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Cummunism is the belief that young hooligans who never have read a book are best fit to rule a country. Its proponents are school yard outcasts, scarecrows, people with a meanness-complex, butthurt Iranians, men with a curved penis, tall people who want to fuck midgets, 13-year-old boys, and people who were relatively poor in their childhood. Invented by Karl Marx last thursday, cummunism is the final form of liberalism, the arch nemesis of capitalism and some people say is the reason why America is #1 and why the rest of the world sucks.

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George Floyd
2 days ago
We Apologize
4 days ago
6 days ago

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"I honestly don't think I exhibit symptoms of GOTIS. I do think you blocked me purely because of me being a girl. regardless. this wiki continues to support psychos."


Another Editor that's unaware they have GOTIS

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