel of Lulz says (21:26): How do I know this is not the "Tough guy" talk you mentioned?
    Matt says (21:28): Mostly true, except the last part, I just don't want to be harassed on Deviantart, that's what I mean by my reputation, basically. I have to go to class, but before I leave I am only asking you to please remove the article. I have asked you kindly and I've been a pretty good sport about it with you, but I'm serious. I will sue and yes, my lawyer is interested in the case because he's being paid to
    Matt says (21:28): One last time , please remove the article.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:29): You have offered me no incenstive. You are full of shit. I will not remove the article.
    Matt says (21:30): Very well then, I will hand your information over to my lawyer and the proper authorities and we will meet in court. My lawyer will mail you the details. Good day to you and best of luck in court.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:30): There is one thing you can do
    Angel of Lulz says (21:30): You are 21, correct?
    Matt says (21:30): Yes.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:31): Well then, there is something we can do you involve going to - ha! - court
    Angel of Lulz says (21:32): Take of a photograph of your penis. Preferably erect. Add a timestamp (a piece of paper with today's date & time on it). E-mail it to me.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:32): And your article WILL be deleted
    Matt says (21:33): Sorry, I don't trust you and why should I, anyway? I am going to do this the right way and that's all there is to it.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:33): So lets me get this straight -
    Angel of Lulz says (21:33): You are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a so-called lawyer
    Angel of Lulz says (21:33): But you're not willing to take a photo of that maggot between your legs?
    Matt says (21:35): Yes, that's correct because knowing you people, you'll just add that to the article and you are probably lying about deleting it, so in conclusion you will suffer the legal consequences, end of story. Now, if you'll excuse me I have a class to attend.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:35): BTW I am putting this conversation on your article.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:35): I am sure the other sysops will shit themselves in fear.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:36): If you wish to talk to me again, please fee free to do so. I will direct you to ED's IRC, where we discuss legal matters.
    Matt says (21:36): Very well, have it your way, but remember, I tried to help you and you have been warned, see you all in a court of law.
    Angel of Lulz says (21:37): I'va always wanted to go to America
    Angel of Lulz says (21:37): Goodbye Matt

    His Brother Brains-brains

    Located on his sock puppet account. So much for your brother, eh Matt?

    As well as claiming to be on commission from Marvel, Matt's sock puppet account Brains-brains (Also known as "Mr. Giggles" or "Misfit" Or Mark Ringer) claims to be a fifteen year old burger flipper in Newark, New Jersey, previously claiming to be a high-paying web designer for Microsoft. He believes that if his "true identity" were ever to be linked to his sick fixations then he would be fired. I am sorry to say Matt that your identity has been well and truly discovered and your imaginary job may now hang in the balance. He also claims to love negative feedback yet blocks every single negative comment he gets on both accounts. It should also be noted that Matt likes to inform people that should they steal his artwork they will face legal action. Ignoring the question as to why anyone would want to steal his shitty artwork, he also follows the hypocritical mindset that most TARTlets do he sees no problem with name dropping famous corporations and people all over his dreadful excuses for drawings. On his main account Matt claims to be a "metalhead" but on his sock puppet account he lays claim to being an "emo/goth/punk". This leads us to the conclusion that in reality he is probably an angsty crybaby who wears his mother's darker-colored makeup whist attempting to an hero with plastic vampire teeth. A perfect TARTlet if ever there was one.

    After getting trolled on his Brains-brains account, drama ensued: he hid comments, went on a blocking spree, and started claiming he was no longer goth and would no longer do fetish pictures. Pursuing graphic design, Matt's sockpuppet migrated to File:Deviantart-favicon.png 18VisionZ. However, because the "graphic design" was only stolen art with Photoshop effects added, the account was quickly banhammered. With nowhere else to go, Matt's sockpuppetry resumed at Brains-brains and he went back to fetish shit. Brains continues to draw awful tickling pictures after Matt's ban.

    His "sister" known as victorianomad seems to be the most normal out of the trio, her art is basically the typical anime stuff, but we suspect this is another sockpuppet for his feminine side.


    In what is either a desperate attempt to get people to leave his sockpuppet account alone or proof that he is a fucking coward, Brains-brains quickly claimed that he is no longer a friend of Mattmurderface:

    His Lobotomy Fetish

    He's the one on the extreme right. Nice Furby (The Two People In The Middle Hate Matt And Are Not His Friends).

    Matt seems to have a strange fixation involving tickle torture and more disturbingly brain removal and consumption. Most of his fetish artwork revolves around cartoon characters, usually animals or children such as Tommy from Rugrats, Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life, and Brian and Stewie from Family Guy, as well as others, all with opened heads and wrinkled prune-like feet, making him a sick fuck who rapes your childhood. This leads to the question, is Matt responsible for the disappearance of Madeleine McCann? And more importantly, was he involved in the kidnap of Shergar? It's highly unlikely he was involved with McCann however, because Matt hasn't done any fetish art of female characters, proving he has an uncanny fascination with his own gender.

    He claims to like pussy and not have any fetishes, despite his artwork telling us that he is blatantly a homosexual, kiddy fiddling, beastiophile. His blatant child and animal abusing leanings may hint as to why he has adopted the persona of an Internet tough guy. One can only imagine the horrors such eyes have seen.

    His Shit which passes for Art About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    HAHA Disregard That!

    File:MMF won't sue.PNG
    As it turns out, Matt won't sue. Also notice the comment above has been marked as spam.

    ZOMG Hacked!!1!

    On May 9th both Matt's deviantART account and Yahoo! account were hacked by the lovely people on 4chan.


    During this time, all of Mr. Anus' friends were removed from his list and all trolls unblocked. Most interestingly of all Matt was banned from one of his favorite clubs for being a dick-sucking ass hole.

    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    (READ FROM BOTTOM TO TOP) This somewhat premature victory celebration was found on MMF's account. Note the date.


    The Chat with his Girlfriend

    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    If she was really his girlfriend she would not be shocked by any of his sick fetishes.

    The following day (May 10th) got both his deviantART and Yahoo! account back. Interestingly, he did not apologize to his friends for the misunderstanding nor threatened to drag out the dreaded e-lawyer, but carried on as if nothing had happened.

    Banned from dA

    The wall of text that began Matt's final chapter.

    Matt's final bout came in light of Kanye West's VMA incident. Matt ranted about it on the Complaints Forum, whining that rap was shit and America was going through a downwards spiral. Whenever he got heat from others he responded with insults worded with terms he got from a thesaurus in an attempt to sound intellectual. He later on claimed that it was an experiment for his Social Psychology class and mentioned that how he acted towards comments depended on how nice or mean they were: His flames toward trolls resulted in his ban.

    Ok I don't know how to make new sections for the acticle so i'm just going to type this here but I am proud to announce I am the girl who brought Matt down....again. I'm the reason he's not on DA anymore. But I would like to add some things no one else would know unless they came across the unfortunate chance to meet Matt in person and go to his house every weekend for a few months. Matt has a stuffed animal fetish. A few years ago he made a huge Rocko plushie and claims that he believes it is alive and he loves it like a girlfriend. Everyone who has seen this Rocko has at one point noticed there's a hole in it's stitchings, this is where we believe he rapes his poor creation. If I knew how to post pictures I would post one with his many, many, many stuffed animals. If the original writer of this article reads this I would like you to contact me at this email adress so i can tell you more things you can add to the article and give you pictures and convos to use. my email is [email protected]

    Banned from dA again

    Are we beginning to see a pattern emerge?

    External Links

    File:MMF Email.PNG
    You can't be sued for redistributing info posted on a public site.


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