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    Hey! Big Thumbs Up.jpg This article isn't lulz just yet, but its coverage can spark a lollercoaster.
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    Spanish warrior getting gored for massive damage, not to mention extreme butthurt

    Probably one of the most overly-used and shortest lived memes in video game forum history. The phrase came out of E3 2006; this video-game producer Bill Rich showed this game Genji at the Playstation 3 press conference. He says the game is about battling and battling in AIN-SHUNT japan real time weapon change, attacking, fighting, swording, salashing, and stapping. Teh guy said that it's all about "famous battles which ACTUALLY took place in Ancient Japan." Then he fights a "giant enemy crab" that actually existed in AIN-SHUT until they got extinct by tentacles.

    Current Meme Status

    At present, MASSIVE DAMAGE is a second-rate meme that is primarily used in video-game forums (i.e. Gamespot) as soon as anyone asks how do i get beat the boss they get at least 100 replies telling them to "flip it over and hit the weak spot for massive damage". The sad fact is that this is basically true for most video games. The only time it was ever funny was at the time of the actual press conference. It should be okay to use this sparingly.

    You can also inflict MASSIVE DAMAGE on otherkin, furfags,trolls, and anything else that isn't human to begin with. Destroying these will make you the lulz of the internetz, even if you decide to go an hero! You will be honored because you did it for great justice. Go for it. NAO.

    Note that almost all massive-damage pictures come from Wii fanboys from Wii60.com.

    How Does It Work?

    Weak points are usually in the middle of some guy, in the stomach or the back, or even eyes and head. Oh, and this isn't really innovative, every single other boss in every other single game has a weak point. Common meme for when somebody gets attacked and or pictures show massive damage. You can see it on the internet. This technique can be used on cats and other animals, combo-chains and what not. .massive damage is also in that game VIVA PIÑATA by rare.

    Sometimes even a sacrificial offering of McDonald's or some other junk food paraphenilia can be used to lure the succubus out from its dwelling. For the lulz, ask a gamer who does roleplay, such as that of the WoW or the D&D kind. I bet that they know where all the private spots are that will make you say, O rly and then you go for it. Neuter those evil bastards and do it FTW! You know you can. Remember not to shit your pants, or you will be labeled as a /b/tard, a shitard, or even be suggested you wear a diaper.

    Shitting your pants will not only alleviate your bottom, but you will be condemned to furfaggotryhell. Forever.



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