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    You should feel lucky that there are girls like her on /cgl/, otherwise you would go to /b/ for /s/ for your fap material

    Maryjane is a part time cosplayer and full time alcoholic. Her legacy as a cosplayer includes railing 10-inch lines of coke off of 4-inch con-goer's dicks, selfposting threads on /cgl/ when ever possible and offering her sexual expertise to her fellow seagulls. She is the reigning queen of the tripfags and serves as an inspiration to prospective camwhores everywhere. She has also on a number of occasions written helpful tutorials on how to be a successful bulimic. She will brag about her eating disorders as much as possible, just like any well trained attention whore. She's desperate for attention because she has to feel noticed to have a reason to continue living.

    On at least 2-3 other occasion she has tried to become anhero failing miserably due to her lack of knowledge of human anatomy. It is also believed she did these things as yet another way to get attention.


    • Spending every waking moment on /cgl/ (As indicated by the bags under her eyes and threads she starts about herself)
    • Ass to mouth
    • Femdoming
    • Readjusting her prolapsed anus
    • Daily reenactions of 2 girls 1 cup
    • Goatse
    • Bukakke

    Interesting Facts

    Maryjane once sucked fifty dicks in a row. Fifty whole dicks.

    Unlike good wholesome non-whorish women (LOL) who get pleasure from one dildo, Maryjane needs fifty bags of fifty dildos, preferably imported on fifty busses.

    Maryjane does so many drugs that she is considered a figment of our collective imaginations.

    It is said her herpes has reached such an advanced state it is recognized as sentient by the international scientific community.

    If you want to have sex with Maryjane all you have to do is pay a lot of attention to her. When she dumps her bf she will jump on the next most convenient dick, and is interested in participating in a gang bang, group sex, and swallowing loads from a room full of guys. So go up and talk to her at the next convention, even if you think you are deformed she finds retards with deformities hot.

    What to expect from a Maryjane thread About missing Pics
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    Maryjane's gifts to /cgl/ About missing Pics
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    Dieting the Maryjane Way!

    They say the camera adds 10lbs. . . About missing Pics
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    Maryjane's boyfriend

    Also has herpes About missing Pics
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    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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