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    Cat eyes.JPG

    File:Lj-favicon.png Madlovesong aka MLS akaFile:Lj-favicon.png Therapute aka File:Lj-favicon.png Icanian aka File:Lj-favicon.png orangeandcherry aka File:Lj-favicon.png flaca aka File:Lj-favicon.png vidriodeperlas aka Rachel Estrella from Barrington RI, aka REBECCA from Riverside MA, is a Livejournal Attentionwhore, disease ridden, drug addled retard that people have either considered the greatest troll on the face of Livejournal or the biggest Drama Queen that has ever lived. A pathalogical liar, Madlovesong managed to troll several LJers out of over 9000 dollars, and is soley responsible for the great File:Lj-favicon.png SFDA meltdown November 2011. Nevar Forget. MLS at one stage was a namie mod of File:Lj-favicon.png SFD_Anon (Holy shit bahleeted) (LOL undeleted but all over at Dreamwidth now.) Madlovesong is also creator of the File:Lj-favicon.png women survivors community so women only would have a safe space to talk about their abuse, but had to de-mod when the unpleasantness began.

    The Real Life Madlovesong

    • Rachel Estrella
    • Celebrity stalker
    • Attention whore
    • Psychology student but currently on medical leave. At least with psychology she can self-diagnose to avoid any further MI detection, and surround herself with victims and survivors.
    • Pure lesbian, but every man that comes within 50 feet wants to talk/date/fuck/sell her cosmetics against her will, and has to post about it in Anon/TQC about how she 'resisted teh cock.' Yeah, sure they do MLS.
    • On disability, though when remains a mystery. According to her; years. According to the people she owes money to: weeks.
    • Suspicion of being dyslexic.
    • Living with parents Apparently the parents are separating and MLS is going to live with her mother...who has forced her to deny her rape and threatened to make her homeless.

    yes i was therapute, and yes, i did steal from people i was living with at the time to get away from my family. that i was being untreated for a dissociative disorder is no excuse and i take full responsibility for my actions, and have made retribution to the people i hurt


    — MLS explaining she was not being treated for dissociative order and, so those people she owes, she will make them pay!

    • Madlovesong claims she is Mexican and Palestinian, usually when arguing with someone and calling them whitey, in File:Lj-favicon.png ONTD or File:Lj-favicon.png SF_Drama but then inexplicably posted photos of herself white as, which caused anon to call bullshit and forced her to claim she IDs as white, whining about passing privilege as being a bad thing. When asked for examples of the daily racism she experiences, she responds "fuck you Hombre."
    • Pro-choice but has now told ONTD that she has is a lesbian that has had an abortion, like she was was the first lesbian ever to be "infected!!!!" with a babby forming inside her. This was divulged during a political disagreement with other ONTDers in that if you don't agree with MLS's politics according to her, you are a fucking retard.(Oh the irony) This situation now identifies that one of the three eight of Flaca's abusers got her pregnant at some point. Of course citing this as evidence of abuse and automatic reporting is completely irrelevant you faggot. Due to the patriarch, victim-blaming society no woman can seek justice or equality no matter how hard you try, or lies you have previously told. (See Lindsay Lohan)

    Rachel hates you in the following order;

    • Are you male or female? (Transgender HAVE to identify as female or they didn't try hard enough)
    • Are you straight or lesbian? (Gay men? ewww)
    • Are you a feminist or a patriarchy ally?
    • Are you white?
    • Are you a Republican (actually the white question covers that off, there are no minority Republicans according to MLS.)
    • Are you Jewish or Zionist?
    • Do you love cosmetics? (This is totes not part of the patriarchy that girls have to look pretty so fuck you woman hater!)

    ...actually scratch that, MLS is DESPERATE for followers.

    Internet Diseases

    From the Horses Mouth?
    • Lesbian
    • Feminist - Terminal Case, shoot on sight
    • PTSD, which is a lie because only men doing things like fighting wars get PTSD, but keep living that dream of contributing to society.
    • Lupus, most likely drug induced because she pops pills and commits prescription fraud with other LJ users. UPDATE. Has been asking for donations for Lupus including an indegogo fund for $500 under the name Rebecca. In this one she was diagnosed with Lupus six months ago, but she's been saying Lupus since July 2011
    • Osteoporosis. Apparently she fractured her ankle in one post and then posted about a yukky boy giving her a compliment when she was in class a day later.
    • Anorexia, to be part of teh cool kids, but now apparently cured!
    • GOTIS
    • Dissociative Disorder, so nothing is her fault. [email protected]!
    • Too much fucking information disorder


    MLS lies almost pathologically. Usually just a throwaway comment to garner support, but the standard MO is to stick to that lie until proof is shown that it is bullshit, and then the person providing proof is a horrible stalker. Catching MLS in a lie is a relatively easy prospect, however prepare to be seriously burrrrnnned by some fierce counterattacks such as;

    • "LOL OK?"
    • "Go Fuck yourself!"
    • "For the record <insert new lie here>" (See next line when new lie disproved)
    • "OMG I forgot, why you so obsessed.mp3?"
    • "OMG why would I lie about that??"
    • "I'm a survivor!"
    • "What are Jokes?" (Apparently MLS believes she is fucking hilarious when drunk, calling boys/children potential rapists.)

