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    Max "Elsie" McBride is a twice-desysopped Wikipedian, angsty fag, and Wikitroll extraordinaire. His specialities include "protecting" biographies of living people, running database queries, making Aspie Wikipedos scream like little girls, and protecting children.

    McBride is a renowned cross dresser. Past names on IRC have included Marybelle, Annemarie, and Susan. His BFF is LaraLove; the two can usually be found editing pages within seconds of one another. McBride is also best buddies with Gregory Kohs and delights in selling admin accounts, database dumps, and his love to the Kohster.

    Gregory Kohs and Max McBride have frequent meetups in Washington, D.C., Cincinnati and the Wikipedia Review where they plot the demise of the Wikipedia Jews. Little does McBride know that Kohs is a Jew himself.

    McBride is an Wikipedo admin who actually vandalizes. McBride once had a page in his user space called "Going rogue". It was a how-to manual for the Wikipedia admin on how to use admin tools to trash Wikipedia. Needless to say it was censored by butthurt Wikipedos. No worries! You can view the deleted content here.

    Wikicourt cases

    MZMcBride was sued twice in Arbcom. In the first one, he went on a lulzy deletionist rampage against "Secret Pages" and other "Game Pages", places where Wikipedoes engage in tomfoolery. These pages are central to the Wikipedia's user interactions since they are basically playgrounds where the admins can molest kids and other underlings. Therefore, the butthurt Wikipedos sued MZMcBride in Arbcom.

    The second time, McBride was sued for giving lists of unwatched BLPs over to the banned sockpuppet Gregory Kohs to vandalize. It turns out that Gregory Kohs had a sockpuppet who was a sysop.[1] McBride was found out by the ever so watchful Arbcommies and dragged through a court circus a second time where the Wikipedia Jew Durova got her chance to pounce on him.

    Regardless of how many times McBride goes to Wikicourt, McBride will always end up winning regardless of what kind of sanctions they impose upon him. This is because he is in it for the lulz.

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