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    Martyn Lee Ball

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    He's not in a room with another dude. He's shirtless in front of a mirror.

    Once upon a time there was a faggot on halomaps.org who generated a severe amount of unwarranted self-importance due to his e-skills. His disgruntled ex-boyfriend created a wonderfully stellar attack article on Encyclopedia Dramatica, infecting ED with the cancer that is killing /b/. Concerned citizens brought this article to Martyn's attention who felt compelled to blank it straight to Hell. But our astute, genius hero fails at wiki and did not realize vandalism is pointless. Despite the crap status of the article, Martyn decided to act like a sensible EDiot and ensure this article lasts longer than his ED account did.

    Good job, bro.

    The Art Master Martyn Lee Ball

    This fine tartlet is one of the most talented and gifted artists on the Internets. He finely selects his subjects and then renders them before posting to devianTART. Martyn's Halo art is as awe-inspiring as such art masters like DisneyFan01. Only, Marytin, you see, has great ambition.

    Martyn focuses on attending university to become a video game developer. Of course his amazing renders will certainly get him a top position at Bungie. Maybe while he's rendering he can look into perfecting weaponry too.

    Martyn is too cool for criticism. Why waste time on explain his creative process to his critics when he has so much more important things to do?

    Look at that model... it must have taken forever to make!

    Words from the great art master

    And who are you to define mature and immature? Only person who can define that here is Dennis, not any of your children :L


    —kissing ass and taking names!


    The lights stop people from seeing the model properly as there are different shades. But whatever, do what you wish Lol. Ive got better things to do than help you children :L


    —better things to do, like modeling for an ancient fucking game



    I'm not going to bother, wasteing my time here Lol. My time is too precious to waste :L

    You completely miss the point, so go and rip everything whilst people with skill learn how to make things them selves so if they want to put something ingame which they can't steal from a game then they can make it them selves. Although you are screwed Lol.

    This community is a joke sometimes :L

    'Its already there, lets TAKE it and not learn anything!!1!11'.

    F my life. LMAO!

    'I can't remember his name because I feel like I'm too high and mighty to actually say it, im right and your wrong so I'm not going to say yourzz nameszz ' AHA!



    So because I am using those words I am immature? Lol. That seems to be your stereotype for immature people. And you are VERY mature arn't you know. Joining in an argument which has NOTHING at all to do with you. :L

    Eh... got mo to write, but there is clearly no point. LOL!



    If you think my models were beast then why are you crying about receiving crit from me? Should you not want it so you can improve? You should accept crit from anyone...



    All that effort of putting afew nodes on an object and exporting...

    damn, oh, and using screencapped/ripped textures (which I don't mind btw as long as it saves using entire rip), half the stuff is already unwrapped.

    Stop making EXCUSES now please.

    Also, UGLY rip tbqh. Looks like crap, and collision is fail ect.


    LOL Shut up. Idiot, they wouldn't be doing ALL of the work seeming as the model is ready and unwrapped. 50% of the work is spread equally... dumb ass.





    Fair dose. Do I class as an adult? I'm nearly 19 :P

    All I ever simply imply is my personal opinion which is valid and allowed, other people choose to start an argument by replying to my opinion in the discussed manor. I had harsh crit, and it worked, I don't PURPOSELY be an ass. I do what works, I say what it is, and people cry.

    End of. Once other people stop crying and listen then maybe I could add cake?


    Acting like an Emo? :SWow, your Mr. Random.


    And heeey Mr. 'Clever' :L You know what ':L' means? It'#s me laughing at how dumb you are.

    I never commented on how your posting... I'm just commenting on some words your using, I said it to mock you. Retard. haha.

    I think highly of my self? You learn something new everyday. I'm going to sound like a complete ASS now and sound like I'm on my high horse. But: I think you should face the facts that critical wise I know what I'm talking about... just because there's no sweets on the top of my posts doesn't mean you have to cry.

    /end here, wasteing my time. ive said what I need to. Think what you wish :)



    Troll :L

    And cba reply, got better things to do. And yeah, I'm replying because I ain't wrong sooo :/ lol.

    Stupidity at its Finest


    I personally don't care that you rip. It is the fact that that is ALL you CAN do.

    Spartan 094 is a good example of ripping. It is the only thing he can do, as there is little skill involved. All that is needed is a program which does it for you, oh, and before Spartan attempts to correct me, there is a tiny bit of code which might need to be changed.

    Rips, are generally what ODX said. Unorigional, and no skill invlolved in recreating them. I get cursed at for copying Halo things, but at least I REMAKE them, and now TAKE them. Rippers just use programs made for them to rip from games.

    On the other hand, some rips can be good, such as CtrlAltDestroy, as he actually modifies the rips to make them MUCH better. Most people basically get the rips and stick them ingame without making efford to make the stuff look good for the older engine.

    Eh, cant be bothered type more, lets see some funny posts from people like Spartan...



    Snarky comments? Nah, that's the way I choose to talk(type). Got a problem with it then ya'know, screw your self :L Seriously though, this is me, it is how I type, so what. I can say the same thing for people like Grunt: 'All I do is attempt to be smart in all of my posts and I think that I know you like the back of my hand because of how you act on the internet' :L At the end of the day none of you actually know me, its all assumptions of what you see me say on ONLINE forums. Tbqh, if this was not a forum and it was us in real life then grunt and other people would be recovering from some broken bones lmao.


    A Fan Video


    lol, someone needs to get a life. also, just to clarify that is a mirror you retard... so theres only me in the room. lmao. fucktard.

    you seriously need a life, this video is so funny due to how sad of a person you are :L


    —Response to above video.

    Reaction to his Article

    How much he doesn't care.
    The first time I didn't really mind, you hate me, good for you. But this time, ya'know. A bit much, police are actually getting involved now because its going too far. And you know dam right what you are doing is illegal.


    —Demonstrating his knowledge of E-Law.

    LMAO! cba with this.


    —Whatever the fuck that means.

    After a spammer attacked Halomaps posting links to this article, Martyn, the genius that he is, felt it was necessary to speak up on the subject. Damn those stalkers!

    Say Hello to Martyn

    Be sure to remind him what a pointless waste of fucking time modeling shit from old games is.

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