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    Lulznet (also known as irc.scriptkiddiesrus.org) is no different from Lulz.net, a website devoted to homosexual furries raping the shit out of each other. Reports indicate they have a similar-sounding name because Anonymous can't think of anything more original than the word "lulz". Lulznet is a group of wannabe /i/nsurgents corrupted by fags who think they own the chans. Lulznet is like the World Bankers Organization of the chans. Their goal, besides the lulz, is to unite all chans into one New Chan Order or some other bullshit.

    On October 19th, 2007, all 9 supporters of Lulznet decided they weren't acting butthurt enough and hadn't created enough drama to satisfy their burning need for attention. Thus, a DDoS attack was launched against 4chan. This solved everyone's problems in a mature, responsible manner, and the internet went back to normal.

    The downtime following this cowardly decision has been so originally termed "The Caturday Nap of 10/20/07".

    Origins of the network

    Would you trust this faggot with your IRC server?

    Somewhere in the cesspool of social decay and human filth raidfags decided it would be a good idea to drag everyone else down to their level of retardation. While all the other chans, and ED too, had their own channels and were as happy as could be, 4channers with 4channers, 7channers with 7channers, 12channers with the rest of the pedos, this /i/nsurgent says "Why don't we just combine them all?" This was an absolutely fabulous idea. Except of course that Kirtaner uses a shitty IRCd and 12chan is lazy and moot was eating soup and, shockingly, nobody fucking likes each other. But our good friends, the 3% Fuckwit Patrol, went ahead with it anyhow because they envisioned themselves becoming Kings of the Internet.

    The Caturday Nap

    Butthurt kid who found a GNAA chan spammer.

    Then someone had the bright idea to enter #4chan on Rizon and demand that moot and ALTERNATIVE join Lulznet or suffer their wrath. Apparently, User:Kakama5 thought this would work. moot said he didn't care, much to everyone's surprise. He claimed he had other issues at hand and left. The DDoS began, 4chan went down, and a massive shitstorm was whipped up, the likes of which had not been seen in weeks, perhaps even months. 4chan mods bawwwed at each other, bawwwed at the users, and bawwwed at Lulznet. 7chan mods bawwwed at anyone who would listen, Raidchan mods continued masturbating to furry scat porn, and eventually Lulznet sank into a pool of its own gurgling, glistening failure, like some hideous misinterpretation of God's work being sucked into a primordial tar pit.

    The DDoS attacks on 4chan stopped early in the morning on the 21st of October, but moot acted like a butthurt little bitch and wouldn't turn the site back on for days. 7chan, disabled by a tag-team of faggot bandwagon kiddies and mod abuse, redirected to Habbo Hotel for a time. Since the raidfags still felt a hint of loyalty to 420chan which previously housed them, it remained untouched and continued to make the entire world just a little bit gayer every day by existing.

    What Started It

    Caution: What follows are some of the most butthurt, childish, furry-raping antics you will ever see on the internet. If you are not a ten-assed shit-stomping cock shelf, you will be disgusted by the passage below. If you are a ten-assed shit-stomping cock shelf, welcome home. It should also be mentioned that one Anonymous with delusions of grandeur, Kakama, pretending he is The Borg, is not representative of Anonymous as a whole. Locutus of Lulz= kakama, chan namefag who still really hates namefags and will avoid using his name as much as possible. My tripcode is boRgSeRVE6 ~Kakama <--Still a namefag

    <Locutus_of_Lulz> We are Locutus of Anonymous
    <Locutus_of_Lulz> You will respond to our questions.
    <Locutus_of_Lulz> Your use of a public IRC netowrk is less efficent for Anonymous and to you.
    <Locutus_of_Lulz> We have established a large and stable network, just for Anonyous
    <Locutus_of_Lulz> Lulznet.
    <Locutus_of_Lulz> irc.lulz.net
    <Locutus_of_Lulz> aka irc.partyvan.org aka irc.lulzhost.net
    <Locutus_of_Lulz> It is the combined servers of many chans.
    <Locutus_of_Lulz> 7chan has joind, fapchan as well; 420chan will when they update their server software.
    <Locutus_of_Lulz> the /i/nsurgents built it off our several servers.
    <Locutus_of_Lulz> The Patriotic Nigras have added their servers.
    <Locutus_of_Lulz> Great things are afoot.
    <Locutus_of_Lulz> We will await your return
    <Locutus_of_Lulz> But we know that moving #4chan onto the central node is most efficent for all parties.
    <moots> not happening
    <moots> irc is stupid
    <moots> go away
    <Locutus_of_Loli> We do not wish to hinder the progress of 4chan
    <Locutus_of_Loli> But we must sadly attack until /b/ conforms to the will of Anonymous.
    <Locutus_of_Loli> We shall double the dataforce.
    <moots> uh okay
    <moots> i am going to go make soup now

    Lulznet tries to make a sucessful /i/

    After 420chan died, d0d.cc died, and all the other failure /i/ boards died, the administrators of lulznet thought they should take a shot at it. Their shot was off by miles. On 11/19 their board was flooded, and is still being flooded as of 11/20.

    Once the flooding died, it was actually almost ideal as /i/ in that it had a gore background and was hosted overseas, in Taiwan. 7chan linked to it under the name /joey/ for a time, until it was too slow for them to give a fuck. Of course ‘hosted’ is used in the sense that a parasite sneaks into a host and hides there, without the server owner, er, the host, knowing they are there. Due to this it is even slower then ED, and everyone uses 711chan for /i/ with Partyvan as a backup.

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