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    Info non-talk.png See: Lulz Map, IDIFTL, The Comprehensive Theory of Lulz


    Scientists have carbon dated the first use of lulz to Jameth.
    So you came here for the LULz? the Dutch claim otherwise.
    Ohio has the highest concentration of lulz in America.
    There are, however, no lulz to be found in Hollywood. We all know why that is.
    I did it for the lulz
    On ur shipments, corruptin ur lulz.
    The infamous lulz turtle.
    The infamous lulz turtle in first stage battlemode.
    The infamous lulz turtle rapes a Mudkip.
    The infamous lulz turtle in his final and most lulzy form.
    The anti-lulz turtle. LOLWUT!?
    Ye olde time lulz turtle.
    The Teenage Mutant Lolz Turtles (TMLT)


    In the beginning was the Lulz, and the Lulz was with God, and the Lulz was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all trollings were made; without him nothing was trolled that has been trolled. In him was drama, and that drama was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.


    —Gospel of John

    █▄ █▄█ █▄ ▀█▄ is a corruption of L O L, which stands for "Laugh Out Loud", signifying laughter at someone else's expense (from the German concept of "Schadenfreude"). This makes it inherently superior to lesser forms of humor. Anonymous gets big lulz from pulling random pranks. The pranks are always posted on the internet. Just as the element of surprise transforms the physical act of love into something beautiful, the anguish of a laughed-at victim transforms lol into lulz, making it longer, girthier, and more pleasurable. Lulz is engaged in by Internet users who have witnessed one major economic/environmental/political disaster too many, and who thus view a state of voluntary, gleeful sociopathy over the world's current apocalyptic state, as superior to being continually emo.


    You're driving on a two lane highway, listening to music and whatshit, and suddenly, you see two people go in front of you and box you in, going at a shocking 20 miles an hour on a 60 mile an hour lane, forcing everyone to get in your way. The asshole in front of you decides to pull a prank and slams on his brakes. You cannot react in time and rear-end his car. He speeds off in his stupid lunchbox and the other guy takes an exit. Luckily, you get the guy's license plate (U42-6MN, Tampa, FL). You look up his information through the DMV, find his address, and launch your assault. Every waking moment of his life will become a swirling torment of pain and misery. He will begin to look before opening the shower curtain, because half the time, you will be there with a knife in hand. He will not cross the road because you will be there waiting to run him over. He will not cook with salt because he thinks you laced it with cyanide. His life, terrorized. For the lulz. Win.

    The term lulz was coined by Jameth, and is the only good reason to do anything, from trolling to rape. After every action taken, you must make the epilogic dubious disclaimer: "I did it for the lulz." Sometimes you may see the word spelled as luls or lolz, but only if you are reading something written by a faggot. Pro Tip: If you feel particularly pretentious, or if you're talking to Frasier, use the term "epicaricacy" instead of lulz.

    lulz  Noun --- (lul-zz)
    1. The act of entertaining oneself with the misfortune of others; an 
    agreeable occupation for the mind
    2. Something affording pleasure, diversion, or amusement, 
    esp. a performance of some kind.
    3. The essence which can be derived from an epic win.
    We did it for the lulz.
    A corruption of lol.


    Below is a conversation said to have been held between Jesus and Putin. Whether it is apochryphal is disputed by black person

