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    Main Page/did you know

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    • Only Moderators and Bureaucrats can update this. Suggestions go on the Talk Page.
    • Did You Know mentions and links to informative new ED articles, as well as lulzy and dramatic news articles or current events from the ED forums. NO NEWS STORIES FROM OUTSIDE WEBSITES. ONLY PUT LINKS TO ED PAGES AND EDF NEWS FORUM THREADS Outside news links are OK temporarily, while we are working on bring back the EDF2 forums. Use Archive.is to link to archived versions of the links though..
    • When adding a new entry, delete the oldest one to keep the maximum number the same.
    • Do not remove the first few entries at the top of the list (The ones without a date on them).
    • If an event here is notable enough, add it to this year's timeline.
    • ... that the wiki died for nearly a month again?
    • ... that we have a plan to not get suspended from twitter? Follow Twitter-favicon.png AEDramatica
    • ... that we're getting a real ED *chan-site/imageboard?
    • ... that we're being sued for the 10 thousandth time?
    • December 16 ...that Joe Biden managed to Stump The Trump by winning the USA Prez election?? Of course you did.
    • August 19 ... that Jake Paul had his mansion raided by the FBI and nobody's really surprised?
    • July 11 ... that Dr DisRespect got permab& from streaming on Twitch, and nobody seems to know why? Oh, the drama!
    • July 11 ... that Kanye West is doing his Kanye Best to get into the White House in 2024?