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QAnon Troll.jpg

QAnon is a successful trolling campaign (or "conspiracy theory" if you're retarded) orchestrated in 2017 by a handful of fags over at 4chan. After their success in trolling the entire United States by helping to get Donald Trump elected, they proceeded to make multiple attempts to keep the troll ball rolling, QAnon being the most successful.

The "conspiracy theory" quickly took off, making money, attracting retards around the globe, and gaining support so much that it became 100% true despite mountains of evidence against it; truly a magnificent trolling masterpiece. If it ever dies (which is unlikely as it's expected to be put into history books for autistic children to read for generations to come) it will go down in internet history as one of the most inspiring trolling success stories of all time.

Unsurprisingly the conspiracy has been linked to a drastic increase in retarded children and AIDS, probably due to all of its believers fucking each other. The US was like Burning Man and Woodstock all in one, and QAnon was handing out bad acid to any retard dumb enough to take it. This resulted in a celebration orgy on 4chan and similar sites that is still currently ongoing and doesn't seem to have any end in sight.

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Rioters are not protestors. They are terrorists. Arrest them all.


Charlie Kirk, on twitter

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