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    Lyndon LaRouche

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    Heart monitor.gif
    This person is dying of terminal old. Please comfort them in their final moments by reminding them they will soon be a rotting corpse that nobody cares about.
    Larouche exploits azn children to make his signs

    Lyndon Hermyleione LaRouche, more commonly referred to as "the old fucktard", is a crazy Jew-hating Jew who wants to rule the world. His policies have been commonly criticized for being buttfucking insane. He has been running for president for the last 38 years, unfazed by the fact that all of his attempts have been gigantic failures, first as a (National) Socialist Labor candidate, then on the Random Fucktard ticket, and finally as a Democrat, even though they've shown that they'd rather run a nigra named after a terrorist than have anything to do with him. Compare this to the interwebs fueled super-success of Mr. Medieval himself, Ron Paul. LaRouche also doesn't seem to care that his good ideas have already been used by someone else who didn't do so well after a few years.

    So? Who cares?

    His followers tend to be extremist IRL trolls, often engaging in cosplay for absurdist street theater demonstrations and verbally assaulting passersby, shouting nonsense at them about geometry and cold fusion. They do this because the alternative is to go home and listen to motivational speeches by LaRouche, in which he will explain that anyone who doesn't make him a pile of money is a cocksucking faggot with brain fungus and mommy issues, a traitor, and possibly also an Englishman.

    His greatest accomplishment in life has been to make Alex Jones look reasonable and respectable. He also successfully predicted the nuclear wars in 1976, 1977, 1979, and 1984, and the Soviet conquest of the US in the 1980s. Many think he does this just to sell more of his books, although internal sales figures show that the best way to increase sales of LaRouche's books is to have someone who's not LaRouche write them.

    Not to mention his 1988 conviction for Federal income tax fraud and conspiracy. Read all about it in the Jew York Times. Lynnie, that all-American misunderstood political hero, spent five years in the slam. His Wikipedia bio makes considerable hash out of this, because both he and his WP enemies like it that way. You also can't "prove" he's an anti-semite, although he has tossed the word "faggot" around occasionally. Takes one to know one?

    His favoritest snack in the whole world

    Despite having been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, LaRouche has established himself as the most successful long-term economic forecaster on the planet by predicting imminent global economic meltdown in every year except 1991 (when he predicted sunshine with scattered pussy showers). When the 2008 financial crisis inadvertently proved one of his predictions correct, he hurried to add the claim that billions of people would die if he weren't given plenipotentiary economic powers immediately. He wasn't, they didn't.

    Filthy English! Sex! Drugs!

    Unlike most people, who blame the Jews for everything that goes wrong, LaRouche blames the British (but clarifies that the British are actually controlled by a degenerate subspecies of Jewish bankers). His blaming the British for everything started when his wife fled from his tender embrace to go live with a Britfag, exclaiming, 'At least Cyril doesn't insist that lubrication is a Bilderberger plot.' He is also willing to give the Democrats in general a pass despite numerous hilarious things that have happened during the rule of Democratic presidents. It is important to note that while LaRouche trusts the governments completely, his first rule is never trust a businessman since they are all thieving cunts like him; this is the only thing about which he has ever been right.

    According to Lyn, the British also invented sex, drugs, and rock music as part of a Babylonian conspiracy to destroy America and promote Aristotelian empiricism. (They then went on to invent homosexuality, video games, masturbation, the Internet, and pretty much everything else that anyone on Earth finds fun.). His explanation for why the ancient Babylonians were conspiring against a society that would not exist for several thousand years hinges upon the simple assumption that his enemies are vastly more intelligent than he is. (This is true.)

    He loves FDR even though in part because it is common knowledge among conspiracy theorists that FDR did 12/7 in a failed attempt to invent the weeaboo, in addition to Rosenfeld's family fortune having been made in the opium trade to an extent beggaring the tangential involvement of Queen Elizabeth's, which he takes for solid evidence that she is a major cokewhore. No one faggotizes and molests harder and deeper than the Brits, of course. They've had 1500+ years of "practice", while Lyndon is just an old fart from Virginia.

    Plus, in recent years he's been unable to shut up about Barack Obama and his betrayals of 'Murica and this-and-that. Includes a "special report" comparing Niggah Barry to al-Qaeda and bitching about the Benghazi mess. A PDF you can download for the low, low price of only $100 American US! Jesus and greenbacks save!


    One of the biggest fuckups in Wikipedia's early history was the epic and retarded editwar over the numerous articles about Lyndon and his "political ideals", whatever those are. It included two of the dumbest arbitrations ever seen, plus shit-tons of noticeboard screaming and banninations. Most of this shit was written by faggots and Jews and ass-eaters, of course: Chip Berlet and his cock-starved slave Dennis King, with the able assistance of super fag hag SlimVirgin, her vaginas Jayjg and Will Beback, Adam Carr, Brian Corr, John Kenney, and other administrators. Today all the LaRouche articles on Wikipedia quote extensively from Berlet's ravings about the old man. Thanks for all the lulz, suckers!