    • Homeless: for a year / 9 months / 4 months.
    • Jobless: Worked for Lush / Works for Charloette Russe (and gets $20 every 2 weeks for working 3 hours) Recently during another post on ONTD, MLS said she worked for Subway for six months when pointing out the evils of fast food and that shesubway regularly serves spoiled food to male customers.
    • Not an addict. Kicked out of a friends house for stealing medications amongst others. Most other times posts on LJ drunk while taking medication, or just high on her medication. This gives her an excuse when people call her out on her obnoxious questions like asking ONTDers their sexual orientation of them or their family.
    • Law Abiding Busted for DUI and Shoplifting...but cases disposed due to lack of evidence or police fail = innocent!!!!eleventyone. MLS provided information regarding her DUI after this crash when she was 19, that it was not illegal drugs or alcohol but was on the tail end of Ambien. Now any psychology student or pharmacology student or retard that can mash a keyboard on Google will find out that Ambien, while a treatment for insomnia, is known to only initiate a sleep cycle or otherwise has some pretty shady side effects. So how the fuck MLS took Ambien, did not fall asleep, got into a car and then managed to do a barrel roll, lucky enough not to kill herself or anyone else is a miracle, but then try to say it wasn't her fault is fucking offensive.
    • Disability: Just got disability / been on disability for months $200 $400 $500 per month
    • Voluntarily paid back money stolen. Every cent: LOL no. None of the e-begging incidents were reversed so everyone who contributed go their money back, you had to ask. Except in the case where clear evidence and stolen items were discovered. Then, a legal contract was drawn up, which is still being paid off. The prospect of going before a judge with her previous arrest record might be a bit of a problem.
    • Never been banned from ONTD before: Oh For Fucks Sake...seriously? She actually tried to say this?
    • Always just rename LJ accounts, because MLS has nothing to hide: Has multiple accounts that information shifts from one to another, when her lies make the account 'too hot' to have active. Currently has two known active accounts, though both have now been discovered and banned from ONTD.


    MLS is a survivor, however the game currently played is to guess how many times she has been raped. The initial story was that her father abused her as a child, however she never came forward. This very recently turned out to be untrue, and that MLS' mother, an obvious victim of the patriarchy, forced her to recant her telling someone at some point. Things started turning shady when it increased to three times, including the popular guy at high school. Then her boyfriend had also raped her at some stage. Then we got this bomb from Flaca

    are you kidding me?

    almost every fucking male i have ever know has raped and molested me and you don't think i've earned that right?

    my grandfather, my father, my great-uncle, my cousin, my boyfriend, and four strangers, and that's not enough for me to conclude that all men are inherently rapists. fuck you. i don't care about your opinion. guess what? it's not your fucking call to decide that i'm ~throwing it around~ so fuck you.


    — Holy shit! Raped and/or molested by at least 8 people? Quick someone contact the Psychology faculty of Rhode Island University, and law enforcement. MLS clearly needs help and support.

    The problem here is that MLS has repeatedly used this to either garner support for her posts or to launch personal attacks on other LJ users who dare question a topic MLS has a vested interest in. Even so far as to attack other survivors. Unfortunately when all the other e-begging and lies catch up to her, it makes it very fucking hard for other survivors to have their voices heard and respected in a topic. And just to point out too, that MLS gives no fucks about male survivors. They can FOAD and probably deserved it anyway.

    On Tumblr

    MLS has had a variety of Tumblr's generally used to post 'thinspro' pictures disguised as beauty appreciation/artwork. Generally spamming ONTD with links back to her tumblr featuring feminist music and icons. The latest one is http://sparkleflaca.tumblr.com/ Which until recently had a donate button, but seems to have been removed upon discovery.

    Prescription Fraud

    MLS drugs of choice are Xanax and Klonopin which are generally not recommended for people of a history of depression, suicidal thoughts or alcohol and drug addiction, but MLS happy proclaims she pops them regularly to help her be a fucktard. During the first round of e-begging LJ user File:Lj-favicon.png spoggly proceeds to publicly post in her journal asking if she has her medications to which MLS says she's freaking out. File:Lj-favicon.png spoggly says that she will bullshit to her own doctor and get a script and then send the script to MLS on Thursday . When magic crisis of being kicked out was over and MLS says "Thank god I managed to refill my Xanax and Klonopin". So we can presume that MLS was bullshitting AGAIN and wonder whether Spoggly gave her scripts over, based on the word of an ADDICT.


