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    The Krystal of the Pokémon fandom, Lucario is a breed of Pokémon, and much like Krystal, Lucario is lusted after by every furfag in the

    world. The fact that the male ones have the voice of a black man doesn't help the weeaboos who want that giant black cock up their buttholes. Seriously, every furry in existence wants to fuck the male ones in their furry asses and vice versa, even the straight ones. Cynthia wields a Lucario as she does her father's penis. Ew.

    12.5% of Lucarios hatching from eggs are female, while the rest are male. Hm...

    The Pokémon and the Furries

    Ever since the 4th generation Pokémon games have come out, furries have went batshit for Lucario. Furries have shown their appreciation to Lucario by drawing pictures of Lucario getting fucked in the ass and masturbating. Every user at WikiFur worships the Pokémon and puts it on a higher pedestal than Black Jesus. There have also been renditions of Lemon Party featuring two Lucarios and one Charizard. The fact that all Lucarios come with a standard issue second penis on the chest only adds to the sex appeal. Clearly, Lucario is the sexiest creature alive.

    Almost all Lucarios drawn are male, thus proving that all furries are faggots. Although some furries may disagree with that statement, they're just trying to cover up their denialism in fear of bixnoods gang-raping them. In fact, this writer believes there should be another rule: "If it exists, there is a Lucario porn of it."

    Symptoms of Lucariofags

    These symptoms include:

    Avoid these people at all costs, they might use their furry propaganda to make you a sick fuck as well.

    Very EXPLICIT content on YouTube

    File:Dead inside.gif
    Some furfags go WAYYY too far.
    I want to be Lucario and keep getting farted by that hot girl Pokémon.
    - Narvind Kanth

    Lucario Vs. Mewtwo

    Many argue that Lucario copied his appearance and Super Smash Bros moves from Mewtwo and all of them feel the need to emphasize this in their smartass comments. Of course, nobody cares, because they're both bottom-tier characters and only tourneyfags use them anyway.



    Freak_255, Gamespot Forums

    First things first; one is Psychic the other is Steel-fighting. One is uber, the other is BL (dont quote me on that). Finally Lucario and Mewtwo are semi-competent fighters when used correctly.


    L33TSPEAK, Gamespot Forums, explaining how they're different, and how they both are good fighter.

    there both pretty damn crap overall, as weak as a point that is, there both more individual representatives for the pokémon series, it does feel like Lucario fights a lot like mewtwo when I have to play as him, aside from mewtwo's second jump and etc.etc


    nintensoldier, Gamespot Forums, Telling the absolute truth.

    That's because it is. Lucario is just an "improved" Mewtwo with a few different moves.

    Doesn't change the fact that he sucks in Brawl.


    Jormungandr, Gametrailers forums.

    lucario makes sudden death even more sudden then it already is.Lucario is sort of a new mewtwo,except he's newer he's more powerful and he wears shorts


    —Etherealfrog, Gametrailers forums

    I don't understand how anyone can play as Lucario.

    by choosing and by batling with him, seriously, it's a pokémon who got "mewtwo best special", a counter, a special hit that varies between distance between players and a not bad recover. His specials aren't nothing, they're original(in a way) and powerful.

    Plus, he's quick on attack and has some range. Don't forget about his aura capacity which upgrade his power when de got more damages If these things don't qualify him as a good fighter, what would?


    game-zerox, Gametrailers forums


    For obvious reasons, every other Pokémon related image on QueerAffinity is of Lucario. This has yet to be explained by anyone who isn't a sick fuck. Luckily though, not every picture is a horrible tentacle rape, hermaphrodite rendition of him (or rarely, her). Although ass fucking orgies (drawn in the style of Knuffy) are common.

    Furry Fanboy Gallery About missing Pics
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