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    Mark Prindle

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    Although he does have a wife, Mark Prindle enjoys the company of his dog much more.
    Is this Mark Prindle? You never know whether what Google image search is gonna turn up is gonna be accurate.

    Mark Prindle is one of the most prolific music reviewers on the internets, and in fact has actually had his website up for at least 10 years. Unlike other music critics, a Mark Prindle review is never TL;DR. He has always had a knack for being able to lulzify his record reviews, due to the fact that he is basically batshit crazy when writing them.

    He reviews a lot of punk rock groups, but also a lot of other shit as well across a plethora of genres. He has also conducted many, many interviews with famous musicians, many of which are found on his site and some are quite incomprehensible because of you not being able to understand the context in which they were carried out.


    Here are a few quotes just to demonstrate how zany Mark Prindle can be.


    But enough about music. Let's talk about me some more! I was born in a Log Cabin syrup bottle in Seventy-Jillion-Three and grew up wearing a pair of suspenders. Occasionally I would snap the suspenders against my chest to prove to the world that I ain't no Pixie Stick. You can rotate the tires of your dream one too many times without fear of Mexican repercussion, but in Arizona where the fish are warmer, the best thing you can do for me is pass me over for a drunker, sillier whore. Because I don't take credit cards and I SURE as hell don't take American Express.

    Why does that Paperclip Guy always look at me so accusingly? It's like he's judging me. Oh god, he just turned his little head and looked at what I'm writing. He knows I'm drunk. Oh shit, he's totally reading everything I'm writing now. STOP IT! This is scary. AAAAH!!!! He's scratching his head! HE KNOWS THAT I FUCKED MY FIANCEE TONIGHT! He was probably watching it, just like my dog was. This is too much. Somebody make him go away. He's always been so nice, trying to help me write a letter when it looks like I'm trying to write a letter. But now he's just looking at me with so much shame, probably wondering why I haven't ended this paragraph yet.

    He's so cute though. I really love him. He's blinking at me with his little paperclip eyes. I hope he knows how much I love him. I love you, PaperClip Guy!!!!!!


    —Mark Prindle, on a Captain Beefheart album, going way off-topic as per usual.

    Reader Comments

    Anyone can send in their review of an album and Mark will post it. For a few quick lulz before dinner, one may peruse the reader comments for artists such as Linkin Park or P!nk.


    It's funny, Mark; it's really weird. I'm sure this is true about a lot of people, but your voice in an interview is so different from the way it appears on a page. You know? Because I was just checking out your site. You know, your writing at the site almost seem like you have Tourettes or something, or you're on speed. You break out into these... I mean, in writing, on your website, you break out into these exclamations and you seem to be out of control, going on and on. But when I'm actually speaking to you, you're very thoughtful and slow and considerate. What's up with that?


    —Richard Hell, famous punk rock musician, being interviewed by Mark Prindle.


    Proof that Mark Prindle's ramblings are indeed patent nonsense.

    Mark Prindle used to have an article on TOW, but the deletionist scum got to him and now he has been denied an article, despite the fact that anon spammed the AFD with a shitload of references where he'd been mentioned in books and all sorts of shit. However since the Wikifags disregard new contributors' work due to the hierarchy that cannot assume good faith on the part of anon, the article remains deleted to this day.

    He also mentions an indie band called "!!!", or "CHK CHK CHK" in the Richard Hell interview. Sceptre knows well about CHK CHK CHK, as when on the MediaWiki title blacklist on Wikipedia responding to Grawp vandalism, Sceptre raised concerns about blacklisting three exclamation marks, just in case the band released a new album with three exclamation marks in the title. Whilst irrelevant to Mark Prindle, there is also a title whitelist containing good white titles that are not blocked as opposed to the nasty, dirty, black ones which is pretty much proof that Wikipedia is racist if you could find evidence for it. Wikipedia is also clearly an advocate of ethnic purity; due to the blacklist being altered with an edit summary of "if you're mixing Cyrillic and Greek in one title, you're probably up to no good (will allow simplifying the HAGGER regexps, but too tired to do that now)".

    All of this is pretty much as relevant to Prindle as any of his reviews are to the band or artist in question, lol.

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