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    Luke Springett

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    The ass photo is just my friend taking a picture of me going to bed drunk.


    —Luke Matthew Springett lying about being a faggot


    On July 9, 2010, images of Luke Matthew Springett appeared on 4chan. These images were of himself posing for the camera - showing his asshole, cock and balls and even shoving a buttplug up inside himself. They were posted along side his Facebook profile. Luke Matthew Springett is a young britfag who likes movies such as The Sound of Music and Gay Porn.

    How it all began

    Photoshopped? I think not
    More about the faggot Luke Springett

    It all began when self-proclaimed 'bitch in heat' Luke sent the pictures to Anonymous on a gay dating website - begging Anonymous to accept the faggot as their slave - to humiliate and degrade (Luke's perverted profile). As his profile states, he is a 20 year old "bitch in heat", experienced in vanilla secks only, and looking for some one experienced to show him the ropes of Bondage/bdsm, watersports, Puppy training, feet/pits, Degredation/humiliation.

    Well lucky for Luke, Anonymous knew that degredation and humiliation were /b/'s speciality. So Anonymous set Luke some tasks - very simple tasks, that any faggot could've completed, like shaving all his body hair off from the neck down. Why? Well who wants a hairy pussy on a faggot.

    Luke's Downfall

    But did Luke obey? Was he a good slave to Anonymous and do the tasks as completed? No, he did not. He was no better than any other camwhore that leads someone on and should be treated the same. Once Luke ran off and blocked Anonymous on MSN all his information and photos soon appeared on 4chan. The thread was very successful and people contributed to find more information about Luke. After few minutes, we found out all information we needed, so we started to send him messages over Facebook and sent a email to his school, with nude pictures of him. We are still awaiting reply from his school.


    After all this was said and done Luke deleted his facebook, twitter, blog and perverted profiles. Only to bring them back a month later to avoid butthurt when he some day wishes to be a teacher, as our sources from the bop tell us. Here was an entry from his blog stating that his faggot life was "ruined" and that the photo's were photoshopped - but really Luke? There's no need to lie about how sick and depraved you are - having to beg men to fill you with their cum.

    Ok, so basically my life is over.

    I had my facebook, my twitter, and my hotmail hacked and everything is just screwed up. I have de-activated all my accounts and I’m not going to go back on them for at least two weeks, so I know that it all will have blown over. I think know how they got my password, I used an open internet connection in London on Thursday (at a starbucks or something) and they blatantly got me from that.

    Whoever it was, photo shopped pictures of me, and put them all over Facebook and sent them to some of my friends. I don’t know what the pictures are because I deactivated my account, all I know is they are porn/naked pictures. I don’t even know why someone would do that! I got this email from a random saying all my personal stuff was on a picture board site and after wiki-ing it I’ve realised that basically my life is over.

    They’ve probably sent them to everyone on my friends list, to the uni, basically to every single person I know. (I’m praying my parents don’t find out). They like to destroy people’s lives for fun, and I think I’ve been a victim of this.

    I didn’t really realise today how much information is on my Facebook page. I recommend to anyone/everyone that reads this blog you seriously consider what you have on your Facebook and what your privacy settings are.

    So today I’ve been a victim of cyber-bullying and institutionalised homophobia. I went to give blood earlier (as I was a regular donor before uni and blood stocks are low). I knew from previous sessions that being gay was going to be an issue. I got there filled out the forms and I was at the point of having a blood test, then basically they said that because I’d had sexually contact with a man I was no longer eligible and I should leave. I tried to explain to them that I didn’t have hiv, I was tested regularly etc... that didn’t seem to matter/ I literally burst into tears in the middle of the room had enough time to say that the NHS was hypocritical and then I literally ran out the room.

    So all in all, a pretty shitty day, also it’s so hot I’m actually dying and my life is a mess.

    That is all, blogging is the only thing I have left (I think) so if you need to contact me, contact me here on or my phone.

    (My trip to London however was amazing, spent a great day with Lorelai, and had a date with JJ. It was so nice I didn’t really want to leave/go home)

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