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    Mason Wyler

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    You can not equate countless hours spent browsing hook-up sites and blogging about my sexual desires online to a wild and irresponsible sex life offline so STOP. You don't know what I do in my private life so STOP.


    Mason Wyler

    Mason Wyler (powerword: James Wallace) is a gay porn star whose life is as afflicted with drama as, well, any gay guy who has sex with at least 100 different guys every month. Since he's dating an azn, Wyler realized he wasn't getting enough cock, since azns don't have genitals. Wyler, being the admitted sex freak that he is, got into porn and has probably been fucked by every homosexual in America. He allegedly got raped in 2008, though his story changed more than John Kerry's political stance during his presidential campaign. However, the incident led to massive drama and plenty of TL;DR butthurt that spilled onto the internets like Wyler's prolapsed anus.

    Recently, however, Wyler's life has changed drastically. He was informed that he had the gift, got fired from his own porn site, and fell into a period of intense emo and BAWWW. His roommate and one of his connections in the porn industry outed him to the world as HIV-positive, and a shitstorm of "pwned", "BAWWW now I can never fuck you", and "you still have a cock so I will still suck it," responses came in.

    Pornography Career

    First and foremost, Mason Wyler is known for being a slut, and he even admits it on his Adam4Adam profile, which he uses to cruise for anonymous sex. Wyler's rise to porn success came from his ability as a bottom, and he was often hailed as "one of the best bottoms in porn." It is even rumored that goatse himself is jealous of Wyler's ability to stretch his hole.

    Wyler, after whoring himself out to the entire gay porn industry, decided he was famous enough to start his own porn site. However, taking it in the ass all day every weekend wasn't enough, so he started browsing gay hookup sites and hooking up with juicy niggaz and Erik Rhodes because he was desperate. This hookup habit of his ended up costing him a large chunk of his career.

    Various Factoids from his Blog

    • Doesn't care about AIDS transmission: Click


    In a Crystal Shinkle-esque stunt, Wyler posted on his blog in 2008 about an incident that happened to him. Saying he was entirely innocent and not asking for it at all, he claims a soldier raped him, shoved GHB in his anus, and invited some friends over to also partake in the rape. Claiming not to remember much of it, Wyler wrote several blog posts about it and filed an incident report with the police about it. See image series below.

    However, his constant windshield-wipering and changing details of the incident led many to become skeptical of Wyler's account. Wyler blamed the police for a poor investigation, but he didn't even decide to press charges. Knowing the evidence against his story was piling up, Wyler hoped the story would fade into oblivion and his attempt at being an attention whore would be forgotten. However, we still remember.

    Wyler later went on to film a porno based on the rape.


    I have only myself to blame. I have HIV and it kind of sucks.


    —Mason Wyler, got gay, got aids

    For those unaware, Mason Wyler is gay, meaning he has AIDS. However, he only recently revealed it to the public after being "outed" by his former roommate (whom he certainly fucked) and some porn producer no one cares about. Accused of lying about his HIV status, Wyler felt no choice but to confess, and was greeting lovingly with tons of "it was bound to happen sooner or later," or, "that's what you get," and so on. Some got very butthurt and tried to white knight, but the fact remains that gay people have AIDS.

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