    Feminist version of calm and rational
    I am really not sorry

    Madlovesong's hateboner for the LJ Admin File:Lj-favicon.png Brenden has reached epic levels. Being an LJ employee, a male, and generally not putting up with shit from 20 year old feminists, MLS believes File:Lj-favicon.png Brenden has over 9000 points of privilege so must be Satan. MLS can be found bawwing on SFD about how terrible File:Lj-favicon.png Brenden is for making a rape joke which no one can seem to find, or being a shitty mod because he won't ban who she want him to. Brenden had enough of Madlovesong around November 2011 and proceeded to ban her. Of course a male banning a survivor regardless of their behaviour should be executed by a firing squad consisting of naked feminist lesbians shooting sharpened used tampons....according to SFD. The rest of ONTD just rolled their eyes.

    When MLS returned as File:Lj-favicon.png orangesandcherry However File:Lj-favicon.png Brenden caught onto MLS and managed to reverse troll her for massive lulz. During a tag post someone tried to get File:Lj-favicon.png Brenden to add a tag called "LOL white people" to which MLS immediately hit "+1," but File:Lj-favicon.png Brenden promptly rejected because adding a tag that mocks a demographic specifically based on race might be considered racist. Of course you can't be racist against white people so fuck you! MLS made a baiting comment that it was "typical" File:Lj-favicon.png Brenden, but then in a spectacular turn around Brenden outed MLS and asked whether he should just ban her crazy ass now. MLS replied that she was real sick at the time and was terribly sorry.

    That lasted all of about a week.

    no, and i'm really very sorry about that. i was extremely sick at the time thought(sic) thats no excuse for my behavior. i am sorry


    —orangeandcherry using the Mental Illness defense.

    brenden legit told me i shouldn't talk about my rape here (in posts about rape, let's be clear) when i asked him to ban someone who said "hahah this thread" in response to me saying i had been raped.


    —orangeandcherry showing her true colours and her apology was bullshit.

    no, it is not. there are no trigger warnings on ONTD, and there is plenty of racism/misogyny (as there is on jezebel, but i digress.) just because people are daring to be slightly more respectful of others on the internet ... it's not a tragedy. and i'm sure brenden is fine, he doesn't give a fuck, as long as he keeps getting paid.


    —orangeandcherry on being respectul on the internet

    no one cares what you have to say, pedophile. or, i'm sorry, you probably prefer ephebophile, my bad


    — Orangeandcherry to quizblorg showing respect by calling him a pedophile.

    jumping in here, but is quizblorg really a pedophile?


    — itsafunny_thing asking a pertinent question

    i would say so. he gets hard for all those underaged boyband (1 direction etc) members ranging in age from 13 to mid adolescents.


    —kapuki234 providing hard evidence that liking boy bands makes you a pedophile.

    lol, k, except he fucking didn't. none of those people linked to have commented in this post, therefore there are no hypocrites here to speak of.

    and he's a pedophile racist, so who gives a fuck what he has to say, lbr


    —orangeandcherry re quizblorg discussing what is a hypocrite.

    Being a mod File:Lj-favicon.png Brenden obviously started getting tired of MLS continual aggressive attitude and started banning her accounts as soon as he was made aware. This was despite MLS's attempts to placate Brenden directly, and trying to befriend the other mod to protect her from Brenden when she invariably told someone to go fuck themselves. This despite both mods working in the same office LMAO. This has caused her love/hate obsession with Brenden to reach new heights now stating that he is stalking her Tumblr. Stand by for Statcounter/IP logs and PMs posted to her Tumblr to catagorically prove it is indeed File:Lj-favicon.png Brenden....




    Therapute started generally posting in ONTD and The Question club is is generally full of [16 year old girls] and pedos such generally insightful questions such as Why is water wet? What is this bloody discharge coming out of my vagina? and the suchlike. However in communities like these, users can make friends IRL and proceeded to be the way with Therapute. However an incident between Therapute and File:Lj-favicon.png Yesterday_Laugh made an accusation against Therapute about theft, and it seemed to stick around long enough for people to become suspicious. Therapute suddenly went quiet. The journal was quickly deleted...well according to MLS 'renamed' until that was found out to be bullshit, but OMG she forgot, why are you so obsessed.mp3?


    The main protagonist, the loud, bold SJW darling of File:Lj-favicon.png SF_Drama and File:Lj-favicon.png ONTD a regular anon in File:Lj-favicon.png SFD_Anon the attentionwhoring became so overwhelming to MLS, she proceeded to out herself and apply to be namie mod. And this is where the real drama begins.

    • Are you white?
    • Are you a male retard and attempt to post discussion articles on ONTD_Feminism?
    • Are you heterosexual?
    • Do you have a Mental Illness?