    Putin says:
    what's the etymology of lulz
    i know it's derived from lol
    but how did it acquire the "u" and the "z"
    Jesus says:
    well first off
    a semantic shift had been undertaken to coalesce 'lol' from an 
    abbreviation into a noun.
    after the noun became established, multiple grammaticalisations 
    could be carried out, such as verbing, declining and such and such
    however, the 'act' of 'lolling' became too equated with stupid 
    fucking faggots, so it came to be abandoned
    and, by simple survival of the fittest, it is the pluralisation 
    'lols' that came to prominence
    Putin says:
    Jesus says:
    once 'lols' became established, it underwent multiple 
    such as 'lawls', 'lalz', 'lolz' etc etc
    until the canonical form 'lulz' became codified by the great 
    king Unbar of the Undernets*
    Putin says:
    oh man
    Jesus says:
    this was done in part to subdue the last of stupid fucking faggots 
    by building a wall of self-referential sarcasm
    similar to the rift between the old and the new testament
    whereby the christians are like 'lulz fuck jews, they're christians 
    who haven't evolved yet'
    but at the same time they're like 'lulz we bow before jewish prophets 
    and we use jewish words like 'hallelujah''
    so it is then to cover the embarassment of having grammaticalised an 
    internet abbreviation as stupid fucking faggots did
    Putin says:
    Jesus says:
    and so it to sever all possible ties with them,
    that the vulgarised form 'lulz', albeit unorthodox, has been assumed.

    *This allegedly refers to either Ceiling Cat or the proverbial Éminence Grise of the Internet, but there is disagreement between black person, see Neumann 1977 and Smith 2002 for further discussion.


    Beginning as a plural variant of lol, Lulz was originally an exclamation but is now often just used as a noun meaning interesting or funny internet content.

    According to the media, Lulz is a corruption of LOL, which stands for laugh out loud. It is part of sekrit code used by evil domestic terrorists in their attempt to ruin innocent peoples' lives. These terrorists, known as "Anonymous" get lots of "lulz" from staging "invasions" of children's websites such as Habbo Hotel.

    According to Mattathias Schwartz of the New York Times, Lulz is "how trolls keeps score" and is defined as "the joy of disrupting another’s emotional equilibrium". Given that lulz has been extensively covered by both FAWCKS NUUZ and the NYT, it would seem to be notable; however, it is only accorded one small section of the Wikipedia article on Lol.

    Senior Dramacrats believe lulz originally came from trolls on LiveJournal, where it was then spread by our very own website. The chans would pick it up later, proving the unifying ability of lulz, as detailed below.

    Lulz is the one unifying force in the world. Those experiencing it are bonded mentally and emotionally. It is the greatest experience you will ever have. Your first 'lulz' is akin to achieving your first orgasm, only magnified. If one is truly experiencing the lulz, they will be invulnerable to all attack. Lulz is known to show other life lessons by any means necessary, such as to not download CP, especially under the alias you use for everything else and to not be an attention whore.

    Using lulz in your spoken vocabulary also makes you a faggot, and increases the likelihood that you will never get laid.


    IRL lulz

    • fo0bar saw a California car with a LULZ license plate driving in Reno. Surrender your secrets to me!
    • Amnesiac found out that London Underground calls itself "LUL" internally. The precise amount of lulz generated by this discovery is unknown, but presumed to be quite low.

    Further developments

    The beginning

    Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. And God said, "Let there be lulz," and there was lulz. God saw that the lulz was good, and He separated the lulz from the anti-lulz. God called the lulz "Encyclopedia Dramatica," and the anti-lulz he called "Uncyclopedia." And there was pr0n, and there was pedophiles  E

    the first internets.


    —Genesis - The Bible

    Ancient version

    In ancient times they referred to lulz as lvlz as in:

    <augustus> Byzantivm was pvvnd this morning.
    <nerva> lvlz

    An early scholar of lulz was the Roman poet Lucretius, who described the phenomenon at least one hundred years ago:

    It is pleasant, when the sea is high and the winds are dashing the waves abovt, to watch from the shore the strvggles of another.



    —Romans loev Schadenfreude

    Modern Times

    1. Ask not what your lulz can do for you, but what you can do for your lulz. - John F. Kennedy.
    2. We have nothing to fear, but Lulz itself - Franklin D. Roosevelt
    3. I did it for the lulz - Jack Ruby
    4. The lulz squared is equal to the butthurt of the recipient squared multiplied by the value of the prank squared. - Pythagoras.


    n. to be completely engulfed in hilarity; can also mean a completely uniform lol. Example:

    <mike> n00bs are stupid
    <dan> lol
    <bob> lol
    <alf> lol
    <mike> totalulz

    The lulz scale

    The Lulz Scale, currently in development by Encyclopedia Dramatica staff, will be used to rate everything OTI on a simple scale of Lulz. The Lulz Scale will vary between 0 and Over 9,000. A prototype has been released by a fan of Teh Lulz.

