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    Mahou Sensei Negima

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    Japanese Harry Potter, known to weaboo trash as Mahou Sensei Negima, is an Japanese tv show made by the same faggot that wrote Love Hina and Negima! is also a manga that came to an end just shy of 40 volumes before ending abruptly. It has been survived by a series in the same universe called UQ Holder. Who knows what this will be all about, since Negi is dead...who are we kidding, it's a shounen shit. It'll be some protagonist like every other shit one in every other Naruto spinoff we've seen. Lord god, this is gonna hurt.

    Mahou Sensei Negima

    File:Mahou Sensei Negima.jpg
    See the only boy in that picture? Guess who all the girls in the picture keep trying to rape.

    Start of darkness

    The neckbeard that gets paid to draw and write this crap was responsible for another inane backward comic Love Hina. Originally, the faggot wanted to flood the market with another trite shounen title, but the top editors vetod that shit, favoring flooding the market with a shitty shoujo title instead. Being butthurt over not getting to make a another shounen series, he came up with a brilliant idea to fuck the suits over: Over time, he would evolve his shitty magic school harem with tired character designs of a manga into a shitty AKSHUN series filled with unoriginal ideas and plots that don't go any where for months at a time.

    Get to know your student body!

    It goes just as well as you'd expect it to.

    It was picked up to be made into an anime and was released on a unsuspecting public causing weaboos and tropers to cream themselves everywhere. But then, by some miracle of God, it was picked up again. Then AGAIN. With another one on the way. Not to mention the Live Action Series, and the spin off that turns Negi into a adult pedo teaching kindergarten. Srly.

    However, even though the series is shit, the creator did manage a rather lulzy troll toward the end of the manga. The same suits that tried to fuck him in the ass over how he wanted to write the series got tired of him making another shitty bleach clone with a shota and his jailbait, so they decided to get him to go back to making the story more shoujo-ish or they'd yank his funding.

    His response was to don his trollface, and purposely rushed the series towards an ending in such a way there would be no way to resume the story since he tied up every single loose end beforehand.

    Doesn't make up for the fact the series still fucking sucked, but at least the creator managed one tiny bit of win out of his fail.


    Negi Springfield is a wizard from Wales that has come to Japan all so he can teach a class full of high school jailbait Japs how to speak English. Apparently, he has to do this instead doing something worthwhile and less boring with his powers like killing Jews, Niggers, and other uppity minorities for the Crown, is so that he can become a Magister Magi or Hokage or whatever the fuck it's called, and be able to track down his father, Nagi Springfield. Oh and Negi is only 10 years old. Of course, this all makes perfect sense and there is a logical explanation for everything.

    Being a predictable harem series, his entire class ends up falling for him. Boring and played out antics ensue. But wait, this isn't your typical harem series! This series gets intentionally derailed into a terrible shounen series, complete with loli vampires, lesbian samurais, chicks that know kung fu, 1337 snipers, a key operated robot girl, some of the most obnoxious fanservice ever, and some other stupid shit that a lot more boring than it sounds.

    Characters, characters everywhere

    There were way too fucking many characters when it started out and it only got worse as the series went on.

    Major Characters

    Negi Springfield

    Not Harry Potter is the main character and resident shota of the series. For some reason, he has to go to Japan to teach English and get sexually harassed by high school girls instead of doing something to challenge his skills. He has a tendency to sneeze the skirts off of his students. With noble characteristics like this, it's easy to see why weeaboos would project themselves on Negi. He's gonna get hella lot of pussy when he gets older. Obtains the Magia Erebea, Satsui no Hadou, Super Saiyan, Azure Grimoire and every other anime-specific power-up there is after Fate almost ripped his heart out and ate it in front of Negi's students. The Erebea is a spell that makes him grow claws, beautiful, long, silky, totally necessary white hair and gives him access to a fucking huge halberd of light. He uses it to castrate Fate and rape his minions.

    Cute little fucker~

    Asuna Kagurazaka

    Aka Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushia is the generic tsundere. Apparently, she's some kind of anti-magical construct that's a member of royalty which somehow might make her Negi's Aunt somehow. Yeah. Also has them Boatlights going on. Only in one of the animu adaptations, so it didn't happen as the manga is the REAL Negima. She has a sword or a giant Japanese fan or something that cancels magic bull-shit. She also has heterochromia because having two different eye colors is kawaii, nigga.

    The princess with a dark past... and a big sword

    Setsuna Sakurazaki

    Super serious jailbait with a stupid haircut, even for an anime. Seriously, it's like she couldn't decide what hairstyle she wanted, so she went with both. Supposed to be a super awesome half demon winged samurai, but proves to be useless most of the time. Is in the closet totally fine with being a lesbian for Konoka. They even lip locked once in the manga.

    Fate Averruncus

    Negi's biggest, super-power, ultra-evil and mysterious rival. Negi meets him early in the series trying to kidnap and rape Konoka. They both beat the shit out of each other until Evangeline comes to beat the shit out of Fate even harder. Fate leaves, not wanting to fuck with the loli-witch from hell. He returns upon Negi's arrival to the magic world, greeting him with a lovely stone pike to the chest. Wants to resurrect the Mage of the Beginning, a wizard with the power to literally erase anything with a glance (seriously, the person being erased turns into a cluster-fuck of feathers and vanishes or something) for some reason, likely because he wants to get back at Negi for cock-blocking him during the earlier Konoka incident. He can use stone spikes as projectiles and stuff.

    Negima pics

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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