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    Info non-talk.png Voluntary exposure to this article may turn you into a furry. Please resist the temptation.
    Thousands of dollars, wasted on plastic crap.

    Lugia is the 249th Pokémon of the Pokémon franchise. Known as the Diving Pokémon, it is a legendary Pokemon resembling a bird, wyvern or sea monster. It is the version mascot/legendary of Pokémon Silver, the game EVERYONE FUCKING HAD, and its remake, SoulSilver, appearing on the box art of both. They are primarily pale silver-white, but have blue undersides with slightly varying tones.

    It also has the ability to control the weather and is the reason for the tsunamis in Japan. If you're too lazy to look for a decent guide to help find this pokerman, it's located in the WHIRL ISLANDS. suck it up and stop being a pussy.

    He appeared in the Pokemon 2000 movie and was a badass who all the other creatures of the world looked up to, and saved the day with his mighty cock.

    Lugia is a big target for furfaggotry. With that being said, you will never look at a Pokémon game the same ever again nor the rest of your childhood. Furfaggot-artists often draw this beast either (a) being fucked (b) fucking a gardevoir or a trainer or some other Pokémon, or (c) posing for you before you cum.


    Fuck year, I shit rainbows mutha fucka!

    The other, lesser known, mascot of Silver's twin Gold was a rainbow bird named Ho-oh. It controlled the rainbows or something. Even the people who bought Gold wanted to go catch Lugia, and no one really gives a shit about Ho-Oh anyway but it had to be mentioned.

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