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    File:MCM pokemorph.JPG
    Typical characters on Multiverse Crisis.

    Multiverse Crisis Mush is a MUSH. MUSHes are like MUDs, except you can't gank noobs, and instead have to roleplay doing so. Similar to Tapestries or FurryMUCK, except it's only 90% furries. If you're into such faggotry, set up your client of +1 to Virginity to connect to port 5001 url eddie.rpg-works.net -- If you are HARDCORE NERD, use your Telnet client on your computer already.

    Multiverse Crisis Mush (also called MVC, which the furries complain about constantly) was created at least a thousand years ago when the current king/director of the place decided that all the other video game roleplaying places didn't have enough Pokemon in them, and his own little Pokemon place failed utterly, mostly because of faggotry.

    The game

    The main story is of a flux that occurred ten or so years ago in the game world, which united every fictional world (and some RL ones) into a big fuckin' planet. A giant sphere that mish-mashes every type of terrain imaginable, even space itself, which is explained away by the retard admins as having air but zero gravity. This level of creativity makes them suitable employees of Marvel Comics.

    The Factions

    On this mush, you can be either Union, (gud gais) The Confederates (while not actual rednecks, they still hate niggers) and some people that nobody cares about. (Unaffiliated) It's a lot like the left and right wing of American politics, except more people pretending to have e-sex with each other.

    The Admins

    • Agent Jones - A fat, unrepentant FF7 fanboi who plays Sephiroth, who for some reason was not insane or a faggot (yea rite) among others, such as the Metroid Queen. (obvious vore fetish) Like many of the MCM admins, he will pretend to be cool with you as long as you have more power than he does or something he wants. Got fired because he couldn't handle the crowds of people seeking to join the faggotry of the place. This is because he suddenly got a life and it turned him emo.
    • Charon - The self-named Gripestaff, mainly because since he is 30 he assumes he knows shit better than everyone else. While being a man-the-harpoons fatass, and having at least two BBW ex-girlfriends (now starring in internet porn, not kidding, he actually told people about this stuff on NC-channel) he is a total asshole when not confessing he is the nicest person in the world. Was originally okay before contamination by other staff members, excepting bizarre furry fetishes.
    • Reliant - The actual person in charge of the mush. He once played Proto Man on Mega Man Mush before he realized that the presiding admins there would not allow for his faggotry, since their own faggotry was much greater in comparison. While for a long time he seemed okay, he quickly became frustrated and began to lash out at everyone when the amount of apps appearing in the mail box became too great for his wapanese app-staffers to handle.
    • Fearless Leader - The king of the mush in name only, Fearless Leader (aka Red) plays that kid Ash from Pokemon, like, the TV show. After being kicked out of Video Land for wanting his Pokemans to be sentient (something Sinistar would not allow, as he loves the bestiality angle on Pokemon) he came to form Multiverse Crisis Mush, then allowed it to be taken over by Eta Carinae and Nefarian, because his self-esteem is divide by zero.
    • Govic - A giant-robot obsessed furry who once played Solid Snake on Video Land, like Fearless Leader, he left because noone liked him. He is in charge of the nigger-haters (Confederates)
    • Nefarian - While she/he/shi is appstaff, he never does any work and mainly trolls the NC and Confederate channels looking for sexor with Eta, the former coder who made the utterly borked in-game combat code. Once made a giant event in which her characters (and several admin only characters) were turned into Succubi by Kefka (also an admin, big surprise) and they then proceeded to totally rape the fuck out of the game in general. Needs to become an hero.

    Ballad of Ash

    • Fearless Leader a.k.a Red really liked playing Ash from Pokemon, for whatever reason. He also really liked girls in comas/dead. While internet degenerates on MU*s and other text games are not at all uncommon, the following illustrates just how spineless and creepy the staff in question can be.
    Anonymous: I don't remember really how we started talking in pages, but we did
    Anonymous: And he was like, 'Oh, my fetish is very weird, a lot of people are scared off by it' 
    At that point, I think, 'Fuck. I'm a conneiseur of weird fetishes. What's the worst he can do?' 
    So I tell him to lay it on me. He explains it, and at first I do a couple of scenes with him.
    But it's pretty hard to actually RP someone in a coma/statis/etc because, well... there's... fucking nothing to do.
    Anonymous: So basically every pose it would be like, 'So and so hasn't waken up yet, she is still cold and dormant just as you requested'
    Anonymous: As he kissed, fondled, etc. I'm not sure if he did actual penetration, but I'm thinking not.
    Anonymous2: So did you tell him at some point that you wanted him to leave you alone, or?
    Anonymous: So we had a few scenes like that. I think there was one that he suggested Misty from Pokemon
    be in stasis, and Ash wake her up via kisses, fondling, etc.
    Anonymous: No, it was back on um... that one MUSH. Tiny Sparkles. 
    But anyway, that was right around the time that the head wiz found out her ex-boyfriend and I had something going on, and got super psycho
    Anonymous: Banned me from the MU*
    Anonymous: I was eventually let back on, but he'd sided with her
    Anonymous: And after that, I just stopped talking to him, mostly because I was uncomfortable with him 
    and he went into too much detail about how he wanted his women compliant and pretty much, more or less dead
    Anonymous: I mean, he was always sure to mention that he would never do anything necrophilia-y, I think
    Anonymous: But more or less, I mean, what the fuck.
    Anonymous: He just really wanted a chick that couldn't do anything back. 
    I think he'd been rejected a ton of times and it was the only way he felt that he could get any
    Anonymous: I don't remember the boatload of crazy shit Ash used to say to me though
    Anonymous: he used to try to justify his weird fetish
    Anonymous2: oh?
    Anonymous: And more or less confirmed that he felt the only way he was going to get any was if a girl was in a coma
    Anonymous: Yeah
    Anonymous2: so he'd just say weird shit to you?
    Anonymous: Well,  I would usually ask, wtf why... but once it started coming out, there was no stopping it
    Anonymous: I think he told me a few times that he was socially awkward with women, 
    bad at socializing in general, and that he felt he was too ugly to get a woman. 
    But then he would say things like, how much it turned him on when a woman was asleep, or cold, or in stasis... and when I'd mention to him necrophilia, 
    I think he more or less told me that he might want to RP it but that no one would with him.
    Anonymous: But he was largely undecided on necrophilia, I think. He kind of used to bop back and forth between a militant 'no' and a 'maybe'
    Anonymous: If I remember correctly, anyway
    Anonymous2: jesus christ
    Anonymous: He was super creepy but ultimately I think he was just... fucking weird, really.
    Anonymous: Fuck.
    Anonymous: I remember why I quit MU*ing for a while

    What these guys love

    • They love when people connect and use the @chat g=[repeat(%b%r,999)] command repeatedly. Or you can use 'say ""', or 'pose', or whatever the fuck you feel like doing. They love it to pieces.
    • Apply for characters who are exactly the same except gay. This makes up about 90% of the game population anyway. They may complain it's overdone.

    People who play on MCM

    File:MCM Integra.jpg
    Seras and Integra gettin it on.

    External Links


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