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    File:Lj-favicon.png Lovecrafty is the misogynist fundamentalist atheist moderator of feminist_fatale and resident scientific moron of antifeminism, who shares his wisdom on topics such as rape causing orgasms, and engages in pseudo-philosophy. He also has a fascination with black people, and declared that "Soul on Ice" - a book by a man who brags about raping white women - is "one of the most important books he's ever read".[1]

    According to e-legend, Lovecrafty tried to score with some woman. The female rejected him. Lovecrafty told people that they were dating. The unfortunate female denied it. Lovecrafty got upset, called the girl's home and said: 'If you say anything about it ever again, I will hurt you!' (This may or may not be Hydrozoa, the girl he told all his friends he was fucking when she was in high school.)

    He claims to be against censorship. [2]

    He really, really hates Gerbilsage.

    At some point recently he deleted his LiveJournal and returned as File:Lj-favicon.png skepticultist. The few people who didn't figure it out immediately ended up hating him anyway, because he's just that damn good.

    Lovecrafty Booted from Stupid_Free.

    Part of the bitchfest.

    On August 18th 2007, Lovecrafty deleted his second livejournal named File:Lj-favicon.png skepticultist after a wank-fest on stupid_free. Later that night, File:Lj-favicon.png charles_ward, also a Lovecrafty journal, bit the dust.

    Said wank included supposed "ex-girlfriend" File:Lj-favicon.png Hexennacht and TMI in a lovely comment cat-fight. Other users watch in amusement as wank escalates when File:Lj-favicon.png Hexennacht's current boyfriend File:Lj-favicon.png bertro steps in to defend Hexennacht. This serves as further instigation and more lulz for everyone in stupid_free. One of stupid_free's mods File:Lj-favicon.png sayonara_snot then bans him for screening the comment thread like silly little girl he is; its not yet known how long the ban will last.

    A requiem for File:Lj-favicon.png Skepticultist is being held in stupid_free here. Come mourn with stupid_free and share your favorite wank-tastic moments of this bat-shit bastard.

    In the words of File:Lj-favicon.png loomissimmons: "Wank on, you crazy diamond!"


    Booted from SF_Drama

    After exchanging light hearted banter with File:Lj-favicon.png armchairshrink that some argue occurred over in File:Lj-favicon.png anti_feminism, File:Lj-favicon.png lovecrafty followed File:Lj-favicon.png armchairshrink to their personal journal and proceeded to leave death threats at their doorstep. Which were, subsequently, deleted by File:Lj-favicon.png pistolpoet, rapecrafty's new LJ handle, because it might fuck over his non rape supporter status that he was attempting to create for himself. But, due to Gmail, File:Lj-favicon.png armchairshrink still had the comment in their possession, and fired off a copy of it to File:Lj-favicon.png sf_drama mod File:Lj-favicon.png madwitch whom banned him for personal journal trolling.

    Upon discovering this travesty, rapecrafty fled to File:Lj-favicon.png sfd_anon and informed everyone of his boundless amounts of rage in the form of death threats. EVERYONE MUST LEARN THE FUCKING CONSEQUENCES OF ARGUING WITH LOLCRAFTY AND BANNING HIM. Because losing arguments and respect on ljcomms is serious business, and YOU CAN'T FORGET IT.

    It'll be even less becoming when you walk into your house one night and find me waiting for you there with a tazer in one hand and a gun in the other.

    Then we can have our first REAL genuine conversation. A conversation between equals. A conversation where you can't call me a rapist just because you're too fucking stupid to make a real argument. And that conversation will end with you begging and pleading for your life.

    You're going to know what it really means to be judged.

    All you people are doing here is giving me a reason to make sure you all have one of my socks as a friend, until I've gathered enough information to find you.

    And I will.

    You think it's so fucking funny to push me and push me and push me.

    Jokes on you.


    —As if we had any doubt he was insane before

    A few minutes later, lolcrafty was banned from File:Lj-favicon.png sfd_anon for being an insane fuckwit, so the lulz are preserved forever. Oh, and he hopes you all get raped, you judgmental pricks.

