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    Old media

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    MSM redirects here. For "Men who have Sex with Men", see homosexuality
    File:Breaking News Slap.gif
    Always hard hitting.
    Old media is known for it's highly accurate dating
    How oldmemes went viral
    Why God invented broadband

    Old media, sometimes referred to as mainstream media, is an increasingly irrelevant collection of communication and entertainment techniques and conspiracies that are heavily biased against you and your political viewpoint and philosophical stance. Therefore, everything bad that happens is most likely the fault of old media. As old media is old, it's neither cool nor funny. If you ever meet a member of the old media, be sure to give them AIDS. Old media is constantly screwing with our minds by telling us what to think. Also, parents love to endlessly discuss how the media corrupts our youth.

    Last Thursday, the old media (New York Times) finally covered ED, much to the chagrin of moralists everywhere.

    How new media corrupted everyone 4EVAR

    First literacy corrupted the youth according to older generations....
    Then books corrupted the youth according to older generations...
    Then radio corrupted the youth according to older generations...
    Then comic books corrupted the youth according to older generations...
    Then television corrupted the youth according to older generations...
    Then video games corrupted the youth according to older generations...
    Then easily accessible Internet corrupted the youth according to older generations...
    Then smartphones and tablets corrupted the youth according to older generations...

    Luckily, we have impeccable older role models to tell us that we are permanently doing it wrong!


    1. Radio
    2. Television
    3. Tabloids
    4. Magazines
    5. Newspapers
    6. Web 1.0
    7. MRI
    8. BBS
    9. Email


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