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    You wanted to see this.

    Many decades ago, pop-music scientists created a whore known to the world as Madonna. This project would pave the way for countless generations of other pop-whores renowned more for their self-assuredness than for lousy generic music. Regardless, she remains the best-selling female recording artist of all time. Where one she was fuckable, now she is old, ugly and irrelevant except for her cronish exploitations during public events and shitty tours. Madonna's genius in the 80's and 90's lay in combining Catholic-school girl rebelliousness with just enough AIDS-supporting and public masturbation, not to mention burning crosses, to have the media exploiting her just as planned for our consumption.

    She is also known for raping young boys (see below), something she picked up in her Catholic upbringing.

    Modern-Day Madge Vadge

    While Madonna wasn't fapping her old pussy watching the players, she performed a Satanic ritual at the Superbowl XXX halftime show
    Madonna enjoying the privilege of ownership.

    After the invention of Lady Gaga Madonna was threatened to become obsolete. But, the old witch couldn't have that. Media Jews (from whom Madonna has obviously sucked circumcised-cock) leaped at the opportunity to compare her old 90's hit "Express Yourself" to CaCa's "Born This Way" and Madge got all the publicity she wanted in 2011. After worshipping Satan at the 2012 Superbowl (where Madonna's well-paid tool M.I.A. gave the finger to Murka in a stunning display of IRL trolling), the hag started a tour. Recently, during her MDNA tour, she was seen flashing her ice-cold tit to her Istanbul audience. She's caused controversy by portraying an image of France's right-wing cunt-leader, Marine LePen, with a swastika on her head, generating a shit-storm of equal hate and lulz throughout the sad excuse for a cuntry. She also refused to remove a segment from her show where she points guns at the audience and pwns a bunch of faggot backup dancers, following the Aurora Theatre Shooting.[1]

    Next to this bitch, Lady HaHa's stunts have been labeled "reductive". See Madonna's wisdom below.

    Madonna's Religion

    This shamed nigger named Jesus fucked his mother, Madonna.

    Madonna, now nearing the same age Eve would have had if she learned to live so long, has fucked the perpetually-young nigger versions of both Jesus and Muhammad, srsly. In 2009, after her divorce to Guy Ritchie, the English geezer known for the film "Snatch", she began dating Jesus Luz, a 22-year-old, pathetic excuse for a DJ who only banged her old cunt to try and become famous. All the fame he ever got was srs public lulz at the idea that a 22-year old named Jesus was fucking a 50-year old named Madonna, causing the term "Madonna and Child" to adopt a whole new meaning.

    Then, Madonna ditched him and started dating a 24-year old Muslim nigger named Brahim Zaibat, whose obvious real name is Muhammad. Not only does he resemble the niglets Madonna has adopted from Africa in physical appearance and age, proving once again that Madonna likes fucking her own children, but he's also French.

    Her mystical red strings prove she's part of the Jewish Kabbalistic cult and is obviously part of a big plot by the kikes to destroy our eyes, ears and minds.

    Madonna's Gays

    GaGa wants to be this crazy bitch Madonna.

    Madonna's supposed sex appeal early in her career was one of the greatest gifts that the Gay Agenda ever gave itself. Madonna was propagandized as a hot bitch that everyone wanted to fuck. Mind-controlling media Jews who'd want to stop heterosexual boys reproducing in order to prepare for the New World Order (see Justin Bieber's agenda for turning girls into lesbians), convinced us all that Madge's libido could fuck your shit up.

    In the 80's, 90's and 200's, countless boys between the ages of 10 and 17 were taken in by the implied promise of transcendental sex, and were lured to her concerts. Here, their impressionable young minds were stained beyond repair by the exposure to buff, muscular men in scanty clothing, and they made the decision to become homosexual.

    In this way, the Gay Agenda managed to swell its ranks.

    Then GaGa came around.

    A male faggot below summarizes the feud between these two unimportant witches. The only exaggeration in the video is that GaGa indeed *does* have a dick IRL, and some argue that the drag queen in the video is therefore CaCa herself.


    File:Young Madonna.JPG
    Before the crotch-rot set in...
    Oh. Oh, wait. No. Never mind. TURN IT OFF! (It took archaeologists decades to realize this man couldn't bear to see three bushes on a lady!)
    I want to be where my tongue warms your thighs

    When it's time for siesta we'll watch them go by...

    Beautiful places no girl could ignore

    When a boy loves a boy and a girl ---

    --- loves a girl

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