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    Luca Shoal

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    78px This article is entirely factual.
    Fact Cat knows this because of his learnings.
    Get ready to vomit.
    A furaffinity full of meme-babyfur mash-ups that Luca had asked other furries to draw.

    Luca Shoal, also known as Darkfire826, cheshire_rabbit826, or invaderluca, is not only a babyfur, but also a homosexual, crossdresser, plushophile, zoophile, and, last but not least, strives to be the cancer that is killing /b/. Luca not only has the nerve to call himself a "/b/abyfur", but also likes to tell trolls to buy curtains and a dog.

    While the Patriotic Nigras were trolling Raven Welesa, a former US intelligence analayst turned babyfur, they encountered Luca Shoal under the name InvaderLuca on livejournal, as he jumped in to help defend a fellow babyfur. His constant meme-spewing and insults were enough provocation to earn him the full attention of the Nigras, which resulted in his name, phone number, address, his darkest secrets as well as information on his family all becoming exposed.

    The Real Luca

    IRL, Luca Shoal is a loner with an empty facebook, He eventually left his parents basement in Ohio for Pennsylvania in order to attend The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where he had taken a liking to cooking classes. His parents and family know about his babyfur-tendencies, and are therefore most likely dead inside, however, they don't know about Luca's posts on beastforum. Further information on Luca Shoal can be found [here.]

    Luca Shoal attempts to attract other baby-men.
    What it looks like when Luca Shoal draws something himself.

    Cancer killing The Internet


    This freak of nature constantly spews memes in a way that would even make a *chan newfag rage. He claims to be part of Anonymous, talks about the chans (4 and 7 usually) constantly on his profiles, and generally kisses the asses of anyone chan-related that he can, as long as they're not anti-furry or trolls in general. Ironically, he's also known to associate with aspiring lulzkillers such as Yaoifan.


    As if it wasn't enough to infect the chans with his presence, he began associating himself with ED when he discovered his picture in the babyfur article. Though he has been banned simply for being noticed, and there have been pictures mocking his faggotry on ED for over a year, which he has failed to remove, he still attempts to associate with EncyclopediaDramatica.

    "trolled" by

    various chan boards (we see you 711, whoever the fuck you guys are)



    Other Pics

    External Links

    Steam Profile
    Newgrounds Profile

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