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A word that describes about 95% of the internets. Also, one who cannot fit into MRIs. Fat people are abominations; the filthiest eye-sores known to mankind, they deserve to be slaughtered like the pigs they are and roasted on a spit to feed the starving people from whom they stole life-saving food. A fatty is without exception angry, bitter, cynical and in denial. They like to eat, cry, talk trash with their fat friends, eat, act petty, eat in secret, cry about how this shallow and materialistic world is so unjust to their kind, cry while eating, and most importantly, eat while crying. They have been known to be aggressive and will attack if provoked, the best way to survive is to simply run.

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e-girls and e-boys
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Nobody likes me. It can only be my personality


—God emperor Trump

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