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Baked alaska


Baked Alaska AKA Timothy Gionet AKA Timothy Treadston is a cocaine addicted, attention whoring, egomaniacle, internet grifter whos opinions are based on how much money he can make off them. He gained notoriety during the US election in 2016 as a member of the alt-lite, seeing them as soft target for his grift. After getting banned off everything and alienating those closest to him, baked fell into internet obscurity, desperately trying to make his comeback. As of October 2020 baked new attempt at getting more d live subscribers, he's exploiting a schizophrenic.

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“They’re using Covid … as a reason not to go out and vote,” he said of his political opponents. “We voted in World War I, they voted in World War II, they voted during the Great Depression.”



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