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    Her amazing MS Paint depiction of herself in Shaymin form.

    LuigiSpiritKeeper08, or Paigie E. Jones as she lvoes to be called by her friends, is a schizophrenic devianTARTlet adored by thousands for her unofficial conceptual artwork of such modern greats as Pokemon, the Mario Games and even Sonic. She has recently earned a local internet reputation as an incestuous target for her older brother, who - as a known paedophile from Louisiana - targeted her for some good ol' cyber sex. Her life has been hard and arduous ever since her mother abandoned her at a Walmart store after her father was killed in a tragic motor cycle accident last Thursday - September 11th 2001 (no seriously that's true).

    Ever since this horror struck, her mental state has quickly declined, living in a state similar to the popular film, the Butterfly Effect; waking up multiple times in different conditions believing she's married, suffering from fatal injuries, nursing a dead friend, before of course being jolted into reality - realising she's locked away in an asylum deep beneath England (her birth country).

    She currently attends a bleak school in South Manchester, England, where her amazing creative talents are squandered by the art teachers who are far too stupid to realise drawings don't need to be good to be considered good drawings. Naturally, as her life went on as such an amazing artist, like a fly to poo she was drawn to deviantART, where her work was finally given the attention it deserved!

    ...theyre nice, ive made them, cookie dough is better makes it crunchier...


    —Luigispiritkeeper, on Pokemon food

    Her Journals

    A screen-cap showing her loyal supporters...

    Luigispiritkeeper started life on deviantART with a big bang, within weeks attracting other fucktards, very much like the beginnings of the Universe, except with fucktards instead of Hydrogen particles. As with all Universes, it was bound to come to an end. The initial period of popularity/joy she experienced soon finished once her star started to diiiiiieeeee. Trolls soon picked up on such a ripe lolcow, and so the milking began!

    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    From this journal alone you can tell just how BAT SHIT INSANE this girl actually is, moar liek how BAT SHIT INSANE she claims to be for the sake of her friends attention amirite?. Of course all the things she denies in the journal are in fact true, she was in close relationship with the man she now calls her brother (a twenty-six year old angry-faggot-collector from Louisiana; bringing the age difference to twelve years - what a whopper; that's what she said)!

    Of course the journal was successful and she got the attention she oh so craves!

    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    Burn the heretic!

    This was one of her first journals revealing her mental issues to her friends in such a modest and not exaggerated way. Of course none of it's true. She's not an insomniac, she may have been unhappy after the recent trolling, however it was nothing more than two frowns - definitely no tears.

    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    Mental Health

    IRL. The straight jacket's for a reason!
    File:Ink blot.gif
    FACT: Paige felt attracted towards this blot, mainly considering it looks similar to her boyfriend: black and lumpy.

    Once again after being trolled recently, her eating problems return! Except this time she's morbidly obese instead of being anorexic. Her journal goes on to comment on how she has RMD, which basically is where she experiences seizures while in anger. This is one thing she isn't lying about, considering live footage has been caught during one of her seizures!

    Anyone coming into contact with LSK (Paige) or her friends cannot help but speculate on what the fuck is going on in her head. Of course they normally draw the same conclusion: not very much. However, a detailed profiling of her psyche will reveal an entire bucket full of personality disorders just fighting to be seen on the surface.

    • Schizophrenia: It is now widely accepted that Paige suffers from Schizophrenia, and not the good Daffy Duck kind. She regularly shows off her inability to think in linear or simple pattern, her thought path instead being as erratic as her menstrual time-table. She is also often found talking to herself, as well as holding arguments inside her head (which is thought to be the major cause of her facial spasms). She also likes to shout at birds and inanimate objects - most notably a Thomas the Tank Engine toy which she believes is her dead Dad.
    • Split-personality: She also exhibits the good kind of Daffy Duck Schizophrenia! Having many other personalities, each named after a letter from the alphabet. The two most notable are Paigy L. (Lamaira) and H. as well as the now dead Y. L. is now her most popular, this personality is the one married to her 26 year old brother - how romantic!
    • BAT SHIT INSANE: She has shouting fits everyday as well as bouts of being celestially happy --> critically depressed --> demented --> suicidal, each one of these accompanied by a problem, either RMD, obesity, anorexia or insomnia.

    Those pesky Trolls

    Being so deliciously flammable, Paige soon found she was being targeted by Trolls. This led to her blaming all negative events in her life on the aforementioned Trolls - even her uncompromisingly low intellect!

    Her devianTART page nowadays is regularly spammed with things criticising her love of older males and her general insanity, causing Paige herself to post more and more schizoid journals, making the Trolls lulzier and lulzier, before they spammed/trolled her once more - it's a vicious circle...

    Her "Family"

    The fucktard in the video... Obviously awaiting anal from some farm animal.

    Amidst the dark and gloomy clouds the Trollz brought over her, there rode a breed of fucktard seen many times before on dA - the White Knight. They consistently fight back on the side of the Lolcow. Paige has gathered a very large (and still growing) host of these she now calls her "family".


    Her ex-BF/now-brother BurningLJ - confusing ain't it?

    Paige has found this many a time on devianTART, first with an eighteen year old German, who soon rejected her after realising her mental condition. The next to come along was the best friend of her ex. This guy soon - even despite loving her - gave her up for the next of Paige's spouses to move along. BurningLJ has been the longest and most intricate relationship Paige as experienced, given with the first one, it was merely a GF/BF relationship, the next one followed the pattern, being more developed, during this one the whore actually managed to become engaged! This pattern continued yet more! Eventually ending up with Paige marrying BurningLJ, her most recent, however, once the paedophilic nature of their relationship was spotted, they soon lowered their relationship status from married couple to brother and sister (hmmm, that doesn't quite work...). However, BurningLJ is still married officially to one of Paige's split-personalities, Paigie L., or Lamaira! I SMELLZ INCEST!


    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    Over the years Paige's art has come into criticism many a time, of course the critic has normally been somebody able to draw well (for example her art teacher), who, in fact told her it was so terrible she should drop art as a subject. Being Paige of course, she twisted these words around completely.

    In the screen-cap above you'll see a comment from Paige concerning her art teacher telling her that "her comics are so good", which - if you've observed Paige over as little as a week - you'll know is a total lie. Paige used to moan in comments about how her art teachers in-fact were total idiots who knew nothing of art.


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