    Fun with Quotes Stolen From Fandom Wank

    • Lovecrafty's thoughts on sex, rape, and evolution:

    Females evolved pleasurable response to sex as a survival mechanism to deal with rape, much as males evolved the same to encourage it -- certainly long before humans ever arrived on the scene. [...] It's pretty ugly yes, but it's there. And if you don't understand that men (all men) have that drive to varying degrees, to just take and let the consequences sort themselves out, then you'll never understand why men can get so angry at women that they will beat them to death for not consenting to sexual relations. [3]

    • Words that strike fear into us all:

    I think I have a very healthy attitude for law enforcement. [4]

    • Just like Jesus, in a way:

    The truth is a I read a lot, i mull it over, and sometimes I just ahve flashs of insight. I usually go with them because frequently people say "Wow, that's brilliant." Sometimes they say "You're a fucking loonie!" and I'm like "Ptthpppt, fuckers. This is how Jesus felt." [5]

    • Women really want to be raped, they've just been socialised to say "no"!:

    In the worst expression of this, you get teenage boys whose instincts are telling them "go for it" when the girl's insticnts are saying "Come get it!' but her socialization is telling her "Nononono!" and so she says "no", but he can smell yes, so he thinks "She doesn't mean that." and he pushes, then her will to resist breaks, and sex happens. [6]

    • Patriarchy? Don't you know that's just you mean separatist womens' fault?:

    I think the entire history of patriarchial dominance is a result of men seeking a "safe space" away from women and the social dynamics they create (and largely control). [7]

    • "Evidence?" The Great and Mighty Lovecrafty does not need "evidence"!:

    I can't cite sources for ideas that are developing in my head. [8]

    • So, really, Lovecrafty - where DO you come up with this stuff?:

    I have a genius IQ and a very open mind that allows me to consider possibilities that you, and many others, won't. Happy? [9]

    Bonus lulz

    • Confusing "Chavez" with "Chicago":

    My granddad marched with Chavez in the sixties, and was a big proponent of the boycott, but he wasn't shot during that period. It was much earlier, in the 30's, when he was working as labor organizer in Chicago that he was shot. I had gotten Chicago and Chavez mixed up in my head, having heard both the stories at the same time many years ago. [10]

    • How black people should act, by some white guy:

    ...if you're going to make it so obvious that you are black, and shout "I'M BLACK!" from every rooftop, you should try to be more of a credit to your people. [11]

    • Black people love us! - erm, him!

    I already have several black friends who have told me I'm more "down" than they are... [12]

    • iThug! He came, he saw, he fonted that bitch in the jaw:

    If you pulled this shit with me in real life, you'd be eating my fist right now, you fucking wanky little prick. [13]

    • Showing his feminist side:

    Reading through the comments, it appears that most if not all of you are women. So then this is what? A gossipy little clusterfuck where you all get to wank each other off while displaying the sort of passive-aggressive cowardice that makes being a girl synomous with being a snippity hypocritical bitch behind people's backs? [14]

    • Having an education and a job eliminates racism from the lives of minorities, TRU FAX!!11

    Look, I get "black anger". I get that being a minority in a majority culture can be frustrating at times, and that it naturally leads to some resentment towards the majority class. But at the same time, this chick (File:Lj-favicon.png loomissimmons) is college-educated (at a historically black university), and has a good job as a writer at an all-black network (BET). What exactly is she so pissed off about? [15]

    Lessons from the Lovecrafty School of Language

    I intentionally used the term "fair chunk" because it doesn't actually mean anything specific. I could define a fair chunk as three people if I want to. [16]

    And you are completely misusing the term "welfare cheat." Buying food stamps off homeless guys is not cheating the welfare system. [17]

    ...you don't want to admit you are harassing me. You want to believe that you are an Internet Crusader, protecting the world from the Evil of Lovecrafty. You are a sad, deluded nothing working a sad, pathetic deskjob...[t]he best excuse you can come up with for your behavior is that you find it funny when your harassment provokes me to call you a bitch. There is a term for people who derive their joy by trying to make other people miserable. It's bully. [18]

    That you're sporting a Buzz Cola icon while Buzz Cola is being marketed in stores as part of the Simpsons Movie promotion just seems dumb to me. It conveys "I'm a whore for viral marketing." I hope you aren't seriously comparing that to my Star Wars icons. Star Wars is a whole different class than Buzz Cola. [19]

    I'm excellent at math, I just never bothered to learn anything past algebra and basic geometry, so I don't know how to do trig or calculus. [20]

    Links Ripped Off Fandom Wank

    Links Ripped off Stupid_Free