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    Madman C

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    Note: this is an article about an Encyclopedia Dramatica user. For more information, please see the appropriate user page. To leave this user a message, please visit their talk page.

    Madman C is a butthurt faggot who can't stop bawwwwwing about the fact that some girl he once knew and couldn't have secks with, despite his massive efforts, called Liza Phillips, a 20-year-old girl, died in a car crash in 2006. Liza Phillips was also pregnant like any typical whore of her age at the time of her death. As of 2008, the butthurt continues, and Madman C takes out his frustration on Wikipedia. There is a long term abuse page dedicated to Madman C on TOW, which has a moderate level of lulz, but nothing approaching epic lulz. According to Wikipedos, he has a particular predilect for the Wikipedia Sandbox.

    Greg Parker, who was also in the vehicle at the time, is his target of hate. Madman C regularly wishes that Greg Parker was one of the people who had died instead of Liza Phillips. Indeed, he is obsessed with making threats of violence against the people who were driving the vehicle in which she crashed. This can be seen in his stupid articles that he tries to create such as this and this, which were pwnt by the criteria for speedy deletion. Even NawlinWiki agrees with Encyclopedia Dramatica on this one!

    Madman C says that we should never forget Liza Phillips' death, which was reported in the old media some time ago, and tries in vain to make sure the rest of the world remembers this. Indeed, Madman C tried to come to Encyclopedia Dramatica to seek help and find a personal army to create worldwide recognition of Liza Phillips and how unjustified her death was. However, since Madman C is a retard, he didn't realise that the enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend, and made a big mistake in trying to get ED to ask for support on this issue. Madman C should have learned that ED only recognises lulzy vandals, such as LULZofOLDE. Liza Phillips' remains are smacked by LULZofOLDES massive cock every day, for the lulz.

    His number of sockpuppets is pathetic in comparison with the number accumulated by LULZofOLDE and MascotGuy. Seriously, someone should MFD his long term abuse page for the lulz, 'cause it's a lot less funny than that of Mmbabies. Whilst we're at it, LULZofOLDE really needs his own long term abuse subpage - go on, Alison, create it, because we know you have both nightmares and erotic dreams about LULZofOLDE, and you can't stop thinking about him whilst you're at work for Apple Inc., who don't have offices in Ireland, hence you being Irish-American. Hell, you've admitted all of this on the Wikipedia Review.

    Typical Madman C BAWWWWWWWWWWWW quote

    Greg Parker should have died instead of Liza Phillips. Liza was a very good person and one of my best friends. Most of my happiest childhood memories revolve around her. She never did anything wrong in her entire life. Greg, on the other hand, is a complete deadbeat. He is a pathetic lowlife who is currently in jail for selling coccaine to teenagers. I never thought it would be possible for me to completley hate another human being as much as I hate him. He is the one who should have had his head crushed under that truck.


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    Greg Parker's myspace- please troll for epic lulz

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