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    Luigi's Death Stare

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    Luigi death stare art.jpg

    Luigi's Death Stare is an intimidating new meme, a recurring nightmare, and the cancer that is saving the Wii U, thus preserving the Nintendo legacy as a whole. With its sales and popularity plummeting, and people having been burned out on similar-looking Mario games for years now, shit was looking bad for everyone's favorite foreign video game company. A grave had already been dug out for it right next to Sega's.

    The Japs in charge foresaw this, and knew it was time to cut the happy crap and kick up the competition. Microsoft's shooter games were dominating the simple lives of average gaymers, but all it took was one mean look from one familiar face to give the kid-friendly Nintendo platform some fresh, much-needed attention. This act of badassery was picked up and capitalized on by every greasy nerd with nothing better to do with their time, giving it an unexpected amount of attention. In this case, even media attention.

    2014 quickly became hailed in the gaming world as the Year of Luigi.

    Luigi ice cube.gif
    Luigi 50 cent.gif


    Luigi has been known to be foreshadowed by his fat brother in virtually all the Nintendo games featuring the two guidos, and it was time to give the underdog another break. And this time, not in the failed sense of Luigi's Mansion.

    Nintendo's head Azns decided that Mario Kart 8 would be the perfect opportunity for Luigi's big break, and unknowingly created a viral monster that somehow got far more attention than it actually deserved, even going as far as being covered by Fox 5 news.

    "Grand Theft Mario Kart"

    The OP

    At the end of May 2014, some YouTube nobody picked up on the frightening glare and posted a video of it titled "Waluigi vs. Luigi," where the Green Gangsta Mothafucka knocks out his subquality replica with a koopa shell and proceeds to stare him down as he rolls past his ass like a G.

    As is always the case with the latest internet trends, fanboys and nerds from all over the globe began creating remixes of the original video, including adding rap music to it in an attempt to make it look more deadly than it actually was, and animating Flash parodies to make the intimidation more silly to those who had already been scared of him to begin with.


    Weegee's ridin' dirty
    Move, bitch, get out his way
    Toadette version
    Redux remix


    Of course no internet phenomenon is complete without a shit ton of unnecessary Photoshopped screenshots, memes, IRL cosplays, and digital artwork to go along with it.

    Mean, Green, Muggin' Machine About missing Pics
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