    Well if so, then any opinions you have on any subject is fucking WRONG according to MLS. You have nothing to contribute, and you are either a Misogynist (yes women can be misogynists...especially those straight ones), mansplainer, piece of shit, and deserved of a righteous smackdown by two SFDers and 18 socks. It works like this;

    1. MLS cruises the snark forums of File:Lj-favicon.png ONTD, ONTD_P, ONTD_F, File:Lj-favicon.png SF_Drama for ANY post that possibly discussed rape, assault or MI.
    2. Waits until it gets to about 50+ Comments and hopefully one man has made a comment.
    3. Drop a post about her personal rape/MI experiences in graphic detail. Even better if a male has posted a 'women really should not walk around alone in the Ghetto between 2am and 5am in a miniskirt for their own safety.' You are policing their body and lifestyle choices you mansplaining faggot.
    4.  ?????
    5. PROFIT

    This generally derails the post while the thread fills up with "Sorry for your situation" comments. Flaca has not only locked the post out from discussion, she has proceeded to make it personal. Whoever tries to comment on the original subject or GASP, disagrees with Flaca's statements have personally insulted her, and she has every right to launch a full on personal attack;

    • '"How dare you discuss MY rape experience!!!"
    • "You are minimizing my rape"
    • "You are raping my rape experience with rape.
    • "You are a victim blaming enabler."'

    The poster who disagrees in most cases hasn't even touched her situation. At this point her allies honks of indignation cause them to start dogpiling anyone who tries to steer the topic back on course, even going so far to troll the users upthread before MLS even posted her tale of woe. Eventually it will end up on SFD which then starts even more trolling from SFD fucktards who have no idea what is going on, but when madwitch approves a post, then Have At IT!

    If you disagree with MLS, and are also a survivor, you better fucking prove it to MLS with actual receipts or you will either be challenged whether your experience was worse than hers, or completely ignored. Every survivor has to be completely damaged to the point of continually talking about it on public forums with interactive comments, and if any survivor managed to deal with their abuse, they are obviously lying or in denial and in need a psychologist. Aha! I see what you did there.

    If someone has the same mental illness as Madlovesong, then they are obviously faking it. She knows this as she is studying psychology, and can say things like "DSM-IV" or "disorder" or "retard" as a clinical definition. It became abundantly clear during the hissy fit between Vodkashakes and MLS over what is dissociative disorder when she accused him (because he had a penis so obvious privilege) that he was making shit up. MLS also has a history of doubting survivor stories (usually the ones she wants to steal) in one instance making a poll on SFDA whether a member was survivor material....A FUCKING POLL!! Thankfully anon has quite a few socks in the communities she mods, calls her out to which quickly backpedals.

    Last Thursday when a thread in File:Lj-favicon.png ONTD talked about some shit MTV show and one of the contestants was raped while unconscious with a toothbrush. The prospect of delicious tears of rage brought out the trolls who dared mention the phrase "allegedly" and "if proven true in a court of law..." This brought angry cries of Victim blaming, rape culture and All Menz are Scum. (A classic trap by the SJW, yet at least one dumbass falls for it every single time.) MLS couldn't help herself accusing one of the trolls of making her not come forward about her own rape, despite telling Livejournal and Tmblr every fucking five minutes in every random post. Troll File:Lj-favicon.png penis basically said "LOL at this thread." MLS demanded File:Lj-favicon.png Brenden should banhammer with impunity. Over in anon, MLS asked a question of whether she should publish private messages between her and File:Lj-favicon.png Brendenover at ONTD so that all could see what a shitty person he was to her. Half the peanuts roared 'YES, do it hes a dick' (totes not a gendered insult according to the hivemind) but some cooler heads say "LOL wut, thats kind of a retarded move. Fearing nothing, MLS proceeded to derail another thread by posting the true (lie) PMs between her a File:Lj-favicon.png Brendenwhere he had told her to stop posting personal details of her rapes in a snark Comm. You would think that File:Lj-favicon.png Brendenhad personally skullfucked the rancid, bloated corpse of Jesus in front of the Whitehouse. Screams of victim blaming and 'rape silencer' howled across Livejournal. Of course the asspat posts MLS hungers for like a crackwhore started up. Then File:Lj-favicon.png Brenden responded by posting a screenshot of the PMs between them where MLS comes of as a shrieking assharpy repeatedly calling him a piece of shit, ending whatever good will others had and told MLS to fuck off, and that File:Lj-favicon.png Brendendidn't do anything wrong. In the end, MLS actually had to make a grudge post to File:Lj-favicon.png SF_Drama using a sock, to which half of SFD pretended they didn't know it was MLS, and what was going down on File:Lj-favicon.png SFDA at the time. This is how much she fails at life and the internet. The hivemind at File:Lj-favicon.png SFD had a collective meltdown and How Dare Brendan post PMs between a rape victim and himself and he is a silencer, and a piece of shit, fapping to fantasies that Brendan would be fired by LJ, conveniently forgetting how much of a bunch of fucking hypocrites they really are.

    There is of course the Meltdown of SDFA seen here happening at the same time.


