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Halloween movies
The movie that birthed a million shitty sequels.

Imagine, if you will, a long-running franchise of horror movies featuring a William Shatner lookalike killer who goes around chopping up people, dying and coming back to life over and over. Now imagine that movie franchise has been endlessly milked and rebooted. What you have is the Halloween movie series and franchise. While not spanning more films than the endless Friday The 13th series, the series manages to have a very sloppy semi-continuity, with the original 1978 film serving as the jumping off point for all but the two shitty Rob Zombie-produced remakes.

The main character is serial killer Michael Myers, a masked psycho on a quest to kill off the rest of his family. Not to be confused with a very different Mike Myers.

What have I missed?
Pumpkin Carving
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Hunter Biden
6 days ago

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