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The subject of this article is a lolcow, and is currently ripe for milking.
You can help by trolling the shit out of them whenever you see them, then laughing at their lulz-inducing theatrics.

Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.


I was exposed as a pedophile for my attraction towards underage girl characters



Looks like the fat nigger ate too much watermelon and chicken to get this fat!

Matrooko11 (Michel Manguma), is a cartoon obsessed DeviantArt using lolcow Canadian aspie. Like most DeviantArt using cartoon fags, all he does is make unfunny memes in MS Paint, and has a waifu chart filled with underaged characters. He hates 03bgood and Matthew Davis, yet doesn't notices that he acts like them. As of recent he says he'll start drawing more but has only continued to make the same 'Top 10 cartoons, rappers or animated underage jail bait' list as before. The reason for him continuing to make memes is because he says he needs a new laptop and tablet in order to start drawing. Because of this and because he doesn't know what paper and pencil is, this means he can make the same cancerous Deviantart content as he used too. But we all know it's because he's a incompetent, talentless fatass who will never amount to anything and will spend the days of his worthless existence jerking off to Mabel Pines. He keeps saying that he's going to change by watching more live-action and getting other interest, yet every time he messes up, he blames it on his haters for 'tramatizing him'. This is how the story started..

Totally not a pedophile am i right?!

Drama with JesusWithBazookaz79

During a short feud Channeleven had with JesusWithBazookaz79 due to his obsessiveness with illogicalreaper and Mr. Enter at the time, Channelven decided to make a video pointing out his A-logging. Matrooko11 like many cartoon fags, had distaste for JesusWithBazookaz79, took the opportunity to ride Channeleven's coat tail to earn some pseudo intellectual street cred. Matrooko11 still thinking it's 2007 and thinking people still think demotivaional posters are funny made a very unfunny and incoherent Demotivaional poster criticising JWB79 saying "He's one of the reasons Mr Enter is so overhated these days". Not realising Deviantart is public domain (because he's a fucking retard), JWB79 struck back with a video exposing some of the content from Matrooko's autism induced septic tank he calls a Deviantart gallery. What resulted was a massive shitstorm between fans of both sides with Matrooko11 freaking out over the video showing off how much of a sexual frustrated manchild he is and made countless deviantart journals and other post demanding his fans for the head of JWB79 for slandering his holy name. Matrooko wasn't completely innocent himself as he made very questionable content such as having underage characters in 'Top 10 hottest animated girls/dudes list', made other deviations shitting on other people and shows and even wished death on Channeleven for not liking PhantomStrider8.


Sometime in March, Matrooko11 raged quit deviantart after he started losing watchers and being mocked for being the sick fuck that he is, to the point of complementing suicide. He later retreated to an alt account called Maltoons (that was originally meant to be for his art, but he ended up using it for the same stupid fucking "memes" he made on his other one) where he claimed in a journal he would no longer be " a creeper that jerks off to underage characters". Due to his extra chromosomes he didn't realise how badly he fucked up by practically admitting he's a kiddy fiddler, who faps to underage cartoon characters. You may think that would be it for this cartoon obsessed diabetic, but this is Deviantart we are talking about and of course his remaining fans still support him and claim he did nothing wrong. As of now he has claimed he'll practise his drawing, said he'll stop making memes, has Deleted his waifu list (only to cry about it and make another fucking meme about him crying about it's deletion) and has continued to make the same shit content, ignore any negative criticism towards him pointing out his faults as he will never learn anything as he's seems perfectly happy the way he is.

His Retardation

As you can tell by now Matrooko isn’t very smart and the way he argues against people really confirms his mental state. For example bringing up his lists featuring underage characters to him, his typical response was that there’ were also adult characters’ or that there ‘weren’t as many underage characters’. What he fails to realise is that this doesn’t change the fact that this still makes him a pedophile he is still attracted towards underage kids. He’s somehow convinced that his pedophilia cancels out simply by removing Star Butterfly from a ‘hottest female characters’ list or by only having 25% 12 years out of 75% legals.

On a less important note his obsession with cartoons and lack of self-awareness leads him doing other stupid shit. For example during his shitstorm with JWB79 he created ridiculous hashtags like #staytoonstrong and #toonlivesmatter to combat “trolls and haters” in the cartoon fandom. All these really did was create a lulzy sense for all the internet to see how much of a colossal faggot he is and lead to more ridicule towards him and his fans.

He also claims that he obsesses with movies like Hotel Transylvania in order to "spark his creativity" and because he wants to become an animator and character designer for Sony Pictures Animation (like they'd hire him in a million years). Apparently, you don't need anything like skill or hard work in order to become an animator - you just need to watch the same group of movies over and over again and jerk off to cartoon girls.

What Makes Him Butthurt

  • Disagreeing with him
  • People not liking his god PhantomStrider
  • People daring to criticize his god PhantomStrider
  • Teen Titans Go!
  • Disney's Frozen
  • Deleting his waifu chart
  • The YouTube critic AniMat, because he dares to dislike Hotel Transylvania
  • Anyone disliking Hotel Transylvania
  • Being called out for fapping to underage cartoon girls
  • People saying Sony Pictures Animation isn't the greatest animation studio EVER EVER EVER!
  • GoAnimate
  • People who get butthurt over cartoons, even though he gets just as butthurt as they do
  • Crack ships, unless they're his own
  • Other DeviantArt pedos, even though he's one
  • Being told that you need to learn to draw in order to become an animator
  • Being told that memes aren't real art
  • Being called out for being butthurt
  • Anything that isn't meant for little kids
  • JesusWithBazookaz79
  • Clay Claymore
  • Rotten Tomatoes (because they dared to give Smurfs: The Lost Village a low score)
  • 03bgood
  • Matthew Davis the Movie Lover
  • Pointing out his hypocrisy


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