    Icanian was short-lived. This time as Lucy the Neruopsychology Student. Hope was initially high that she would appear in SF Drama and shout "Soshul Experiment guiz," but it was not to be. Claiming to be upset that anons were making stuff up she attempted to call out File:Lj-favicon.png Subluxate for socking the MLS grudge post, and was fucking wrong! She was swiftly told to GTFO by both SFDA and SFD. MLS claims to have refunded those people who have asked for their, which would have been those people who have amounts like $5 or $10, keeping the rest of the money for herself, and then strangely admitted in an apology to Origamicage that she had deceived her. For additional lulz check out the stoned anon post in YL journal.

    I know the intentions were out of kindness and this is why I am not mad.

    Well, as I am writing towards the end, you all pretty did suck at the time, but it's over now... The whole situation was handled without any of my involvement and the implications and other issues that you had no idea, no idea whatsoever about that could have really fucked a lot of things up for me in ways that are nobody's business and that really sucked. In fact, some people think...well, screw them. This wasn't a date for a prom. The timing.....couldn't have been worse in anyone's life. No, I am not under anyone's remote control, power, etc. Look, I don't blow smoke up people's ass and don't plan to practice now for the future. They start blowing smoke up mine now. It's done, it's over, you want to move on- great. Always loved laughing with all of you poking fun at the cholas. I also give you guys a lot of credit for making me feel so great when I couldn't believe things couldn't get much worse. I am so punch drunk..did that make sense? The pregnant manicu. She was talking to me...ohhh Fuck. Oh. Oh... Klutzy, I remember feeling so bad, so sorry for her situation. Now wonder. That goes with that....ouch You know what, fuck it, it's all good. Let's move on, please? PLEASE? I still have no freaking idea how to get in this room tho. I upgraded the account, but what freaking account did I upgrade to? Please just freaking tell me. You'll know the results of my pap schmear in two weeks, why not this? I am freaking out I am so freaking tired. I actually ironed too today. Ugh Ok, There, I finally lied. Good night......


    —MLS being anon and sober..wait..she lied about doing the ironing???


    MLS returned as File:Lj-favicon.png orangeandcherry to ONTD and has wasted no time inserting herself back in the rape drama. This time she has been raped now by three abusers so that would be her father, Edward Cullen/the popular guy on campus and some random on /b. She is working hard to pay her dues including volunteering at a rape crisis centre, which has her being involved with victims discussing their abuse in detail to her, which is a rather terrifying thought.


    LOL yay me too? Really? REALLY??

    The obsession with ONTD continues with another account Flaca, the word for "Mexican whore." with just enough information attached to the account profile for people to figure out it is actually MLS. But remember shes totally not after attention or anything. Since ONTD is full of posts regarding white men, racism, rape allegations, abuse, and File:Lj-favicon.png Brenden (these posts are now called "Flaca Bait") you can guarantee that flaca will inevitably make an appearance.

    Flaca had kept a low profile on ONTD in the early part of 2012, but that suddenly changed in October when a post that white trash Lilo had been assaulted by a man that had been taking photos of Lilo that she didn't like, the irony that anyone using the internet has seen Lilo's snatch at some point. It then came out that the man in question was a Republican staffer. The trifecta of Flaca bait proceeded to explode within about two posts. Some ONTDers doubted the story initially because there were so few details. That caused Flaca to lose her shit that people were victim blaming. The response was "LOL Wut" when Flaca dropped her rape story to include the details that she was blind drunk at a party, so it is completely unfair to highlight that being blind drunk in a strange place. So suddenly the entire thread was changed to Assault = rape = victim blaming. Of course any disagreement proceeded to launch Flaca into a full foaming fit. In the end Flaca was banned for personal attacks, which Flaca now whines that it wasn't fair and its all a secret conspiracy of Brenden to silence Flaca and shes a poor poor girl just trying defend herself. Everyone is out to get you Rachel!

    In the Femdome, no one can hear you lie your ass off.

    File:Lj-favicon.png Vidriodeperlas

    MLS has returned as File:Lj-favicon.png Vidriodeperlas using the same information AGAIN, and linking back to her Tumblr AGAIN, making posts on ONTD in exactly the same vein as the other three incarnations AGAIN, only to be banned within two weeks again, and cry about Brenden on her Tumblr again. However MLS found a new playpen to draw on the walls with crayon in the community File:Lj-favicon.png bad_service. In this post, she tells the story that, because MLS has so many health problems, she is about to drop dead at any moment.(hint! hint!) Her abusive parents wouldn't be able to afford to bury her, so they need her on their insurance plan. You just know this is going to end well. So the interview apparently didn't go well where the assessor was being pushy and full of questions, and MLS was apparently forced to divulge her PSTD was due to sexual abuse, which is a riot considering she divulges her abuse in ONTD in every goddam post whether people want to know or not. Ultimately she fails the test and the insurance rep, male obviously, allegedly drops this;

    "you can't be surprised right, i mean, the way you described your life, it's like you're a powderkeg ready to blow at any moment. we can't waste money on that."


