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    Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls

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    No comment necessary.

    Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls is a hilarious web comic that revolves around the life of Jesska Nightmare, a blatant self-insert and professional tranny who likes to constantly misrepresent social issues in an attempt to usher in change. Created by one Jessica Udischas, Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls is a shining example of pure SJW insanity that rivals even Assigned Male as the internets' leading web comic about the numerous hardships that are faced by trans-women in today's society.

    Despite being a cancerous example of social justice propaganda, Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls takes the unusual step of regularly bashing typical feminist ideology on the grounds that it's heteronormative and harmful to the trans community – Yes, the author of this comic is so batshit crazy that she actually believes that modern feminists are neither PC nor inclusive enough.


    Jesska Nightmare, the main protagonist of this shit comic.

    Jesska Nightmare / Killjoy

    The ADHD protagonist who looks like a cross between Jeanette the chipmunk and a Rule 63 version of Chuckie Finster. Trans.


    A blatant trace of Ramona Flowers who happens to be Jesska's girlfriend.

    Gwyn Killjoy

    A nihilistic pothead version of Dora the Explorer who is either Azn or Mexican. Also trans.

    Kamaria / K-Bar

    The token black chick. Also trans.

    Kya Concepcion

    The other token black chick. Also trans.


    The self-proclaimed coolest faggot on Earth.

    The Ally

    A typical feminist that noone cares about because she's cisgender.

    Earth Kid

    A hippie who identifies as non-binary. No one gives a shit about him or his pronouns.

    Bro Bro

    One of PewDiePie's gay fans.

    Jessica Udischas

    Jesska Nightmare's IRL form.
    This portrait of Jessica becomes more hideous with each comic she releases – An allegory for her accumulated sins.

    Jessica Udischas (not to be confused with Uchiha) is creator of Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls and the IRL incarnation of Jesska Nightmare.


    From Jessica

    And if you think “we need to listen to both sides” of the issue, you can fuck off. Fuck off and die.


    —If you have a differing opinion then plz die

    I actually ended up getting fired for crying about being harassed.


    That's shocking

    To all the cissexist transmisogynynists who just discovered MPNG: Your hate just makes me stronger. And we all know you just have unresolved gender and sexuality issues deep down. And it's super easy to ban you, so your long-winded rants is just wasting time you could be thinking about why you truly have issues with this dinky little webcomic. Also, new comic later today!


    —Jessica's response to the trolls

    Cartoons puking is always funny!


    —OMG SO EDGY!!!!!11

    “down with cis” hurts no one.


    —Jessica, defending Die cis scum

    Visit my overpriced Cafe Press shop for your very own Down With Cis t-shirt!


    —Admitting that her shit is overpriced

    From the Comic

    Ever try to titty fuck yourself?


    —MPNG asks hard-hitting and thought-provoking questions


    Down with cis! About missing Pics
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