    By the way, over 9000 of the banned people on Wikipedia, who then migrated over to a permanent spot as Wikipedia Review mods that complain about Wikipedia in TL;DR ways, were originally banned for being LaRouche fanboys. Such as the ever-loving and thoughtful Herschelkrustovsky. He's still on Wikipediocracy today, running their blog and mumbling about "raw deals".

    Propaganda Videos

    Fair warning, in front of a camera he becomes even more of a crushing bore.

    The Faggot Rant

    From 1982, saved for your protection by Dennis King, because lulz. Notice the deliberate misspelling of "homocidal". Whatta comedian, although we have no idea who or what this thing called "Henry Kissinger" is. "Roy M. Cohn" was probably a nigger.


    August 3, 1982

    According to a variety of very authoritative sources, Henry A. Kissinger is not a Jew, but a faggot.

    I will not tolerate any denial of civil rights to a person who happens to be homosexual. Ordinarily, a homosexual is like an ordinary person suffering the affliction of nasty boils; one recognizes the distinction between the person and the affliction.

    The problem with Kissinger is not simply that he has a homosexual personality. The problem with Kissinger is like that of that flaming, fascistic faggot Roy M. Cohn, who is justly hated by most of the ordinary homosexuals of the United States, and a number of those from other nations. Similarly, Henry A. Kissinger is no ordinary, common, garden-variety of homosexual. His heathen sexual inclinations are merely an integral part of a larger evil.

    One does not need to catch Henry in flagrante in the Carlyle Hotel, or with a Roumanian waiter in Acapulco. Whatever he does in particular hotel-rooms, or after meetings with Roy M. Cohn at certain New York City restaurants, or by arrangement of certain California acquaintances, need not be reported here. Kissinger may wash (one hopes) and dress, before leaving a hotel-room. He does not, and cannot change his personality.

    To a trained eye, the evening television news-broadcasts over the past ten years have provided all the evidence needed to recognize what Kissinger is. I recognize him in the same way, and with the same accuracy I can tell by looking, the difference between a cat and a dog. Psychologically, Henry is a distinct species. He is of the species some psychopathologists prefer to describe as an extreme anal variety of sadomasochistic personality, of the same pathological type as organized crime's Roy M. Cohn.

    Put Kissinger and Cohn under similar circumstances of stress, and each will behave on all crucial points of psychopathology like the other.

    Take the case of Roy M. Cohn's physical assault on Barbara Dreyfuss, or Nancy Kissinger's, the "Newark Strangler's," homocidal behaviour more recently. Normal public figures do not strangle every person who says something they do not like. More lies have been told internationally about me, for example, than any living public figure of the past ten years; I have never had an impulse to strike a journalist for such reason, nor, I am more or less certain, does President Ronald Reagan, or any other psychologically normal or reasonably normal person in public life. We say of such public attacks, "It goes with the territory." We have more important issues with which to concern ourselves. Not so in the case of narcissistic, anal sado-masochists such as a Kissinger or Cohn.

    They are not psychologically normal. They are something very, very sick.

    Most citizens have noticed about Kissinger, that he explodes into irrational rages very easily. He exhibits a distinctly unmanly testiness. Sometimes, before a classroom at Harvard, or in attempting to play confidence-man with a foreign head of government or diplomat, Kissinger pretends to be "all charm." As long as he believes he is being admired, or admired for reasons of fear, Kissinger can be almost generous, more or less "seductive" in the way some confidence-men--of the sort who wear too much perfume, and too much jewelry--often are with prospective "suckers." Cross Kissinger, rip away his narcissistic, anal self-delusions, and his impulses turn instantly homocidal -- as Pakistan's Bhutto recalled vividly before he died by Kissinger's decree.

    Kissinger is the kind of homosexual personality who ordinarily makes a potential professional assassin, a gangland thug for hire. Next time you see him on the television tube, especially when he is registering indignation, think the words, "Bugsy Kissinger," and watch how well those words fit the image on the TV screen.

    Call Roy M. Cohn "a nasty little faggot" in public, and Cohn instantly finds himself seized by an uncontrollable grudge-urge to kill. He will nurse that grudge over years; he will be obsessed by it. He will return, again and again, to projects intended to destroy the person against whom he holds that grudge. It is not necessary to offend Cohn directly to stir up such a grudge-obsession; it is merely sufficient to be a person Cohn believes to stand in the way of some petty ambition of his at the moment. He doesn't mind being a faggot; he objects to being viewed as "unmanly," as a "nasty little" anything.

    There are, unfortunately, too many persons who suffer the same mental disease as Kissinger and Cohn. One pities them; no human being, however wretched, should have to continue suffering the condition in which a Kissinger and Cohn exist; the problem is that very foolish people, world-wide, have given power to such homocidal types.

    To understand the kind of faggot Henry Kissinger is, what Roy Cohn is, think back to the Emperor Nero and his court. Think of Studio 54, then of Nero's court, and then of Studio 54 again. Think of Roy Cohn's parties (faithfully reported in exaggerated, name-dropping detail, in the New York Daily News). Think of Nero, and then of Kissinger, and then of Nero, and then of Roy M. Cohn. That is the kind of faggot Henry Kissinger is.

    That kind of faggotry destroyed Rome. Will you permit it also to destroy the United States?


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