    —OMG thats like, totally inappropriate

    Of course File:Lj-favicon.png bad_service proceed to freakout about this situation, and rightly so, but then the shit proceeds to hit the fan when Amica actually responded in the post, in which they have identified they have recordings of the conversations in questions. Amica being unfamiliar with commie outfit Livejournal, demanded this post be taken down and reported LJ Abuse for TOS violations. Good luck with that one. The community proceeds to shit themselves that the insurance company has been stalking policy holders, and emergency supplies of tinfoil hats were immediately donned by the community to protect themselves from Amica's mind reading devices. For File:Lj-favicon.png Vidriodeperlas part, she has claimed that she never divulged any personal information at all, but may have tweeted the company, but we don't know because the twitter account associated with Vidriodeperlas has mysteriously been deleted! It was more than likely was easy for Amica to trace the tweet back to all links that Flaca uses because she can't seem to NOT post crap about herself all the time. However Amica did fuck up despite trying to protect their brand from a known liar, they seemed to have no idea how far SJW will go on social media. So threats and retweets against Amica began in earnest. This was also posted to File:Lj-favicon.png SF_Drama which unleashed the fury of Femdome, committing themselves to File:Lj-favicon.png Vidriodeperlas' cause, not actually knowing who she was...and it was poetry when they found out.

    So while everyone was outraged over Amica's post File:Lj-favicon.png Vidriodeperlas stirring up the situation, it didn't take long for a few people to realise that File:Lj-favicon.png Vidriodeperlas was madlovesong. When evidence was posted to File:Lj-favicon.png SF_Drama that it was MLS, SFDA proceeded to launch attacks against the posters

    "take ur e-grudge somewhere else pls"


    File:Lj-favicon.png aschvanzandt having no clue about how SF_Drama works

    MLS actually outed herself in SFD thanking the OP for the post and no doubt testing the waters to see if SFD would allow her back into the fold. However this was immediately shot down and MLS went on the defensive that she never actually triggered anyone, that she never threatened suicide (Oh yes you did Ms I would rather die than be back on the streets so I need this money now) more rape details and a statement that if anyone wants their money back they can email her the paypal details. So if you didn't ask for the money back, you had obviously given tacit approval. Oh, and EVERYONE knew about the thefts when MLS was a made a namie mod. Uh huh.

    November, November, A day to remember

    During a standard fare File:Lj-favicon.png SFDA post where anons were busy fapping to gifs of a preteen children's cartoon aimed at girls, how nice their farts smell, how str8y women suck, which man who posted in Livejournal or their Tumblr deserves to be dogpiled, or how hard it is to An Hero, an anon posted an innocuous comment that stopped time itself.

    does anyone have an idea how to make ~$300 in a month or so? it's an emergency situation, to get out of an abusive situation or be homeless. btw, i'm disabled and can't work. i know survey sites pay out, but idt it can get that much in such a little time


    — Anon Distress signal

    ask for donations b/c tbh i'd gladly pitch in

    you can try amazon turk and microworkers, also [no offense] you could try webcamming or finding a sugar daddy.


    —Honest answer from Anon: Find a man

    Since the word "abusive" attracts damaged anons to a thread like a syringe full of heroin under a large net attracts a junkie, support flowed in A few pages later TNGANON posted a chipin link to which Madlovesong proceeded to anonfail thanking her, but then edited her post crying tears that she anonfailed. Of course you would think, being an SFDA mod she would immediately delete the comment so other anon users wouldn't see it, but no, it was left up. All part of the plan.

    so, my fucking mother has decided i must pay her $300 by Dec. 1 or she will kick me out. she knows i don't have that kind of money, (my only income right now is a monthly disability payment of $400), and i can't work. i know its not just an empty threat because she kicked me out before and I spent 9 months homeless. i just can't do that again. i'm not strong enough to go through that again.

    a friend of mine offered to let me move in with her, but shes out state, and i have to stay here because i finally have a treatment team i trust, as well as a specialist i see for lupus.

    i just don't know what to do. i'm wracking my brain trying to think of things i can sell or come with money and i really have nothing

    i hate her for doing this to me, for leaving me sobbing with no options. i don't have a car, i dont have savings, no credit or credit card. i don't know what to do. i just keep popping klonopin hoping it'll magically help, but there is no way i can come with the money, i don't want to be homeless again.


    — Oh Noes!

    Most of anon proceeded to shit themself in tears of sorrow that a namie was in trouble and began to donating their drug money and/or disability payments. But something was afoot and a few anons started to get suspicious and voiced their concerns. How dare you become suspicious in the femdome came indignant cries to such questions. All survivors tell the truth about everything.

    At the same time MLS makes a post in Womens_Survivors begging for money along the same lines as the SFDA post, but tagging it as a Mod Post. This goes down as well as expected that MLS is begging for money in a community full of socks and abuse victims, particularly only to beg for money to stay in the same abusive relationship according to her. In a flash of brilliance for MLS, she realised she could coax more money out of the suckers / victims, and ups the amount to $500

    Another post goes up in anon and Tmblr from MLS that was major dramaz! She would be kicked out by tomorrow. MLS then proceeds to threaten An Hero if she is homeless again like she was for for "most" of last year, unless anon comes up with the money now!

