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    Marcus the hedgehog

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    Marcus the Hedgehog is a 20-year-old DeviantART user who produces artwork and short comic strips with his fictional alter-ego of the same name in MSPaint. He is a Babyfur, one who enjoys both the fetishes of being a Furry, and the thrills of wearing a diaper. Much of his art consists of comic strips, which stand out for their puzzling, morally-uplifting messages and odd, deformed art.

    The Discovery

    A diagram depicting Marcus becoming An Hero.

    On Saturday, October 14, his Deviantart was discovered by a user of 4chan's /v/, or "videogames," board. Once posted there, his comics created a great stir, both for their content and due to 4chan's legendary hatred of all things Furry. Many users there called for it to be posted to the /b/, or "Random" board. This was swiftly carried out, and the nature of the subject matter (Badly done MSPaint + Babyfur) led to an explosion of posts by the morally deficient users therein. Several posters began clamoring for drawings to be created of Marcus performing violent or sexual acts, (Usually both) which would then be presented to him.

    In no time flat, the legion that is /b/ had leapt into action, spewing forth a flood of Marcus the Hedgehog porn, the subjects ranging from Muddy Dicks to Dr. Robotnik sodomy. Most of these pictures were created in MSPaint, keeping with the theme that Marcus had established.


    One intrepid /b/ user created a new DeviantART page under the name "Marcusbarcus," (BALEETED) and publicly posted the login and password for everyone. This led to a mass attempt to upload the pictures from the thread, which was a massive failure as DeviantART only allows one login/uploader at once. Finally, one user seemed to be getting through and began to upload the backlog of pictures from the thread. During this period, several users of /b/ created new DeviantART accounts solely for the purpose of commenting and harassing. The /b/-created DeviantART page was growing at an alarming rate, with pictures flooding in by the minute and comments by the second. Within the first hour it had reached 2000GET. Within the next hour, it fell into the top 10% of popular pages on DeviantART.

    At this point, several /b/ users with accounts began to spam Marcus' Deviantart page with inflammatory comments, many of which were eventually hidden. Marcus himself, along with a few of his Furry companions, made feeble attempts to hold back the /b/litzkrieg, with bold comments such as "That's enough already!" and "I hope you get banned!" These proved to be largely unsuccesful as the /b/tard comments continued to fill his frontpage. A few of the Furries reported the Marcusbarcus page to Deviantart admins.

    The Aftermath

    The Marcusbarcus DeviantART account was eventually banned. Before its death, it had accumulated an astounding 82 pictures and had amassed some 18,000 hits in its single day of life.

    Marcus' friends have made some attempts at cheering him up, which have turned out hilariously, as most of these 'pick-me-ups' consist of drawings of Furries in diapers. Various threats against /b/ have been made by Marcus' friend, fellow Furry, and all-around Internet Tough Guy "Liljdude." He has warned us to leave Marcus alone, lest he come after us, and apparently, we "DON'T want that."

    Liljdude, even made one of those stupid meme things for people who got butthurted http://liljdude.deviantart.com/art/ED-Meme-72845334 (BALEETED).

    The Legend Lives On

    /b/ is still producing new Marcus pictures to this day, and someone has created a new Deviantart under the name "Ggkidisback." (BANNED). This user has reuploaded most of the older works as well as some of the new, and it has not yet been deleted as of October 16. UPDATE: This account was deleted on October 17, 2006. Many of Marcus' Furry friends, such as Liljdude, are being considered for future raids by /b/.

    Meme Status

    Marcus-kun is already considered by some to be at least a temporary meme. This raid will go down in history. Many are already saying that this was better than the Great Habbo Raid of 2006. Bear witness, for October 15, 2006 is the day that /b/ destroyed a Babyfur.

    A /b/ member TOTALLY didn't write this!


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