    The prototype Lulz-O-Meter

    The Lulz Equation

    Founded by an AnonymousTip, the Lulz Equation can be used to build up Lulz in a numerical fashion which in turn may be used to boast about how big of an asshole you are.

    The Equation is as follows:

    Lulz = (C+R)-r*(M/Q) C = Comedy R = Victim's rage r = Your rage M = Your material Q = Quality of the material

    All variables are based on a scale 1-10.


    Frunz is the complete opposite of lulz. See also anti-lulz.

    Limits of lulz

    No matter how lulzy you think something is, it has a chance of being anti-lulz or just plain wrong:

    Some times not even the lulz are worth looking at fuckloads of weird furry pornography.



    yes they are



    Fun fact

    The word "lul" means cock in the Dutch language, so whenever someone says "I did it for the lulz" they are quite literally saying "I did it for the cock."

    Random shit

    Lulz in different languages

    • English - Lulz
    • British - Lawlz
    • Canadian - Lol eh?
    • Australian - ridgey didge!
    • German - Schadenfreude
    • French - lélz
    • Jamaican - HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE
    • Finnish - reps
    • Sweedish - lölz
    • Arab - ههههههههههههتهههههخههههههععهههههههتتههههههكهههه
    • Jew - לולז
    • Greek - σαδισμόϊ
    • Hindi - परपीड़न-रति
    • Hungarian - káröröm (Schadenfreude)
    • Japanese - wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    • Chinese - File:Lulz-Cantonese.jpg
    • Russian - Лол / Trololo
    • Italian - Sadismo
    • Norweigian - Sadisme
    • Spanish - Casi me cago
    • Czech - Sofistikovaná zlá sranda
    • Croatian - Sadizam
    • Slovak - Váľať sa
    • Slovenian - Sadizem
    • Polish - O kurwa! / Beka w chuj
    • Romanian - caterincāEor mâţĀ
    • Turkish - haha kop!
    • Vietnamese - Tao làm vì cái lulz
    • Serbian - Садизам
    • Portuguese - Risosz
    • Estonian - Lõlz
    • Yiddish - לאָל
    • Thai - ซาดิสม์ and 555555555
    • Belarusian - Хаz-сE°z-сE°z
    • Pig latin - ulz-lay
    • Dutch - Lol (This predates /b/, and even the internets.) Forgot about "Leedvermaak" eh?
    • Danish - LOL!
    • Macedonian - Seir
    • Indonesian - wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwk
    • Malaysian - WAKENABEB
    • Chanisian - trolulzulzulzulzulz

    The Lulls

    Phonetically, the English pronunciation of lulz is also homonymous to the word "lulls", which has Quantum Deep Significance and stands for the fact that no matter how hilarious any gags happen to be, they will eventually become unfunny if repeated too often, at the wrong times, and/or by the wrong people. When this occurs, the lulz can effectively become the "lulls" in the humor continuum...which open up into gaping, sucking holes leading to the Anti-Lulz. You never know when the lulz will suddenly let you down - and the only way to not be at risk for that occurring is to ensure that the lulz never truly matter to you. What would happen if the tables turned and the lulz stopped being funny because the laughing-with turned to the laughing-at, and you became the target? The moment this begins to matter to you, all hope for you becomes lost. Therefore, it has to not matter, ever...at ALL.

    This shit was actually just made up by some asshat lawn gnome trying to pass itself off as a troll, and thus must be completely disregarded by your awareness, RIGHT NOW.

    Guaranteed lulz


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