    Anons now proceed to Signal Boost the Tmblr post. Someone in anon points out that threatening suicide is rather manipulative and a bit of a dickmove. MLS completely agrees and removes it from her Tmblr but leaves it up on LJ for lulz. Wank breaks out in Anon about whether the An Hero was really a manipulative threat for donations or a cry for help.

    But 24 hours later, crisis over. MLS is allowed to stay at home in the abusive relationship. Anons started to post "Called it" but were told to STFU by the damaged anons because this behaviour is totally part of abusive behaviour paradigm. Suddenly anon starts an "education drive" to educate other anons about what abuse actually means. This generates massive wank as threads break out from anons accusing other anons of not understanding but then 'No U' starts being thrown around like monkey shit. Trolls actually had nothing to do for the evening as namies and anons all turned on each other.

    Suddenly in File:Lj-favicon.png SFDA File:Lj-favicon.png sunsetsinthewes spectacularly anonfails saying she doesn't 'trust' MLS. Like a fatty on a glazed ham, the waters in SFDA frenzy with blood with anons screeched GTFO. Thread after thread of raeg and hate that someone called MLS untrustworthy. This was a gift for MLS, that something shiny in the distance had distracted the feminist hivemind from asking pertinent questions. All she would have to do is sit on her ass, shut the fuck up and wait for it to all blow over right? Well you would be wrong faggot.

    MLS posted that she had banned sunsetinthewes in the survivor comm because she wouldn't respond to a PM asking why she believed Ms Innocent here to be untrustworthy. Almost immediately a few anons told her banning a survivor she didn't like a bit of a dick move. MLS then started backpedalling again saying she didn't ban her, she left, but later would turn out to be a lie, and MLS had quickly unbanned her, which resulted in this gem

    Yes I lied about banning her then but I'm telling the truth now.


    — Totally not what an addict says amirite?

    Meanwhile in TQC a completely unrelated post was made about the time when someone betrayed you. LJ User Yesterdays_Laugh posted that someone had hurt her feelings when they stole heirlooms and jewellry. Some e-detectives quickly figured out the perpetrator was actually Madlovesong. As dox were dropped, the trolls started posting links in SFDA. Suddenly MLS went quiet and threads were starting to get deleted in multiple comms. MLS bawwed in the SFDA that other mods were deleting her comments and it wasn't her, and anon completely believed her.

    Yesterday_laugh then made a warning post in TQC about her history between her and Madlovesong, but unfortunately made the heinous mistake of calling MLS a liar and doubting her story. MLS responded TQC bawwing that Yesterday_laugh didn't just PM her, her and it was a complete misunderstanding. At the same time MLS posted in anon and Yesterday_Laugh was lying about the theft. Like sunsetintheves, anons squealed in outrage that Yesterday_laugh obvious didn't believe MLS was raped or that she was going to be kicked out, which Yesterda_Laugh never even raised. Feminists never tell lies you slutshaming whore! The rest of TQC looked at each other, rolled their eyes and went LOL SFD.

    Anon then called for Yesterday_laugh to come to anon for a frank and candid discussion of the events between her and MLS. (Its a trap) Actually believing Anon would be civil about this, Yesterday_Laugh made a post, but then found out she was banned from posting in SFD_Anon. All e-fingers correctly pointed to MLS who insisted she didn't, andwas telling the truth... this time, only to receive a smackdown from another mod that it was indeed her who did the banning. It then comes out that YL was pre-emptively banned from MLS journal, but accidentally the Modded Communities checkbox. At about this time MLS allies were starting to realise they were being fucked over and yelling at MLS to STFU about everything

    Being somewhat dim Yesterday_laugh did eventually make a long-assed post detailing MLS theft of heirlooms and cash and essentially lying her ass off about a lot of things. Anon completely understood proceeded to troll the shit out of Yesterday_Laugh for doubting the word of a survivor and that it was Yesterday_Laugh who was being a victimblaming ass for telling people about how MLS operates. However the damage was done, and the majority of anons were now demanding the mods take action, and MLS to start refunding. The Only ally left was psycho hambeast Muskeeterrowan who was threatening to catch and eat anyone who spoke bad of MLS.

    The admins finally got their collective fatasses into gear...and held a meeting. The mods then proceeded to troll anon by saying they would issue a press release shortly. All the while MLS was posting in multiple anon threads protesting her innocence, only to get caught in more lies. Also in massive lulz, MLS anonfailed a comment about Sims Medieval, which she promptly deleted. After about an hour, the admins advised they were demodding MLS and would review her modship because of deleting the Sims Medieval comment. Within a few hours, MLS started trolling the mods by continuing to post. At this time it came out that the year in a shelter was four months, which yes was terrible, but whats a few extra months eh?

