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Corpse Husband

Gregory D. Evans (an extraordinarily faggy name if i do say so myself although (Powerword Citation Needed)), Josh Grant (is also an extremely faggy fucking name if you've ever known anyone ever by the name of Josh(again Powerword Citation needed))

It is believed his screen name/alias implies that he's into or turned on by necrophilia, and that since he's a lonely, depressed, troglodytic emo fag breed, he's probably on deaths door with both feet in the grave and looking for a real sickie significant other to fulfill his post mortem dreams or fantasy by riding his rigor mortis rod. There is ofcourse, no tangible connection with his screen name and actual corpse fucking, but we honorable folks over here at Encyclopedia Dramatica will sure as shit keep an open mind about such speculations.

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Gimme your account number I’ll let you know if your stimmy came


—Casey, providing a very valuable service for cult

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