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Please to be voting for James Webb

Welcome to America

While trolling a campaign appearance by Virginia Senator George Allen in the name of his fearless leader Che Guevara, terrorisor Shekar Sidarth experienced a vicious reverse-troll in which Allen called him out on his racial handicap. Emotionally scarred by the incident, Sidarth engaged a super-effective 1337 counter reverse-troll by posting Allen's comments on YouTube becoming's Person of the Year in the process.

From Macaca's Eyes

Some argue that Sidarth just took advantage of Allen's epic self-ruination.

What is a Macaca?

The truth is, in fact, that nobody actually knows what George Allen meant by "Macaca" since it is not actually a word or racial epithet as much as Allen just being a fucktard. While the Daily Kos and the rest of the liberal blogosphere was abuzz after the incident with cries of "zOMG RACISM", the fact is that if Allen wanted to be truly racist, he would've called Sidarth out as the towelheaded camel jockey sand nigger that he is.


George Allen's campaign totally jumped the shark after the incident and it gave Jim Webb, a batshit NRA and Reagan fanboi who wrote lulzy books about whorefucking a fighting chance to win the election against the incumbent. As it turns out, Allen is a rich half Jew, so he probably got confused and thought he was running for Senator in Maryland where a sekrit Jew cabal could have secured his election instead of Virginia which is completely filled with crackers.

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