    In the aftermath that was the meltdown, and MLS was banished from the femdome, there was only one thing left to do. Make a grudgepost about the mess in SFD. THis started massive wank about how mean and cruel it would be to do such a thing to someone mentally ill, but the trolls with their semen encrusted keyboards started sending up posts only to be blocked. File:Lj-favicon.png Morphine informed anon that no victim blaming posts would be approved by SF_Drama The same File:Lj-favicon.png Morphine that previously posted a pathetic grudge of a locked anxiety community which a teenage, mentally ill idiot posted something offensive her. Even in anon posters called fucking bullshit and madwitch was looking like a fucktard giving preferential treatment to a mod in File:Lj-favicon.png SFDA. MLS socks allies were also issuing threats that anyone posting a grudgepost would be flamed into next Thursday.

    she isn't approving this


    File:Lj-favicon.png Morphine Why no Grudgepost

    ok but seriously why? its not victim blaming. No where in the post does it ever imploy that she isn't in an abusive situation.

    Theres no reason to post this other than your personal shit


    —Anon seeking clarification

    Asking for money (particularly as a mod) to get out of an abusive situation


    File:Lj-favicon.png Morphine laying down the law

    Thats not victim blaming...thats what mls has been saying


    — Anon trufax

    which isn't sf_drama's business


    File:Lj-favicon.png Morphine being retarded when losing an argument.

    you're a fucking hypocrite

    so you'l make people feel unsafe in a social anxiety group and say MI isn't an excuse when it is someone you don't know, but if it is a friend you'll block posts. you're and asshole, a hypocrtical asshole

    maddie let a victim blaming post through recently so don't pretend she decided on her own.


    —Anon to File:Lj-favicon.png Morphine

    Parusa_Parusa finally made the post, and the results were massive lulz. With wringing of hands and e-tears, the regulars denounced the poster as a horrible grudgeposter and that MLS has a mental illness and yes she did terrible things, but how is this fair? SFD completely failing to understand that they enabled the whole fucking scenario in the first place and that they grudgepost other people ALL THE FUCKING TIME. In response MLS started to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING. The main lulzworthy comments was Momotarukun insisting that grudging someone SFD hated like Silver_coins is totes different from grudging someone more'trusted' in SFD like madlovesong. Its not hypocritical, its different. Oh and of course outdatedclocks would post a comment that a grudgepost about an SFDA mod is not the time and place to air grievances about SFDA mods. LOL wut?

    On Discovering This Page

    most of it? no. i did steal from a family who was helping me, that is true, and i am in an abusive household rn, and i'm paying them back as i can monthly (as we have contracted - legally), i am also in treatment for several mental illneses. the majority of that ED entry is crap tho, and i can't believe someone wasted that much time writing about "me."


    — Flaca stunned that people keep notes of other people's behaviour, actions and words. Future clinical psychologist right here folks.

    Despite this page is full of fail and AIDS, this page is linked enough to whatever fake account MLS is using enough to flamer her out of ONTD. This page was suddenly blanked Last Thursday by an account under the name stoopchick. Stoopchick/Fucku was recently featured in drama last month, when SFDA and HMS_Anon (Over at Dreamshit) was hacked (You can't hack a community where the mods dish out passwords like candy faggot!) and deleted by Fucku/Stoopchick. Fucku claimed 'her Gibs0n wuz hax0red' and armed with such personal information, hackers started deleting anon communities...yeah makes perfect sense.

    Why does Fucku have any interest in blanking this page? Because she was MLS? In a surprising move members of SF_D and SFDA all managed to stop collectively masturbating with their MLP toys in front of wall sized portraits of Lauren Faust, and launched their own investigation. It seems one of their members was under constant harrassment and their top e-detectives discovered it was that rotund piece of shit File:Lj-favicon.png op_tech_glitch who according to Fucku had managed to password reset an account that was linked to various accounts. But then it doesn't make sense for OTG to blank this page since he hated MLS as well, so suspicions are still rife that during the finger pointing on SFDA, MLS, who still lurks there, quickly whipped up an ED account and went for the killshot.

    message the mods of women_survivors and ask them if i EVER "stole" someone's sexual abuse story and make it my own. but please. take the word of the 40 year old basement dweller op_tech_glitch who made that disgusting ED page because he is obsessed with anon and young women.

    and for the record i have paid back every cent i ever stole.


    — LOL not even close...and no you haven't paid everyone back.

    How You Can Help

    • Troll SFD and File:Lj-favicon.png SFDA mercilessly by asking for money. When told to fuck off insist you are part of the trusted SFD crowd.
    • Make sure you have a Mental Illness in your LJ profile. If you disagree with any SFDer and they look to make a grudgepost, start shouting that they are snarking someone with a Mental Illness and threaten to An Hero
    • Link this article back to any Namie who attempts to post in other communities.
    • Make trolling posts in locked communities. When caps are uploaded to SFD for snark, report the user to LJAbuse for making posts to call for harrassment of LJ Users. Nothing will actually happen, but it will piss off Brendan who has to read the LJ Abuse reports.
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