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Lulz in hell Trollfags

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Don't fuck with furries! lulz
LIHTF enjoys his favorite pastime.

At some point in the YouTube Furry War, WWWWHAT43 (trolling alt of FrizzleFry101), trolled a furry known as TheLionKingLipsync, a furfag in Quebec, Canada, his reaction was to try to mimic WWWWHAT43's page, and attempt to troll the other trolls by acting like a moron and threatening to kill people.


Lulz_in_hell_Trollfags, or LIHTF for short, real name; Pierre-Luc Potvin, made a YouTube video of an angsty victim of fursecution firing a gun into the head of an alleged troll while a large cat face overlooks with a swastika on his head. It is so ridiculous and over the top that most people who see it will think that it's a joke made to make furries look even more retarded than they already are. Whether or not he actually walks his walk is yet to be seen. If he does, he'll go to jail and get butt-raped (public threats on the internet make it a little harder to get away with the lulzy act of murder). On the other hand, if he doesn't back his shit up, he'll look like a bitch. Either way, furries lose!

WWWWHAT43 gave LIHTF the phone number of another furry as his own, LIHTF has been calling this number, unknowingly screaming at another furfag, until he closed his account.

Interestingly enough, as a french Canadian, LIHTF would have a VERY difficult time obtaining anything to actually carry his threat out WITH. Merely OWNING a handgun without the proper registration in his country is a serious pound-you-in-the-ass prison offense, and those registration records are indeed public. Many lulz are to be had to the first troll to obtain any record of him owning a firearm or lack thereof; if he does not have one, his bluff will have been called out for the shit that it is, and if he does, his threatening images with the a firearm AS a firearms owner will earn him a quick visit from the RCMP party van courtesy of ED. As before, either way, the furries lose! GO FOR IT! CALL OUT HIS SHIT! Make sure to mention his threatening videos, since he's so bad ass and all he won't care. He can handle the RCMP. He's just that fucking awesome, obviously. TOO LATE!!!!

Recently, Pierre-Luc Potvin's account was closed, as per his description of it on his WikiFur page (see external links at the bottom), for racist content. Yes, that's right, the person who tried to avoid persecution of furries in turn persecuted others, thus proving furries are the number one group least deserving of life. He seems to be doing all right.


Just before he closed his account.
Fursecution is srs business.
The original macro was pulled from a white supremacist website. Somehow, we don't think the skinheads would take kindly to a furry borrowing their material.
Lulzinhelltrollfags ups the ante.

"Fact: Finally, Trollfags are just people who are really bored and need attention. Because they have no goals/passions in their life... Most of the time, it end in a collective suicide around 30-35 years old. Sadly... we have to wait, ... Or... Kill some at Lulzcon ;)"

His lulzy video (LULZ IN HELL TROLLFAGS 2/1,000)

Here's his terrifying death threat! VIDEO NOT AVAILABLE re-uploaded by a fellow fur-hater. deleted again for hate speech. Download here: Pierre's shitty archive.

Prank call

LIHTF tries to prank call someone, but fails at getting a lulzy reaction. He speaks in French Canadian (French's equivalent of redneck English)through the whole thing, which causes the English-speaking "troll" to hang up. LIHTF sees this as a victory claiming that "Trolls are too scared to talk to me!". What makes LIHTF's failure worse is that it was all a set up and he actually called another furfag.

Rebuttal video

Here, LIHTF shows the world how "butt hurt" the trolls are by showing that they mentioned him on Encyclopedia Dramatica. The quality of the video is kinda shitty so you can't tell what's going on. However, he sure did show those trolls!!! (baleeted)

Counter Trollery

lol deleted

Butthurt Gallery

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In Real Life

Not surprisingly, he's a huge faggot IRL. Srsly, look at him.

Fucking Furfag

Oh lawdy, he bought a shit colored fursuit. Pictures as recent as Sept 2011

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